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Andy Borowitz @BorowitzReport FTW: "Perry Boosts Presidential Stature by Using Troops for No Reason"
Dutch Foreign Minister at #UNSC: Unbearable to lose your husband & then to have to fear some thug might steal wedding ring from his remains.
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"Border sheriffs pan Perry’s plan to send National Guardsmen"
"The 13 states that raised the min wage this year are adding jobs at a faster pace than those that did not"
"Nothing in the attitudes of those whom these children meet in any capacity should whisper of anything but kindness."
We're doing a segment tonight that is listed as "owski" on our rundown, and has 6 different titles. I love my job. 9PM ET, MSNBC.
WacoTrib: "Abbott siding w/chem companies against neighborhood residents raises serious questions abt his candidacy"
"If only there was some ridiculous bow we could put on top of this absurd box. Oh look, there’s one!"
NYT almost commits accidental haiku: "They frizz your hair, these humid days.They do not mean to but they do"
53 yrs ago today I was released from Parchman Penitentiary after being arrested in Jackson for using "white" restroom
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Supreme Court has gone back to the HobbyLobby case twice since its ruling, both times to expand its impact:
Running through a downpour in Cambridge after the #FourthofJuly fireworks. More photos:
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Unless our NYC studios get smote by lightning in the meantime, this is about to happen:…
If the Civil Rights Act was before the Congress today, it would not pass, it would probably never make it to the floor for a vote.
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"Hiring staff to spread the GOP message isn't 'effective oversight.' That’s not what the phrase means in English."
News about Mich Republicans is amazing almost every day. But this 'sparkplug' thing sets a new standard:
Lots of recent rulings on marriage -- here's a good sum of where we are now, with a handy map:
One question about the EPA pooping in the hallway story: was the expert consultation really necessary?
"Perhaps, as a goodwill gesture, he can endorse the Voting Rights Act to thank the Dems who helped him keep his job?"
The @allinwithchris scoop on Chicago tonight is a big freaking deal, and very well reported. Watch: 8pm Eastern, MSNBC.
Already surpassed 340,000 votes, which is more than primary. Unbelievable. #MSSen
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Mississippi doesn't have an automatic recount provision. #MSSen
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