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Exactly backwards: Apple's security statement is more a PR coup than a nightmare says @TheMacalope -
On this week's podcast @BodyofBreen and @sfsooz talk distracted driving, not-so-bendable iPhones, and privacy. -
With all this talk of Retina iMacs, @rgriff breaks down the pros and cons of adding a 4K display to your Mac today.
5 reasons why Ello isn’t the second coming of Facebook. (We're waiting for its successor, Guvnah.)
Hands on with 8 third-party keyboards for iOS 8. Have you replaced the stock keyboard yet?
More about the Shellshock Bash bug: Proof of concept exploits exist, but are unlikely to affect most Mac users.
AT&T is doubling the data on some Mobile Share Value plans, but you have to ask. Here's what you need to know:
"Your Facebook login is now officially more useful to companies than cookies."
Which would you rather have first: a 27-inch Retina iMac, or a 27-inch Retina Thunderbolt Display? Discuss.
Turn it up to 11: How and when to use OS X's advanced audio controls, by @mac_fix_it -
Too much unwanted email? Use these tricks for identifying and unsubscribing, by @BodyofBreen -
I don't always use an iPhone case. But when I do, it can see heat or cut down small trees. -
No path back: Apple stops signing iOS 7.1.2, by @BodyofBreen -
It's so easy to overdo it on the iOS 8 widgets. We tested a ton to tell you which are actually worth keeping around.
Nine phones. (Anyone else hearing Ed Rooney saying “nine times” in their heads? Just me? OK then.)
Ello is a pro-privacy, ad-free social network that's turning a lot of heads, but it's got some pretty big caveats...
Apple says most Macs are safe from Shellshock (, but until there’s a fix, here’s what to do:
Last day at @macworld, posted the last @rstevens comic for the foreseeable future… FEELINGS…
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Apple and Google's Map apps can't display routes with multiple destinations. @BodyofBreen suggests apps that can. -
Blogo 2.0: WordPress editor returns from the dead, and @mcelhearn has our review -
Why Europe will likely say "meh" to Apple Pay, by @mcelhearn -
Apple quickly issues iOS 8.0.2 update -
Instagram’s Hyperlapse hurriedly adds time-lapse selfies to keep up with iOS 8.
Don't bend it that way: Apple says only nine customers complained of bent iPhones.
Apple offers workaround for iPhones borked by iOS 8.0.1.
Newly discovered Shellshock bug could be bigger than Heartbleed, leaving OS X open to attack.
How do you make the iPhone pale in comparison? Imagine an Android phone with every possible feature. @TheMacalope -
As much fun as it is to examine a new OS's features and functions, it's also worthwhile to put them in context. -
Since Apple pulled the 8.0.1 update, all you have to do is backup and restore via iTunes to roll back to 8.0.
Apple issues and immediately pulls the iOS 8.0.1 update. Here’s why, and what to do if you have to go back.
iOS 8 has many great features, but if your device doesn't behave well with it, you may wish to revert to iOS 7. -
Makin' copies: How to preserve automatically deleted iOS installers, by @BodyofBreen -
Here's one of the most ENJOYABLE reviews I've done in ages: @CorelPainter 2015! Read my @macworld review here:
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Size matters to @mcelhearn -- so much that he might even return his iPhone 6 -
Excited about @iMore next week, but going to miss doing Monday afternoon @macworld podcasts with @BodyofBreen. Sniff.
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Great piece on the time-lapse camera in iOS 8! “@danprovost: Hard-hitting investigative journalism:…
Beats Music isn’t going away, even if it is eventually rebranded. Here’s why Apple needs it:
Painter 2015 reviewed by @PhotoLesa: Faster, more stable, incredible new brush tools:
Serenity and Chris part company, but not before discussing massive iPhone sales and iPhone photography. -
Hey iPhone users, don't you hate being Androidsplained to? So does @TheMacalope -
Double-clicking is for squares: @mac_fix_it outlines four ways to automatically open apps and documents in OS X -
With iOS 8, former jailbreaker @BodyofBreen believes he's headed down the path of the straight and narrow. -
If you have a family laden with iOS device, check out the many benefits of iOS 8's Family Sharing feature. -
Oh, and we also caught a glimpse of @tim_cook at the Apple Store in Palo Alto! Check out this video:
We asked you to tweet and you did! Some of our favorite shots from #iPhoneLine. Thanks for sharing!
Got an iPhone 6? Do these 10 things first: Much more comprehensive setup guide here:
Now that you have a new iPhone, you likely don't need your old one. @joelmmathis suggests how to give it a new life:
Here's more from Tim Cook - he stopped by the Palo Alto Apple Store to hang out with people in the #iPhoneLine -
Congrats, you've got your new iPhone! Now what? @settern tells us how to get started: