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Maksim Chmerkovskiy
"You gotta move on at the time when you're good and I'm move on"… @DanceWithMeUSA
@wfaamike: @MaksimC What an honor!” Let's do it again. When I will have recovered from all the words I said today!
Best interview I've ever given!!! Only for you Mike! “@wfaamike: .@MaksimC with an in depth Vine interview
Behind the scenes at @WFAAGMT ! Just LOTS of social! @amyvanderoef #CarrieMclure @wfaamike #PaigeSmith
A lil #tbt with the homey @4everbrandy
That chick was so amazing the first time around, we all have to step it up for the December shows!!! @dancewithmeusa @iamvalc @zendaya
@tedvolynets: In hindsight, I should have seen her asking if I was Jewish as a red flag.” Or an EXTREMELY GREENE one! ;)
You do NOT want to know the details of this #tbt pic... My 16 year old self first (and one of the only) modeling shot! #youknowifyouknow
Come by 12 to 5 today, to Neiman Marcus, Fort Worth to see my @CantamessaMan jewelry and say hi!
That gud gud garage! #todaywasagudday 💰
Enter a quote about 'always looking ahead', or 'life on the go', or something about deep thoughts... The Big Apple has been amazing! Now off to Dallas with my @cantamessaman family!
When a friend that you know for a million years (and who is still saved in your phone with the name of a club you met her in 🙊) has a baby, you start to think.... #ithinkshelikesme
When @JanelParrish & @iamValC do the nae nae, YOU VOTE 1-800-868-3405 !!!
Have you seen this episode of "The Making of SWAY" yet? It has some sneak peeks of the rehearsal!…″/
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Got to chat with @AJCalloway and @extratv about #Sway , @dancewithmeusa , my love for NY City and other stuff ;) Get your tickets fast at
Found Everybody's Got To Live by Love with #Shazam.
Good vibes crew... @nicolevolynets @tedvolynets @dapper_deez @alexsandernyc @mashkii @mr_gamer @greessha @mrsatnight
THANK YOU @Mrsatnight
Captioned... @mrsatnight
Caught the last @Mrsatnight with the crew! @tedvolynets @greessha #whatsmyface #backinbrooklyn
Meanwhile on the other side of the park... #somethingforeveryone
Just a regular Sunday at Washington Square Park... #ourstreetperformersarebetterthanyours
The City got my back... @tedvolynets #enwhysee
Come see our whole @cantamessaman collection at @LondonJewelers Manhasset, NY location!
"I can tell you who can do it better, but.....I'm busy" - @alexsandernyc #sadbuttrue
"If you guzzle and puff you need this" - @alexsandernyc #truth
Long overdue @HardingsNYC visit! @codycpruitt @SpencerSlaine and co did it right! 👏
This guy doesn't only preach, he shows you how it's done! And does it better than you! 💪 My role model! #painlab #healthyliving #seeds #'s like that.... #youknowifyouknow @iamvalc
My first impression of 'Children's Playground' was a little....different ;) #tbt #whatdoesntkillus
@Zendaya: Had to come back with the fam one good time😏 Catch me for two shows on December 21 in SWAY 2.0. Get…” 👊💥😁
@Meryl_Davis: Thrilled to be a part of SWAY 2.0 on Dec. 17th! Come join us!” Finally! 👆
I missed NY so much! Rain, friends and swag for ALWAYS!
Changes are made from within...
💪 "Got the squad going up..." ...on a Tuesday!
West Palm Beach, 1925 Cop is measuring her swimsuit lengh! He'd be lucky to find one on her nowadays ;)
If I played football I'd love Mike Tomlin to be my coach! Swag! #MNF
. @Alfalit is landing a hand in a fight agains #Ebola and y'all should too! Please go to… and donate what you can!
Repost from @wearvalentin : "BIG NEWS! We are proud to announce that we will be unveiling the brand new ValentinNYC website on Monday night, an hour before #DWTS !!! We are so excited about this news that we've decided to have a giveaway for all you amazing supporters! This is how it will work: 1.
Family dinner. @iamvalc @meryledavis @janelparrish @hollywoodmerv @sergeonik
Celebratory dinner with this Sportswoman Of The Year! @meryledavis
2008 was an interesting year... #tbt