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Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Ruling in #KSSen case is only 10 pages -- pdf is here:…
Will Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach now try to force Dems to put another name on the ballot in Chad Taylor's place? #KSSen
Will Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach now try to force Dems to put another name on the ballot in Chad Taylor's place?
AP reporting: Kansas Supreme Court orders state to remove Democrat's name from ballot in Senate race. #KSSen
Kansas Supreme Court decision on Pat Roberts Senate race expected soon... #watchthisspace
Today in the news: Centcom announces 176th US airstrike in Iraq, Congress announces plan to hurry home and pretend it's not happening.
To be clear, Congress has worked a grand total of two 4-day weeks *since their 5 week vacation*. And now they're taking 2 more months off.
1600 US mili families have sent a loved one to Iraq in the last few weeks. Congress says it's not their business, time to take 2 months off.
If Congress is too busy to think about it until mid-November, maybe the US pilots flying the bombing raids should take that time off, too?
I know they think of "running to keep the job" as the same thing as the job, but it's really not. 54 days off, starting tomorrow. War vote?
Here's The Hill on the house megavacation plans: Sen then poised to do the same. What's that about a war?
House just announced they're taking off tomorrow, and the whole rest of Sept. And all of Oct. And the first half of Nov. Now *that's* a job.
Ahead of today's vote, here's the indispensable @BorowitzReport "Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form":
Meanwhile, in bucolic Western Massachusetts...…
Hate it when that happens. "Crews rushed back hours later when the driver woke up in a field surrounded by donkeys"
Just wrapped exclusive interview with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. Racing now to file. #IranOnISIS
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There will be chair dancing. I apologize in advance.
Alison Grimes may be losing Kentucky's senate race, but her website is winning the HTML-easter-egg competition.
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"Arguments were scheduled for 20 mins, but lasted more than an hour. The court's decision could turn the race"
"Like asking your mom if you're the sweetest little snookums who ever lived." Politifact is terrible, part 3647:
2nd great NY story today: "weeks ahead of schedule, $58 million under budget, and a door 'of submarine quality'.”
“It’s a big city... somebody’s going to drop something.”
"A bag of hospital-bound blood, a collection of artificial body parts, engagement rings, stuffed animals"
I am transfixed. I cannot stop looking at this.…
"Falling back on 'it’s an ongoing investigation' is not going to work anymore. It’s been long enough"
"Even a limited air campaign cd play into an ISIS narrative of US infidels intervening on behalf of apostate govts"
The awkward moment when you realize your last act as Speaker of the House will be suspending yourself from the House:
Rolling whip count of members who say Congress should debate & vote on whether to authorize force vs ISIS:
McConnell *demands* that POTUS request a vote! And then, aide explains, McConnell will say no to that request
Drugs have harmed many people. Wrong governmental policies have harmed many more. KA #NoMoreDrugWar #Reformdruglaws
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On #AMR...should US be more or less active in world affairs? New @NBCNews/WSJ poll numbers:
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Good FAQ from AP about the Nebraska biocontainment facility where US doc with Ebola is headed:
Just interviewed Pat Roberts. He says his campaign manager Leroy Towns did not resign. Says he's shifting duties & still involved #KWCH12
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"I'm sure as hell not going to let some Senator from Missouri put her nose into Kansas politics" - Pat Roberts on Claire McCaskell #KWCH12
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“I do not know who is running the Roberts campaign at the moment”
Uh oh: McConnell Campaign Manager Subpoenaed in Bribery Case Before He Resigned
Full coverage of Presidential Press Conference from Wales underway on MSNBC now. I'll be on with @mitchellreports once POTUS is done.
We're putting 10lbs of show into a 5lb bag again tonight. And! I'll also be on MSNBC in the 8pmET hr w/@chrislhayes, re McDonnell.
Taylor: "I am planning to challenge the ruling of the Kansas Secretary of State, who serves on Pat Roberts’ Honorary Committee."
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Just since lunch: Joan Rivers, McDonnell, DOJ Ferguson, WI&IN marriage, KS Repubs force Dem to stay on Sen ballot. I'm going back to bed.
Kobach, KS Secretary of State, is holding a 4pmET presser in Topeka to discuss his decision on whether Taylor can get off ballot in #KSSEN
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