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#Borderlands @AdmiralBahroo has a detailed guide to get you every Legendary item in the PreSequel!
We're getting spooked with super spooky games WATCH OUT FOR SPOOKIES
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Ladies & Gentlemen, A Very Special Episode of Creepy Text Theatre has arrived w/ guest @SashaGrey -…
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Episode 2 of #AFK presented by @GEICO is LIVE! Watch the full episode on @Machinima! Here's my behind the scenes -
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#Octodad @RageGamingVideo redefines worst first date ever in these brand new dadliest levels:
Make sure you watch episode of 1 of #AFK presented by @GEICO & @Machinima before Ep. 2 airs tomorrow!
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Take a tour of real life locations from Ezio's adventures in @loomer979's detailed @assassinscreed pilgrimage:
.@TheEvilWithin @rhinoCRUNCH was dragged into a real world horror experience by @Bethblog, lucky for us he escaped:
#Borderlands @AdmiralBahroo kicks back with some Moxxtails, grabbing the buffs achievement:
#GTAOnline @MrBossFTW talks Patch 1.18 updates, potential Hydra location, jet packs, and more:
#CSGO @GenerateHollow answers viewer questions and questions on YouTube life with tea-infused honesty:
#FarCry4 @GhostRobo explores Shangri-La in this hands-on gameplay:
#ForzaHorizon2 @FailRace builds a Frankenstein's monster of a car with 775 HP in a super lightweight body:
#MachinimaPrime Dr. 1-UP has a controversial cure for FPS that's rooted in natural medicine:
#EvilWithin Delivers the horror survival experience fans of RE4 have been waiting on for years: @rockpapershot
#SleepingDogs @DashieXP goes up against the PS4 Definitive Edition of this open-world Hong Kong crime tale:
#EvilWithin Sp00nerism plays the new horror survival game & learns the best part of wakin up is stabbings @Mamasp00n
#eSports Sony appears to be creating an official league for eSports on PS4, starting in Spain: @destructoid
#LordsoftheFallen @GameRiotArmy delves into this dark action RPG with a gameplay walkthrough: @lotfgame
#LegendofGrimrock2 @NorthernlionLP plays the anticipated sequel to an indie dungeon crawling RPG hit @AlmostHumanLtd
Good news for upcoming indie devs and aspiring game creators, Unity confirms it will not be sold: @rockpapershot
.@fatawesome knows that every customer service call is the worst. Still better than Comcast:
#CK2 @Surrealbeliefs rises to power as the lustful dwarf Duke of Flanders in new Crusader Kings II DLC, Charlemagne:
Today at 4pm PST at, the journey of Robin Stevens, #NBA2K15 Facescan Victim, CONTINUES.…
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#MvC2 @maximilian_ is gonna take us for a ride with Amingo & his ultimate robot team in Marvel vs Capcom 2:
#Gmod Time to go sledding with a murderous bobsled containing @DaithiDeNogla @VanossGaming @TTerroriser @H2ODelirious
#LegoBatman @Blitzwinger rounds up a ton of #NYCC reveals for Beyond Gotham:
We don't think there's enough freedom around here. Let's fix that shall we?
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Never mind! Dark Room will be at it's regular time tonight! 6pm PST! The Evil Within! ITS GONNA GET BLOODY!
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I've been AFK thanks to @GEICO and @Machinima! Come behind the scenes to see what I was doing! #AFK #RT
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Bungee Jumping? PAX? Race cars? @Machinima? Presented by @GEICO?! YES all of the above! #AFK
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#AlienIsolation Two Best Friends board the Sevastopol & learn in space no one can hear you get hype: @2BFOfficial
#BF4 An incredible C4 kill that caps some excellent teamwork on Firestorm Rush: @rivaLxfactor
#Driveclub @TmarTn goes hard on the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale to improve his track rating:
#Injustice Who's the greatest Bat of them all? @maximilian_'s faith in Injustice is restored by Batgirl:
#SuperBestFriends learn the terror of giant bugs and awkward Japanese conversations on Bug Island: #Shitstorm3
#Destiny Double bounties everyday? @MorninAfterKill has a glitch to reset bounties before the 24 hr clock is up:
#AlienIsolation Only the finest scares and whimperings from @2AngryGamers:
#Payday2 Get ready to crack heads in the Hotline Miami / Payday crossover with GeneralMcBadass' themed build:
We're playing Chrome on the stream today, meaning Adam might throw up in the next hour. Starts in 20 mins!
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#WeeklyWeirdNews Get real answers about vegetable contraceptives. @MachinimaETC has the most WTF news of the week:
#MassEffect Commander Shepard's embarrassing trip to see Dr. 1-UP for intergalactic STDs, now on #MachinimaPrime:
#AFK Season 3, presented by @GEICO starts Monday! @LuiCalibre @BasicallyIDoWrk @InsideGaming The biggest season yet:
#FIFA15 @Gonth93 runs pinkslip challenges for coins against his followers frequently so be sure to follow him!
#NeverendingNightmares More than a striking art style this title explores the torment of mental illness @destructoid