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Luke Hemmings
You guys are awesome, jetlag is not
I have a love hate relationship with pants
I'm jetlagged hbu
Played so much mario kart today
Chocolate milk in the shower, fuck it
I've started drinking cranberry juice daily, what is happening
Beautiful show tonight, reminds me how much I love it :) thanks
.@gabebondoc badass, thanks man :)
If anyone asks you who 5sos are just show them this
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Another hotel room πŸ‘€ ✌️
Chicago i like you
cant believe were flying out ppl from all these countries to party w us in LA!! 😁
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You should look at this informative informational video
were launching a worldwide competition for you to come ! go to to find out how 🌏�
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Don't believe the hype ✌️
Hi erbody, sorry I haven't been tweeting much. busy πŸ˜“ what up
posted a snippet of Daylight on insta if ya havent heard it yet 🎢 |
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Wearing hotel slippers like the 18 year old lad I am
Congrats to @FifthHarmony for artist to watch also ! :) that's the way the cookie crumbles
Thanks everyone, love you 😬
Very excited for the vmas :) thanks for getting us here 😁
Last day to votes for us for artist to watch!! You can text 5 to 22444! I may have voted once or twice or 5 times
Retweeted by Luke Hemmings… pls can u vote for us for best song about underwear 😁 πŸš€πŸ‘― x
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Pls if you have time vote for us for artist to watch 😁☺️…
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Found out it was August today πŸ‘€
I'm holding on to what I haven't got
Houston thanks for bein awesome 😁
Oh yeah if you like our lyric video than you can tell the internet here #vote5sos
Im watching Bridget jones diary #vote5sos
I like nice people. Nice people are good #vote5sos
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I think Starbucks is cool
Thanks if you've used the clicker to click on the button for us ☺️ #VMA…
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.@JoshRamsay I want to write with you man ! :)