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#LouPlays Street Fighter IV - Ultra Porno Edition, complete with history's greatest tyrants:
#BF4 @rivaLxfactor goes long for an up and over C4 pass to some waiting flag defenders:
Christopher Walken vs. Morgan Freeman in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Who wins? #nasty
Chasing the Cup's 3rd episode, "Close Quarters" is now available on YouTube: | @clgaming @Cloud9gg
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Last chance to save 15% in the new Machinima store with code 'NOOB'! Ends today.
Wrecking titans + deep talks with the @Mcom_Respawn crew & @JeromeASF #disneylife
#TF2 How to survive 8 sticky bombs? @NISLT_tf2 knows a slick spy can't be stopped:
#DarkSouls2 Invaded by the Dark Wraith Tom, @Tyrannicon cannot be defeated with trusty Kickboxing Banana at his side!
#Destiny An interplanetary sonic war of rock awaits in this @miracleofsound tribute. Perfect for blasting away Fallen
We're spinning dat wheel in about ten minutes at Bum ba bum ba doop doo~
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Watch YouTube Gamers Skydive in ‘AFK’ Season Two: @Machinima
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Respawn has... well... respawed. cc: @Mcom_Respawn
Awesome to have @JeromeASF & @louisedaly7 in the office today. Check out Jerome's channel here:
The stream for Chasing the Cup ep. 3 will kickoff at 7PM PDT tonight at, features a lot of @clgaming in KR footage.
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Ends tonight! Pick an Ultra Street Fighter IV character vs E. Honda for a chance to win a 2015 @Honda Fit #ehondafit
#SonicAdventureDX Can a robot act against his programming? @Cobanermani456 plays the story of Gamma:
#BF4 @bigmooney06 is haunted by the ghosts of dead motorcycles & hovercrafts in this spooky #BonusRound
We're playing Velvet Sundown and trying desperately to get laid.
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#MLive @JeromeASF plays @Titanfallgame in the Respawn Dungeon live right now!
Livestreaming with Jeromeasf, Today @ 12:00 PM PTD in the Game Dungeon and we're playing TITANFALL.
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#UT2014 Play pre-alpha of the upcoming title with free builds from the UT forums: @rockpapershot
#TF2 @Shibby2142 stalks his prey through the tall grass in this #HOWUCDAMAGE Sniper loadout:
Streaming Tonight over at starting a bit later than usual. Apologies
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#SinCityADameToKillFor @MachinimaETC's @edewberry interviews legendary Frank Miller about the film & his noir roots:
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#Borderlands We all have our reasons for joining Handsome Jack. New Gamescom trailer for @Borderlands the Pre-Sequel!
#Smite is coming to Xbox One & @MorninAfterKill celebrates by showing us how to play on PC with a 360 controller:
#PlayStationTV will release in North America on Oct 14, according to news out of Gamescom: @Polygon