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Magic 89.9
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We've got a Radio Exclusive for you courtesy of @rikiflo on coming up!
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "Peter Parker's alter ego is______?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "King Koopa is the prime antagonist for which video game?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "The term 'Check mate' is used in which game?"
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Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "Jack and Jill went up the ______?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "Where can you find Burnham park?"
Looks like it's a trio today! #GoodTimes w/ @djmotwister @MikeyBustos @iamsamoh starting now na. 6310899
Listening now to my favorite radio show @PopStop899 wid @andimanzano @rikiflo hi girls! :)) super miss you girls im back! ;)
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Radio time! Hangout with @rikiflo and I all the way til 6pm :) Tweet us if you’re listening!
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Magic photo shoot teaser. Follow us on for more of the pictures and behind the scenes shots.
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "Which Nickelodeon Cartoon character has a football shaped head?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "What is the opposite of manual transmission in vehicles?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "How many arms does an octupus have?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "'Au' on the periodic table is what element?"
Watching and listening to @PopStop899 @andimanzano @rikiflo via Ustream! Really want to see them in person. <3 Haha. :) #Magic899
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Listening to @Magic899 @andimanzano @rikiflo. This is what I've been missing ever since night shift.
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Hello dj @andimanzano and @rikiflo wavin from Doha. Watching over USTREAM.
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Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "In what establishment can one cash a check?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "Short Stop is a position in what sport?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "Batman is to Gotham City as Superman is to ______?"
Answer through @BigMeal899 @cj899 and @suzy899 #Bawalbobo899 "Greenhills is found in which City?"
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