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Bethany Mota ∞
Wearing one of my very own tees today! 🍩 make me mad lol get it? Maybe? K I'm done lol. 🙈😉
Of course I would be hugging my laptop in that picture.. Typical 💁
TV time with this kiddo 📺💕
it's funny how just a couple weeks ago I was all about summer and all of a sudden I'm like LETS CARVE A PUMPKIN AND GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME
I hope it's normal to have over 10,000 videos/pictures on your phone 🙎😁
Just ate sooo much watermelon and I have 0 whats to give bc it was delicious 😍
that was fun! Now I have lots of new people on my timeline 😊 helloooo 💖
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FOLLOW SPREE bc I love you guys and missed you today RT for a follow 😘
Matching top knots 💁
I really need to get better at charging my phone 😁 oops oops oops
btw newww videos coming soon don't worry. I gotcha backs 😉💖
hi babes! how are ya? :)
Still waiting for the 5th perfume ticket winner! Hope we find you soon! Everyone check your tickets 💖
haven't been able to watch PLL yet but the #1 worldwide trending topic kinda just totally spoiled it for me 😕😖💔
Woke up at 5am today.. How am I still alive
Love this pic from the photo shoot for my new clothing line 🌿💭💋
89% of my responses include the word "SAAAAAAME"
every time I change my profile/header pic it feels sooo good like I just cleaned my room or something yess go me
My new fall collection just launched today at @Aeropostale 😍😊I worked very hard on it for u all and I hope u love…rQ
I was going to say good morning then realized it's 1:30pm.. Get it together beth! 🙈
hiii what are you guys up to? :)
Had the weirdest dream last night 😳 I found stitch outside and wanted to keep him but then he turned all evil and tried to kill me.. Ok
Goodnight cuties 😊🌌💖
Soooo you are all nominated now.. Even if u did it already 😏
#ALSIceBucketChallenge thanks Ella Wahlberg, @avaallan & @sherryshroff for nominating me! I nominate my sister @briddynicole and all of you! ❤️
My mirror says "oh u look cute today" but then my selfie camera says " lol never mind"
I love sending people pictures they forgot I took of them 🙈
it's 2am I should sleep
the struggle of only having 140 characters to express my thoughts ugh
don't u hate it when ur gonna do something but then forget what it is & all u can remember is that it was rlly important &prob life changing
Been working really hard for u guys tho 😊💕
Congrats to @carlee__n for finding the 4th ticket out there to hang out with me in NYC! Can't wait to meet u 😊💖
I thought this was the coolest invention ever when I was younger.. even though it ripped 15% of my hair out 😕
@abbycrombie11: When someone says "bethany mota"😂👊👏” I can't stop laughing omg 🙈😂
And u guys trended #7MillionBethsties last night?! Ok. You are too amazing and ilysfm. Thank u for making me smile everyday 🙈💛💛💛
WHAT?!? I woke up to see that we hit 7 million subscribers!!! I am freaking out 😱😘💖 you guys are incredible and I love every single one of u
*puts on queen of typos crown*
slow wifi is more painful than no wifi at all
I constantly have bruises and scratches on my legs and most of the time idk how I even got them 😬