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FINAL PUNCHLINE "J'ai déjà écrit ton épitaphe- et j'ai commencé la gravure. Bientôt y'aura mon autographe- à jamais sur ta sépulture"
I just wrote a french rap diss song.
When you're a producer, it's very important to sound like yourself. That's why I google "how to sound like madeon tutorials"
Realizing there's a quite a few differences compared to the final Pop Culture. That smiley face at the end...…
Three years ago, in March 2011, I recorded and privately posted the first full take of Pop Culture. Here it is :…
Why did nobody warn me that learning guitar required a ritualistic sacrifice of your fingertips.
I kind of want to fly somewhere for a couple of days. Any destination suggestion ?
Got an award from YouTube! Next up : Nobel Peace Prize
Making stuff is always worth it.
But tonight is also my first Vegas show of the year at @SurrenderVegas !! I missed it.
Super disappointed Heat Music Festival got cancelled because of the weather, sorry everyone !
Got myself one of these for the studio
You guys are way too good at this haha I put the track on YouTube too :…
You guys are way too good and quick ! Here's Cut The Kid on Soundcloud :…
I've been back in the studio for a few weeks working on a bunch of new music - i'm too happy, I missed this so...
Charged up for a huge week of thrilling DJ sets: Wed @Deorro debuts; Fri @diplo returns; Sat @madeon makes magic; Tix
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Pretty sure I spend more on iTunes each day than on food.
I'd use Twitter to let you know what i'm up to right now, but i'd just constantly post "MAKING MUSIC. LISTENING TO MUSIC."
Stumbled upon a pile of music I wrote in 2008. Total nostalgia trip.
I'll never forget that guy who tried to sell me black market tickets for the Madeon show.
Super excited to be back in Vegas at the Wynn this year starting March 1st ! We made a video about it :
Props to @chivteam for a great year, let's do it again. :)
I’m liking so much new music right now.
Fourth time re-producing this song from scratch and it's finally right. I'm happy.