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Rachel Maddow MSNBC
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Need a good backgrounder on why Rick Perry just got indicted? @SteveKornacki to the rescue!
Chris Hayes @allinwithchris doing just an outstanding show right now from Ferguson, live on MSNBC right now.
I know it’s late, but we’re having a heckuva time getting statewide Missouri officials to talk to us tonight about what’s happening there.
Reporter @ElizabethKSDK: "I put my hands up because they had their guns drawn at us." #Ferguson #inners
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In April, Missouri Dept of Transportation said they'd use those LRAD sound cannons to deter... speeding?
Journalist @WesleyLowery was videotaping when he was arrested. Washington Post just released the video. #Ferguson
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"What police are doing in Ferguson, it ought to be clear by now, it's not working" Sherrilyn Ifill just now on MSNBC w/@Lawrence
Swat truck repositioned, gun pointing straight at protesters
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I counted 70+ SWAT officers. Guns trained on crowds. Insanity.
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Tonight's Best New Thing in the World is the cure to all that ails me. So looking forward to this...
I interviewed the key witness to the Michael Brown shooting last night. The police haven't. Think about that.
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The Great State of Kansas, humiliating its civic-minded senior citizens for no reason, since 2011:
"The gov asked for a meeting about the studies sought by Williams 6 mins after emailing him to discuss a loan"
Someone oughta do a listicle of amazing/absurd Google juxtapositions. Here's a good example of one:
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“In the 4 times that Gov McDonnell was at your golf course, did he ever ask how he should pay for anything?" "No."
BREAKING: Key figure in #McDonnell corruption trial - Jonnie Williams -- just took the stand. @nbcwashington
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#McDonnell son Bobby said he believed the Rolex Maureen gave to @BobMcDonnell was a fake.. because the second hand ticked- not rolled.
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"Do it enough and you might one day get a garbage truck named after you. It's an amazing feeling."