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NEC's MultiSync EA244UHD is a 4K display with a wide color gamut that's ideal for production. @jimgalbraith's review:
How do you make a story out of nothing? Pump up the hyperbole! @TheMacalope addresses rumors of an ugly iPhone 6.
Leafnote lets you focus on writing and not on how to use its scare set of features. GemFest review by @morlium:
You may use Safari on iOS a lot, but do you know all these tips? @dmoren's got a video for you (warning: auto-play):
Old iPhones get slower over time—but not because of any nefarious reasons. @mtabini lays it all out:
.@mcelhearn explains how to find and use the personalized Apple support site that's built just for you -
Rhapsody unRadio: No Pandora One killer but hey, free (for some), by @BodyofBreen -
This week's roundup of new gear for your iOS devices includes new ways to play both guitar and drums, and more:
Get rid of unnecessary space-hogging files on your hard drive with a Mac utility called Disk Diag. Here's our review:
On this week's podcast we discuss iPhone 5 batteries, Gruber's numbers, Facebook and click-bait, and the Surface 2.
Our own @BodyofBreen offers tips on how to free up space on a packed hard drive.
When Apple first introduced Newsstand, @mcelhearn thought it'd let him do away with paper magazines. No such luck:
The onslaught of Apple TV channels continues, with Showtime, the iTunes Festival, and international channels.
In this week’s roundup, you’ll find apps that turn your Mac into a surveillance camera, batch image editor, and more.
The iPhone 6 hasn't even been announced yet, and already people are sooooooo bored by it. "Whaaa?" says @TheMacalope:
Expand the power of drag-and-drop on your Mac with a little Mac app called FilePane. @ahaywa has a review:
Slides for iOS completes Google's productivity suite on iOS; Docs and Sheets add Microsoft Office compatibility.
Running into battery problems with your iPhone 5? Apple's issued a repair program for some defective units.
In his Flash Professional CC 2014 review, Michael Baumgardt finds that the minor changes are a boon to developers:
Keep an eye on your domicile with Periscope Pro, a Mac surveillance app. @dmoren has a GemFest review:
Don't care for the mobile version of a site appearing on your iPhone? There are ways around it says @BodyofBreen -
On this week's Multitouch Theater, @rstevens takes us through part one of a history of Apple pointing devices.
Dubious claims are what make the world of Apple punditry go 'round. Fortunately, that's why we have @TheMacalope:
Rumor has it Apple is working on a reversible USB cable. @mtabini explains what all the hubbub is about.
Claims that iMessage is being overrun by spam are, at best, premature. @mtabini takes a close look at the numbers:
Looking for the best headphones for kids? @DanFrakes (and his kids) round up the options:
ColorSnapper lets you get color values from any pixel on your screen. Here's a GemFest review by @mtabini:
Advice from an Apple Tech: How to deal with clients who freak out over upgrades:
Have a spare DualShock 4 controller? Why not use it to play games on your Mac? @BodyofBreen explains how.
Ask the iTunes Guy: Encoding miracles and missing audiobook chapters, by @mcelhearn -
In this week's iOS app roundup, a new (but old-fashioned) app from Tom Hanks! Plus food, style, photos, and more.
OmniFocus 2 helps you stay on top of your task list with OmniFocus 2. @crookedarm has our review:
Ooh, yet another race to the bottom? Yeah, Apple should totally get right on that, says @TheMacalope.
Intuit's Quicken 2015 for Mac is revamping the app's interface and expanding investment features.
Preview your Mac's fonts with an app called Fonts, which has an attractive interface. Here's a review by @morlium:
Learn these four oft-overlooked iOS 7 tips, by @BodyofBreen -
The newly announced Parallels Desktop 10 brings Yosemite support, better Windows-Mac integration, and more.
This week's roundup of new gear for iOS devices has docks for charging, syncing, and even entertainment.
Track your iOS device's battery life while using your Mac with iBetterCharge. Here's a review by @reyespoint:
Ever wish your MacBook could say, "Hey, your MagSafe adapter is unplugged!" it can with Power Adapter Alarm. Review:
Macworld Podcast: When Big Brother is your Mom -
In your old Mac Pro you have four hard drives that you'd like to use with your new iMac. @BodyofBreen explains how. -
Got a student headed back to school? @BodyofBreen suggest five ways to protect their digital stuff when they're gone.
Mailbox, the popular mail client for iOS and Android, is coming to the Mac, and we go hands-on with the public beta:
This week’s Mac app roundup brings you sports tricks, unexpected photo tweaking, and the ability to get things done:
This week's @rstevens Multitouch Theater comic is all about reversible USB.
Hope you're not tired of folks beating on the iPhone market-share drum, because @TheMacalope's caught another one:
The latest GemFest review is Day One, a Mac app that's so nice, you'll actually maintain your journal.
How does Apple's new content delivery network affect net neutrality and you? @GlennF explains.
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