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Magic 89.9
Answer through @cj899 @suzy899 @BigMeal899 #Bawalbobo899 "Beavis and Butthead were characters that appeared on which channel?"
Answer through @cj899 @suzy899 @BigMeal899 #Bawalbobo899 "Logan is the alternate name of which marvel super hero?"
Introducing the new Spicy Gangnam Chicken! Enjoy this and have a taste of Korea at KFC! #KFCFoodTrip
Missed @ournameisMAGIC last night? Don't worry! We've got their jam sesh with @joycepring on!
It's @MikeyBustos' going away show, boo! Come commiserate with @djmotwister @iamsamoh thru 6310899 or Good morning!
Thanks for celebrating #HappyMagicDay with us! We had so much fun giving away tickets to MAGIC! on-air, on...
How to win tickets to @ournameisMAGIC? Call us up 6310899. Use the lyrics of RUDE and sing it a different tune! #HappyMagicDay
Tickets!! Andi Manzano and Riki Flores are giving away tickets to the concert of MAGIC! tonight! Tune in to the...
Tickets!! @andimanzano and @rikiflo are giving away tickets to the concert of @ournameisMAGIC tonight 💛
First person to drop by the booth and say the Magic words walk away with the Magic tickets! MAGIC WORDS: "ASAN SI ATE GIRL!!!" NOW NA!!! <3
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Did you know that @ournameisMAGIC asked @joycepring to sing with them yesterday? Video up on!
The Magic number is 6310899! #GoodTimes w/ @djmotwister @MikeyBustos @iamsamoh is on right now. Good morning!
The Boys are out tonight! Last chance to win tickets to MAGIC! Follow us & find out how. IG+Twitter @Magic899...
Wee claimed the tickets at @Magic899 a few minutes ago. And we saw @andimanzano and @rikiflo ! Ganda! ❤😍
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Here we go getting more callers!! 6310899 :) Use the lyrics of RUDE but change the tune! #HappyMagicDay
Use the lyrics of RUDE but change the tune! Call us up 6310899 and wait for our cue :) Practice practice!! #HappyMagicDay
Ready for those tickets???? Tune in now! Andi Manzano and Riki Flores are giving them away now!!! #HappyMagicDay
Getting callers now! 6310899 #HappyMagicDay
@Magic899 @ournameisMAGIC @rikiflo @andimanzano I've been waiting like forever hope i'll get the tickets this time. Luh yah two! :) <3
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Nicki Minaj reveals she was fired from Red Lobster for chasing customers who Took Her Pen.…
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Don't forget; Big Meal w/ CJ and Suzy are still giving away tickets to MAGIC! via! STEP...
Giving away tickets on-air to the concert of @ournameisMAGIC tomorrow!! #happymagicday 💛
Andi Manzano & Riki Flores are giving away tix to MAGIC! Follow us online to find out how! @Magic899 on IG &...
#HappyMagicDay! In case you're wondering how you can win tickets to MAGIC!, Big Meal w/ CJ and Suzy is giving...
Olly Murs apologizes to Taylor Swift for his comment on her song writing!…
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Answer through @cj899 @suzy899 @BigMeal899 #Bawalbobo899 "Which street fighter character bursts the 'yoga flame'?"
Answer through @cj899 @suzy899 @BigMeal899 #Bawalbobo899 "The term 'gutter ball' is used in which sport?"
Answer through @cj899 @suzy899 @BigMeal899 #Bawalbobo899 "What chocolate bar encourages people to have a break?"
Answer through @cj899 @suzy899 @BigMeal899 #Bawalbobo899 "What do you call a person that performs magic tricks?"
Answer through @cj899 @suzy899 @BigMeal899 #Bawalbobo899 "What was the group MAGIC!'s first hit?"
If you just tuned in to @BigMeal899, then you just missed MAGIC! OnDemand. Don't worry though; We're celebrating...
#HappyMagicDay! Hehe good way to start the morning @iamhannahriffic! More pictures at @Magic899's official instagram!
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Win 2 tickets for the @ournameisMAGIC show tomorrow! All you have to do is follow @OnDemand899 @Magic899 and RETWEET this! #HappyMagicDay
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