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Vegas Media Circus
St. Louis Democrat Anchor Running for Missouri Secretary of State | TVSpy…
@LVMediaCircus as long as Kerry K is still on the air, you'll have material to last a lifetime! But I'm honored to get my 1st clown mention!
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Heaven help us. Anchor farewell @KTNV @SpencerLubitz ---- how will we go forward? 😄…c
@LVMediaCircus Late to the game (sorry!) @LasVegasRikkiC , Beth Fisher, Gina Cancelliere, and Kevin West..
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@LVMediaCircus I see where Spencer L has parted ways with Channel 13. Not a shocker!
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Speaking of answers to questions; if you were wondering why *we* exist, here’s a start: cue @LVMediaCircus…
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@LVMediaCircus now if only the infinite (ahem!) wisdom of Scripps will do the same w/Jim Prather @KTNV
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Jerry McKenna fired as GM of #CBS Radio in #LasVegas. Ruining @Mix941 & @kxnt could be reason. @MarkDiciero and @KevinWallRadio are smiling.
The winner for worst #LasVegas weather boy has to go to Rob Blair, formerly of @KTNV --- for his attack on #MLK…
Nominees for 2015 Marconi Radio Awards Announced -- I'll save you some time, nothin' in #LasVegas…
@LVMediaCircus just another touched up photo along with lighting and make-up but thanks
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KTLA Reporter Has ‘Shhh’ Scared Out of Her | TVSpy…
Wall of fame at The Coffee Pub on W Sahara #LasVegas. @johndalytv pic still demands an aurora!
.@MylissaGibson @DougESPN @KevinWest_NBCLV @RonFutrell @AdamHillLVRJ He meant it as a joke --- he actually likes the guys. ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🏁
@LVMediaCircus Colette wieland, Shannon Moore, Tiffany de Leon
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@LVMediaCircus A candidate slipped my mind, Doggone it! Could I plz include a third anchor w/Shauna Khorrami?
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@LVMediaCircus Anchors: Nina Radetich&Beth Fisher, Sports: Mitch Roberts, Weather(tie) Gina Cancelliere & Rob Blair, Reporter Cristina Rodda
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I am going to start performing nightly at Fremont St Experience. I am the Transgendered Hermaphrodite Transitioning Cuban Clown.
@LVMediaCircus get a couple of drinks in him, and he can do ANYTHING. . .
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@LVMediaCircus how many slots can we fill with Ron Futrell? Because, Ron Futrell.
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.@DougESPN @AdamHillLVRJ @KevinWest_NBCLV @RonFutrell Sports gets extra time. Women demos would be strong with all those Alpha males on set.
Going individuals & maybe too sports heavy, but definitely need @DougESPN, @KevinWest_NBCLV and Ron Futrell on list…
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Okay --- time for nominations for all-time WORST #LasVegas news anchor team. The Nightmare Team! Pick from all teams past and present
I've taken a new pic for my profile. I took this while visiting an abandoned amusement park in Cuba. Yep --- my new #selfie
Yes --- but it's not what you think 😄3
Some #Breaking Personal news to report, this is my last week @KTNV! Join us at 4:30am & at midday as I say goodbye!…
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@LVMediaCircus did you see Spencer Lubitz tweet about him leaving 13?
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City’s Broadcast Hall of Fame Tries Again After Picking All White People | TVSpy…
Wow! @News3LV finally has a weather gal in the morning. Dana Wagner gets to spend more time sitting next to his wife now!
. @KTNV send your investigative reporter chick --- WhatsHerName --- out to investigate why your signal blacked out during #TheBachelorette
"@LVMediaCircus: @KTNV didn't explain what went on w/their blackouts tonight? No tweets! Why have a Twitter acct? #TheBachelorette" Agree!!
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@LVMediaCircus @KTNV cox got hacked, my on screen TV guide for cox had programs names please give Todd some food and. 1bake instead of NCIS
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Why did @KTNV not explain what was going on with their blackouts tonight? No tweets about it. Why have a Twitter acct? #TheBachelorette
Why do I feel like channel 13 may go off the air again at any moment? Did they pay their electric bill? @KTNV
The perfect Finale for #ABC on #TheBachelorette would be to find out Kaitlyn's real name is Bruce and Diane Sawyer does interview tomorrow!
Promo @KTNV "This mom fears something in the making her family sick." Hell --- WATCHING LOCAL NEWS WILL MAKE YOU SICK!
After an hour of Pure Hell the Finale of #TheBachelorette is back on @KTNV. What's the girls name again?
I've got a #TheBachelorette Party with all my girlfriends and @KTNV Ch 13 "has a signal problem." Well, I have cheese dip that is wasted!
Way to go! Finale of #TheBachelorette and @KTNV has its signal down. "The tents go up, the tents go down, the Ch 13 Circus always in town!"
@LVMediaCircus & we're not getting the #Bachelorette either. Just a green screen & the sound works.
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