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Vegas Media Circus
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Craig Hume, News Director at @VegasMyNews3 announced he is leaving this week. Hume has worked at both Ch 3 and @KTNV #LasVegas.
Channel 8 @8NewsNow is sold by Landmark Comm to Nexstar Broadcasting for $145 million. Wooooah! Times they are a changin in #LasVegas
. @schifferns @KTNV No sports dept. Somebody just said, "get me Rebel hi lights" so they just grabbed generic video. #TVFools
Really @KTNV? you show unlv highlights from 2 years ago during your 430pm recap of last nights game? @LVMediaCircus disgraceful
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Jim Whats-his-Name on @kxnt. #EpicFail #RadioIdiots Click. Over and under is 6 month until they run him.
.@kxnt running a promo online for Kevin Wall right before new guy, Jim Something-er-Other, goes on air to replace him. #HalfAss
In case you havent noticed, we're smack dab in the middle of a TV news ratings period. #NovemberBook Squirming @VegasMyNews3 with new bosses
"We are going a different direction." is what weak-ass TV and radio mgt says when they don't know what they are doing. Down is a direction.
What is @kxnt thinking firing @KevinWallKXNT and hiring yet another no-name, no-nothing about #LasVegas, fired everywhere Jim Villanucci?
.@kxnt fires @KevinWallKXNT and @kklz963 fires @Jimtofte #RadioFools. KXNT hires no-name, fired everywhere Jim Villanucci (WHO?)
Who will have the best election coverage tonight? @VegasMyNews3 @FOX5Vegas @8NewsNow or @KTNV ?????
Bob Stoldal saw the new Sinclair folks coming in the door and he knew it was time to bail. Wise. Sinclair will clean house.
Do you think there will be any news stories on Ebola tonight? You have only two guesses.
Somebody from @8NewsNow let me know why @DarrenMillerTV is leaving Ch 8 weather. He said last night he doesn't have a TV job.
Morning News #LasVegas July 2014. 5-6am @VegasMyNews3 2.2; @FOX5Vegas 1.9; @8NewsNow 1.7; @KTNV 1.0 Please #RT.
I #FB people from #LasVegas. If I am not following you back---just let me know.
Morning News #LasVegas July 2014 6-7am. @VegasMyNews3 3.2; @FOX5Vegas 2.8; @8NewsNow 2.5; @KTNV 1.6. Please #RT
Morning News #LasVegas July 2014. 5-6am @VegasMyNews3 2.2; @FOX5Vegas 1.9; @8NewsNow 1.7; @KTNV 1.0 Please #RT.
@LVMediaCircus I am not afraid to admit I watch @8NewsNow every morning.IMO they have best chemistry and seem most real and genuine
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BREAKING NEWS! Morning News #LasVegas 6-7am. @VegasMyNews3 3.2; @FOX5Vegas 2.8; @8NewsNow 2.5; @KTNV 1.6. Please #RT
Morning News #LasVegas July 2014. 5-6am @VegasMyNews3 2.2; @FOX5Vegas 1.9; @8NewsNow 1.7; @KTNV 1.0 Please #RT, spread the NEWS!
July 2014 #LasVegas TV Ratings are in! Tell your family and friends---we will give you the numbers nobody else has/or will!
Any #LasVegas station able to do a promo like this? @KTNV might've w/ @RonFutrell & @LasVegasRikkiC when they were #1…
Finally---a TV station that does a REAL Promo.…
@LVMediaCircus Now, if only Monica Jackson and Jason Feinberg would do the same.
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Anybody remember this classic moment in #LasVegas TV news when Rob Blair of @KTNV went after #MLK on TV?…
Alaska reporter quits on live TV. Says, "F**k it, I quit." VIDEO:… (Warning, language)
Oh, I throw my shots at newspaper and radio as well---but thats not nearly as much fun. TV stations beg to be critiqued with their "content"
BTW---I have been born out of the newspapers no longer having a local media critic, and TV stations cannot self-reflect. You're welcome.
May 2014 #LasVegas Morning News 6am-7am @VegasMyNews3 4.0, @FOX5Vegas 3.5, @8NewsNow 3.4, @KTNV 2.1. Spread the word! Please #RT!
May 2014 Ratings #LasVegas Morning News: 5-6am. TIE at the Top--- @VegasMyNews3 2.2, @FOX5Vegas 2.2, @8NewsNow 1.7, @KTNV 1.1 Please #RT!
Here's the prob w/ local stations trying to do big time local shows, unless they have a million bucks for budget, they cant. #LooksLowBudget
@LVMediaCircus the show at 2pm you are talking about is an absolute train wreck
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Link to latest Nielsen rankings for US TV markets. #LasVegas is No. 41.…
As a 32 year old woman, I'm the target audience of that new 2pm show on @KTVN Ch 13 (I forget what it's called) -- but I find it unwatchable
Seen by a friend at a local doctors office. They must like Old School. @ntannenbaum hasn't aged a bit!
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Correction: This is truck for Channel 8 in Las Vegas, not Reno's Channel 8
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Link to latest Nielsen Rankings of TV Markets in the US. #LasVegas is #41.…
@LVMediaCircus @8NewsNow @ABC (They forgot to mention the pic was actually from @NHPSouthernComm which I credited) 😊
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Former #LasVegas TV news anchor Michele Kane baking cookies now. Gotta try em!…
Check out @HelicopterKen from @8NewsNow getting love from @ABC on #GMA this morn. Bottom left of flood picture.
Oh wait, mgt will give employees the ratings if they suck and they want to fire them. Beware if they share ratings info with you!