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Shadow of Mordor livestream right now:! @middleearthgame Behind-the-scenes then live gameplay
#Minecraft A heartfelt thank you to Notch & the founders of Mojang leaving with the Microsoft deal: @EcKoxSoldier
#PAX Relive the convention, parties & @EvolveGame match vs @2BFOfficial with Morgan Freeman & @GameSocietyPimp!
We're streaming Steam Roulette today on! Back to normal for maybe a day.
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#Destiny The Vault of Glass raid done in under 2 hrs by @Gothalion & friends! Could this be a world record?
Watch @Machinima get creative hunting for the crown & friends turn into foes. One of our fav vids! #needfoodbadly
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The animated mini-series "Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles" is coming to @Machinima in spring of 2015:
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#FreeGame Quake Live has been on its own site for a while but now comes to Steam with updates: @rockpapershot
#TheLongDark @rhinoCRUNCH fights for survival in the snow-covered Canadian wilderness in this hardcore survival sim:
Head to Best Buy, snap a "KFShelfie" and win 1 of 15 $100 gift cards! Tag with @KontrolFreek @BestBuy and...
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#TF2 An unstoppable sniper rampage topped off with what can only be described as a TF2 quick scope: @NISLT_tf2
Deck Wars - Day 2 (Quarters/Semis/Finals) - LIVE NOW! First up is @RduHearthstone vs @StrifeCro |
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#FTL Deciding to crew his ship with only "those people", @DanNerdCubed goes where no space racist has gone before:
#WalkingDead Let's see what kind of groundswell we can get under these massively bad decisions: @2BFOfficial
Deck Wars Season 2 Finals stream is live .. starting very soon w/ @GnimshTV vs @ThijsHS !
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#FreeGame Reload, chamber, fire. Intimate gunplay FPS, Receiver is free today: @destructoid
Chasing the Cup, presented by @Logitech, marathon begins in 1 hr leading up to the season finale: @Cloud9gg @clgaming
#Destiny An in-depth, quality analysis of PvP from @LevelCapGaming including detailed info for non-Halo players:
Chasing the Cup Marathon starts tonight at 4pm (PST) - All 5 episodes + [NEW] Episode 6!
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#Destiny A giant, alien door can't stop @MorninAfterKill from exploring the unreleased Vault of Glass raid:
.@Microsoft's purchase of #Minecraft creators Mojang confirmed, for $2.5 billion: @rockpapershot
#BF4 Here comes @Russkhof's super medic with a "lightning strike" of his own:
C9 LoL sends lovely greetings from Korea! <3 | picture by @lilsusie
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#Battletoads @DashieXP takes it back for some old school 16-bit brawling with the Turtles and the Toads:
#AdvancedWarfare Eagle-eyed @PrestigeIsKey found a CoD:AW map easter egg hidden on Showtime:
#Evolve @GameSocietyPimp puts together Walkenthrough, Schwarzenegger, Nugent & Seinfeld to hunt down one ugly beast:
#DragonAge Looking for the newest Inquisition info? You couldn't ask for a better guide than @ladyinsanity:
#BF4 Get an early look at the Final Stand map, Giants of Karelia, and impressive sniping gameplay from @Threatty:
Completing the #DerpCrew with Galm's autograph! @Sondoman Retweet & follow for a chance to win
Tonight's #ChasingtheCup finale has been moved to Monday, 9/15, following a CtC marathon starting @ 4 pm PST on Monday #MLive @machinimalive
#Destiny 1, 2, 3! Space sword beats space rifle. @earvcunanan
#MemoryofaBrokenDimension dives into the glitched horrorscape of a corrupted computer program: @xra @rockpapershot
We met @ZeRoyalViking & had him autograph this for you! Retweet & follow for a chance to win.
#HackNSlash, a @DoubleFine Zelda-style adventure where you reprogram the world, is a steep challenge: @rockpapershot
#HappyWheels @DashieXP's fans either love him or hate him to create levels this insane:
#Destiny Racking up headshots, maybe @ShakeDown2012 should consider taking up sniping:
#Smash @PKSparkxx shows 3DS Mario gameplay in the Japanese demo w 4 more character gameplay videos to come: #SSB
Get an autograph from @gizzy14gazza! Retweet this & follow for a chance to win.