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Playing TWO shows in LA tomorrow ! 18+ at @TheBelascoLA and 21+ at @Sound_Nightclub (@Alexmetric is playing both too, it's gonna be GREAT)
It's been a while since I've done so many US shows in a row, I missed it, and tonight in Portland has been a fine way to start it!
. @BBCR1 is making Imperium their track of the day, gonna be played all day, sweet !
Happy Friday! Our #TrackOfTheDay today is 'Imperium' from @madeon. Let us know what you think of this one?…
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Wow, kind of crazy to see Imperium (which is completely instrumental) on the daytime @BBCR1 playlist, sweet!
.@iammagna been playing this in my sets a bunch, sounds fiiiine.
If you've missed it : new song ! IMPERIUM…
I want to live inside of FEZ.
I really honestly can't wait to show you what's next. It feels kind of surreal to start putting out all this music.
Thank you everyone about Imperium!! Every time I share a song i'm always extremely nervous but you're all so cool
Check out Imperium in this fancy new Twitter audio card :…
#LICMIAMI Here is your 2nd announcement for today! We are pleased to announce @madeon as part of your lineup!…
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Hey btw i'm on instagram : @madeon
IMPERIUM // TOMORROW video by chivteam
This Pop Culture cover is the most adorable thing <3…
This week.
That got cut out of the last tweet so : You can stream my show at 1am french time (5 and a half hrs from now) here :
Here's a photo of the venue i'm performing at tonight. This is gonna be special ! And we're streaming it...
One of my launchpad cheat sheets
This is where i'm playing tomorrow...
Les billets sont là :… Je vous attends, ça va être vraiment bien :)
Le show sera aussi retransmis dans cinq autres villes en France dans le cadre de soirées avec des artistes super.
Déjà parce que je joue pas assez souvent en France, ensuite car le lieu est invraisemblable et mythique :…
Le 11 Octobre, je joue à Paris au Grand Palais pour La Nuit SFR Live, en live (avec le diamond etc). C'est un show très important pour moi.
Came up with a nice way to rehearse and program visuals for the live shows at home
That is my favorite feeling in fact, finding something I can tell i'll be nostalgic about someday.
Nostalgia is beautiful thing, but if you're not careful you risk getting stuck in your own personnal mythology.
(Been quiet lately for the best reasons. :) )
Congrats to @ladygaga for her new album with Tony Bennett ! Listening now.
I feel like FabFilter Pro-Q 2 made me a better producer and, probably, a better human being spiritually.
Echostage was seriously amazing. Definitely made my top 5, thanks for coming!
I'm finishing a song... I remember starting it in a Vegas hotel room 20 months ago. Thinking of all the versions it went through to get here
I like to A/B my mixes against similar songs to see how they compare, but I cant think of any song that sounds like the one im working on :)
Headlining La Nuit SFR Live on the 11th of October in Paris at le Grand Palais. As in there :… Yes. Wicked.
Also listening to this today, so good :… (those chords at 1:29...)
That new Charli XCX single is SERIOUSLY catchy and fun.
Talking about planes is the DJ equivalent of food pics
I'm on a plane. Just here for the movies though. Kind of a terrible/overpriced cinema frankly.
Now i'm focusing on getting better so I don't miss any more shows.
I'm INCREDIBLY frustrated. I've done hundreds of shows and never cancelled a single one before.
Hey... Unfortunately I have to cancel my performance at Sziget in Budapest tonight. I'm sick and my doctor strictly forbade me from flying.
You should all listen to worlds by @porterrobinson - it's in my top 4 favorite albums ever
Pop Culture just reached 25 million views on YouTube which is completely crazy. Merci merci merci ! We got a...