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#Hearthstone @GenerateHollow is back in action with a magical Arena Run:
#Bayonetta2 @jdwitherspoon learns all about non-stop infinite climaxes in his first time with this sequel:
Starting now @NerdistDotCom raise money for @ExtraLife4Kids on their 24-hr livestream: #ExtraLifeNerdist
#BF4 Major setback for investors in the case over EA's misleading claims about the stability of the game's launch:
#Doorkickers @NorthernlionLP calls in tactical SWAT action with RTS flavor, showing off this indie title:
We're going to try playing Left 4 Dead 2 again today! Watch us be bad at streaming.
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The IG Community is organizing an Extra Life stream! Schedule and details are here:…
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#CivBeyondEarth @RageGamingVideo & @CaptainFluke build upon strange new worlds in their first look at the new Civ:
#MachinimaPrime Dr. 1-UP didn't learn Simlish in medical school and now he's got a troublesome patient:
#PayDay2 GeneralMcBadass reviews the @JohnWickMovie Perk Deck and its effectiveness:
Join the @EvolveGame #BigAlpha! 79582-10185-43756 Referral Code: MonsterMachinima (Priority access, after pre-orders)
#ThisWarofMine @NorthernlionLP introduces us to this touching civilian war survival simulator: @11bitstudios
Looks like there's a glitch in the Animus...or a few dozen: @GameSproutYT
#Castlevania What a terrible night to get hyped. @2BFOfficial's Matt & Liam revisit the GBA Circle of the Moon:
Right now @Machinima is playing NBA 2k15 on Twitch w/ Verne Troyer. This is the result of his face scan:
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#HalfLife What better way to spend some time today than revisiting HL and how it changed the industry with @xboxahoy?
#TheEscapists @XerainGaming learn the hard lessons of prison life in this prison break simulator: @MouldyToof
So they made a Duck Dynasty videogame. It's 100% awful. Watch here w/ @Aplfisher and @AllShamNoWow
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#SunsetOverdrive @GameRiotArmy goes hands on with this extreme action game in a first look:
Starting at 7 P.M Eastern time! River City Ransom on the NES. See you guys there ;D @TwitchTVGaming @Machinima
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Watch @BasicallyIDoWrk and I race across the waves! #AFK Episode 2 of Season 3. Presented by @GEICO and @Machinima!
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PC gamers, join us on Steam in the official Machinima group!…
#AlienIsolation @jackfrags boards the Nostromo to relive the original horror in the Alien Isolation DLC:
#Nintendo @GameChap play some of the most fiendishly frustrating levels ever in an absolutely smashing experiment:
#Borderlands @AdmiralBahroo has a detailed guide to get you every Legendary item in the PreSequel!
We're getting spooked with super spooky games WATCH OUT FOR SPOOKIES
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Ladies & Gentlemen, A Very Special Episode of Creepy Text Theatre has arrived w/ guest @SashaGrey -…
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Episode 2 of #AFK presented by @GEICO is LIVE! Watch the full episode on @Machinima! Here's my behind the scenes -
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#Octodad @RageGamingVideo redefines worst first date ever in these brand new dadliest levels:
Make sure you watch episode of 1 of #AFK presented by @GEICO & @Machinima before Ep. 2 airs tomorrow!
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Take a tour of real life locations from Ezio's adventures in @loomer979's detailed @assassinscreed pilgrimage:
.@TheEvilWithin @rhinoCRUNCH was dragged into a real world horror experience by @Bethblog, lucky for us he escaped:
#Borderlands @AdmiralBahroo kicks back with some Moxxtails, grabbing the buffs achievement:
#GTAOnline @MrBossFTW talks Patch 1.18 updates, potential Hydra location, jet packs, and more: