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Which gaming/YouTube conventions will you go to this year & which Machinima talent do you want to see there? Tell us so we can be there too!
Experience #PAXEast from @BigJigglyPanda's point of view in these highlights, including a @Mr_Sark appearance:
All YouTubers at #PAXEast are in are their butts when the Butt Touching Bandit lurks: @TheZombiUnicorn
Ep 9 of Chasing the Cup, Trading Places is up now: @Cloud9gg @TeamSoloMid @MachinimaVS
Thanks for the interview @HungryHundar and @Shibby2142. Good talk, good game, good year, mr. goodbar.
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Our #GTA4 machinima series, #NPC is coming to an end. What other games would you like to see us make machinima of?
Check out @Machinima's AFK Trailer presented by @GEICO! @JeromeASF and I battle IN A TRAVEL COMPETITION! #TeamMU!!!…
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Check out @Machinima's AFK Trailer presented by @GEICO! They put me and @TrueMU in a travel competition! #TeamJerome…
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#NPC Mike gets his revenge! @chadgutstein Would you like more NPC? Which other games should we make into machinima?
#AFK is coming on Monday! @TrueMU vs @JeromeASF, head to head in real & virtual competition: #TeamMU #TeamJerome
An incredibly lucky mid-air #Titanfall snipe & invisible #BF4 elevators in these Top 3 clips from @StoneMountain64:
#SonicBoom New info on this upcoming Sonic game from @Cobanermani456 including Chris Sen as lead level designer:
#MLive It's time for another MST-style watch with @InsideGaming, this time Aliens: Colonial Marines live now on
My run with @Machinima has come to an end as I am now the Vice President of Programming at @MLG! So stoked!…
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#Portal2 @iMovingTarget tries out a new mod that replaces the Portal Gun with a Gel Gun for a new spin on puzzles:
#Minecraft @gizzy14gazza & @CIBseption high dive while trying out their most ridiculous British accents:
Congratulations to @Sony on surpassing 7 million @PlayStation 4s sold worldwide! @Polygon
#MLive Tunt goes to college? @InsideGaming is building the world's greatest actor/fratboy live on
If you've ever been curious to try out Dwarf Fortress, @rockpapershot has a quick, simple guide to getting started:
Be careful of an email phishing scam about a free copy of WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor: @Polygon
.@InsideGaming wants you to DO THE DEW in a rejected commercial that gives you an Xboner & causes internal bleeding:
#Portugues @DavyJonesRJ shows off #GTAV easter eggs, including Star Trek's Spock and Master Chief!
#Pokemon @TyranitarTube designs new possible forms for the Legendary Bird Trio if they could Mega-Evolve: