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Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Still thinking about those nurses. Look forward to the day you two get news like this too...
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The knowledge that there's no more virus in my blood is a profound relief. I'm so lucky. Wish everyone who got sick could feel this.
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Just got my results. 3 consecutive days negative. Ebola free and feeling so blessed. I fought and won, with lots of help. Amazing feeling
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Ooooh, hats off to Raw Story for finding/posting the '91 live performance video of Fugazi doing "Bad Mouth"
“Never in a bazillion years did it cross my mind that he would pack up and move to his vacation house..."
Re Seth Moulton, Globe story today: "Let’s just say this attitude isn’t common among politicians"
"Only his campaign mgr, a former Marine, knew of the awards before we asked. Even his parents didn't know"
As a person who loves all things Wonkette, this is the most Wonkette thing ever - and great news! Congrats!
Looking up unrelated stuff about ebola, randomly came across: Ugh. It's the bad foreshadowing part of the movie.
It's one thing to say no to a debate. It's another when-as a result-your opponent gets a whole TV hour to himself:
Gotta say... I would not have expected the chickens to have such high voices. Shows what I know. #CookerPot
"We're gonna keep doin' this until we end up in a big cooker pot. That's how much we love our country"
Vivek Murthy? RT @Acosta: POTUS didn't rule out an Ebola czar during his remarks to press in Oval Office per WH pool.
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"He gave me the option to get out of the ambulance. I wasn't going to leave my patient"
"My mother brought me into this world free, and I'll give birth to a free baby boy even if it is inside our prisons"
“I may lose an election but I will not lose my humanity,” she said:
The bravery of the Dallas nurse interviewed at the @TODAYshow today is stunning Incredible interview.
That rare day when a journalist finds exactly the right word, and the word turns out to be "antediluvian":
Fangate! The transcript of the weirdest start to a Florida gubernatorial debate…
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Back on twitter, feeling like I'm on the road to good health. Will be posting some thoughts this week. Endless gratitude for the good vibes.
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"These might ordinarily be the sort of developments that would warrant scrutiny..."
"This man is truly from the dark side" Not sure I've ever seen a column quite like this about an elected official.
"Of all the politicians I've covered in 40+ yrs, I've never seen a meaner, nastier, more egomaniacal one than..."
Bombshell Romney prediction comes true! Kind of!
Very good point here: If we do want to spend it, why shouldn't we levy a tax to pay for it?
The state's "seen a surge in illegal abortions in areas where legal abortion services are no longer available"
150k-350k voters blocked: "The consequences of this ruling may very well swing the elections next month"
And yes, in that last tweet, the word "herself" is an implied exclamation point. (!!!!)
Edie Windsor herself and her attorney Roberta Kaplan will both be on MSNBC with me tonight, live at 9PM ET.
“I believe that love is hard to find and if you have found it... you should not miss an opportunity”
"Joe Biden Apologizes For Telling the Truth About ISIS:"
Live report from NBC's Dr Nancy in Liberia in just a moment. MSNBC.
Of all the politics news today, this story is definitely the hardest to spell:
10,000 U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan until at least 2024. News greeted with collective beltway shrug.
“There’s no telling how long this guy could have run around"
Whip count on members who want Congress called back to vote on the war against ISIS:…
Our lead guest tonight is WaPo's @CarolLeonnig on her scoops about the Secret Service and White House security. 9PM ET, MSNBC.
"an engaged military, a disengaged public"…
U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) says he & others met w/ generals, urged them to publicly resign in "blaze of glory"…
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If an Armed Services Comm member urged generals 'behind the scenes' to resign to undermine Obama, that's kinda crazy
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No, it doesn't involve a bear. But you're close to the right track.
The "Best New Thing in the World" at the end of tonight's show is definitely going into our hall of fame.
Newt Gingrich does a very good Emily Litella:…
"To show success vs ISIS, CENTCOM releases video showing us blowing up the same Humvees that we once gave to Iraq"
iSis is stll holding western and other hostages. A very tough place to be tonight.
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Reminder: Congress opted to go home for 2 months vs. debate/vote on war authorization ( Now we're in it.
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