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There's a lunar eclipse tonight. If you're thinking about taking pics, here's some tips on photographing the moon:
Microsoft's OneNote is finally on the Mac, but @reyespoint says it's not quite ready to face off against Evernote:
There are lots of devices built to hold up your iOS device, but @dmoren is unabashed in his love of the Stump Stand:
Scheduling meetings can be a pain in the neck, but @MacSparky's here with four tips for making it way easier.
Why do analysts say the crazy things they do about Apple? @jsnell tries to understand their game:
If Mail's search sometimes doesn't seem very smart, @joekissell has some tips for you about how to search smarter.
When it comes to electronics, courtrooms are the new airplanes—if the Apple-Samsung trial is any indication, anyway.
This week's iPhone case roundup has one that's all corners and another that teaches you how Italians say cheese.
Don't be afraid of Bigby Wolf. Episode Two of The Wolf Among Us is a fun installment of the game.
In this week's installment of @rstevens's Multitouch Theater, we visit Microsoft Office at the Sandbox Zoo.
Dropbox's Carousel left @settern with mixed feelings of nostalgia and confusion. Her review:
What do you get when you add one Thunderbolt cable to two Macs? A superfast network, says lab director @jimgalbraith:
Macworld Lab is testing for an upcoming Thunderbolt story. In this pic, all the devices are connected to 1 Mac Pro:
This week's Macworld video (autoplay!): @dmoren takes a look at enabling emoji on your Mac and iOS devices.
Forbes offers four reasons to avoid Apple Stock. In return, @TheMacalope offers some reasons to avoid reading Forbes.
Office for iPad doesn't officially support printing yet, but @joekissell thought up a few jury-rigged solutions.
If it's books you need balanced, @reyespoint has the review for you: the best Mac apps for accounting.
This week's iOS accessories roundup is in Bluetooth heaven.
On this week's podcast, @dmoren joins @settern to talk enraged Apple execs, Fire TV and the glory of Monument Valley.
AirPlay Recorder might exist in a bit of a gray area, but it's still a solid tool that works as promised.
Want to export an image from iPhoto and have the filename be its title? @BodyofBreen's got you covered:
Mail's even better with a few add-ons, so @joekissell runs down his top nine must-have plug-ins for the email client.
This week's staff pick for iOS is Cloak, an app that helps protect your network connection without your intervention.
Microsoft's Office for iPad team did a Reddit AMA today: here are five cool tidbits we learned from them.
This week's Mac apps roundup is all about the blank canvas, whether you're a pro screenwriter or a casual author.