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Campaign continues with the upcoming Christmas update! Are you ready to finish new story missions in South America?
Fasten your seatbelts! Zombies are on the plane, it's going to be a wild flight...coming in Christmas Update!
See the first screenshot from upcoming DeadTrigger2 Christmas Update! Time to wipe out zombies from a nuclear plant!
Second part of Crossbow Tour in Dead Trigger 2 starts on this Friday in Cuiabá! Join it now directly in the game ;)
Katana is coming in the Dead Trigger 2 Christmas update! Zombies are going to be slaughtered like never before...
Crossbow Tour has begun! Join it for a chance to win $1,000,000 in-game cash. RT!
Something is coming back in the Dead Trigger 2 Christmas you recognize what it is?
Want one of these? Enter our Monzo contest here: we are giving away models every day! #monzo
Happy #Thanksgiving! Enjoy this delicious "Brainsgiving Menu" voucher for Dead Trigger 2: 94pv-ws5y-9k6f
Construct this machine from Leonardo DaVinci's manuscripts, paint it and add it into your collection in #Monzo!
Last chance! Play the Cold Blood Tournament with melee weapons for a chance to win $500,000 in-game cash!
COLT 1911 - Explore how it works inside the Colt 1911! Only in #Monzo!
Another great looking concept of Messerschmitt! What do you think? #Monzo
Raise awareness, don't become a zombie. Do not underestimate the prostate cancer. #movember
Cool Swiss version of Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, looks fabulous! #Monzo
Slingster Dragster Battle! "A" or "B"? Tough decision this time...#Monzo
Bubi, The Black Devil, The Blond you know, who is it? #Monzo
Assemble your own Slingster Dragster, paint it to your will and add this legend to your collection in #Monzo!
Can you remember the name of the German fighter pilot who was the most successful fighter in the of aerial warfare?
Very nice red & white combination! Which color would you painted on your Sports Car?
Back to World War II with Panther PzKpfw V! Which one is better? Panther or Stug? #Monzo
Visit contest page and participate for a chance to win NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet -> #Monzo