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The next iOS update, Siri, CarPlay, the Oscars, flying pigs, and more - all in MacLife's weekly news roundup.
Good news, iPhone users: you're 46% less likely to need your device replaced, compared to competing smartphones.
Mines of Mars, Block Fortress: War, Smash Hit, and Walking Dead S2E2 lead an exciting week for new iOS game releases.
Review: At Bat has been overhauled for iOS 7, but is it still a home run for baseball fans?
Discounted iPads, iMacs, Apple TVs, and a whole lot more can be found in this week's Deals listing.
Have we got a yarn for you! Here are 8 iOS apps that will teach you the art of crocheting.
Review: Smash Hit (iOS) creates an entertaining (and free) game out of shattering glass hazards with virtual balls.
The National Safety Council worries Apple's CarPlay could make driving more dangerous, not less.
Review: Sector is a vastly powerful and well-designed iPad beat manipulation tool that's like nothing else.
Review: Autumn Dynasty Warlords (iOS) streamlines the 4X strategy genre with mostly stellar results.
Review: Math equations and card-battling collide in the excellent, humor-packed, and retro-stylized Calculords (iOS).
Review: Out There (iOS) imparts the cold, grim nature of space travel through a quietly intriguing adventure.
A patent troll's $2 billion lawsuit vs. Apple is defeated - at least for now - in this week's edition of Law & Apple.
The latest buzz on the iWatch points to more Siri integration for third-party apps.
Backing up files can sure be a pain, but the brand-new Retrospect 11 for Mac promises to make it a lot easier.
Could it be true? According to the latest rumors, the release of iOS 7.1 is imminent.
This week's Rounded Rectangles explains how slow and steady lets Apple win the race.
A Mardi Gras app, Twitter accounts weren't really compromised, new Verizon plans, and more in the overnight recap.
As last night's Oscars prove, Samsung can't stop celebrities from using their iPhones, no matter how hard they try.
Want to close your MacBook without putting it to sleep? Learn how with this week's Terminal 101.
iOS for autos will finally become a reality when Apple's CarPlay comes to high-end vehicles later this year.
Apple TV sales exceeded $1 Billion in 2013. "Difficult to call it a hobby," says Tim Cook. No kidding!
Does it seem like the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone 5s has faded in accuracy? Apple's reportedly working on a patch.
Review: Postcard for iPhone is an amazingly useful app that lets you post to several social networks at once.
February brought an array of exciting games to iOS and Mac. Check out the month's best and more in our Review Recap: