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Lucy Kafanov
Last year, #Turkey hosted the largest #LGBT pride parade in the Muslim world. This year, dispersed w tear gas & TOMA
Two onlookers huddle for safety and watch as #Turkish police crack down on #Istanbul's annual #LGBT pride march.
Another major wave of water cannon and tear gas. People are sick and retching in the street #istanbul #lgbt
Gas masks on. Shop owners closing stores. Crowd booing #lgbt #turkey
Turkish riot police clearing #LGBT demonstrators from #Istanbul's #Istiklal street now
Column of riot police trapped between two massive groups of protesters. Toma ready
A very small wave of maybe two dozen protesters just marched down towards galata. So far no tear gas or TOMA but far cry from 100k last year
#Turkey just shut down the #LGBT pride march. #Istiklal avenue now empty, save for tourists and shoppers
Meanwhile ...... Courtney Love Tweets Ordeal During Violent Uber Protests in Paris, via @nytimes…
Insults are best spelled correctly.
#Russia: President #Putin’s approval ratings hit 89 percent, the highest they’ve ever been
Why Syrian Kurds victory over #ISIS could stir up problems My latest for @USATODAY
#YPG commander Redur Khalil tells me #Turkey decided to close its side of border and that Kurds are keeping border open from Tal Abyad side
#Turkey closes its border crossing with #Syria at #Akcakale, preventing refugees from returning home to Tal Abyad (1/2)
About 150 Tal Abyad residents return from #Turkey to their homes. One tells ms he's going back to defend his property
UN cars on road to Akcakale. More than 20K refugees fled Tal Abyad, but hundreds reportedly returned earlier today
#ISIS seized Palmyra last month, leaving the site untouched. On Saturday, a #Syrian regime air strike hit the ruins.
#YPG Kurds cut road to #ISIS 'capital' in battle for #Syria border town of Tal Abyad
While cultural attitudes relaxed in parts of #Istanbul, members of #turkey's LGBT community face daily discrimination & threats of violence
A contestant struts down the runway at @ANGELOFTURKEY transgender beauty pageant, hosted ahead of #Turkey's LGBTPride
Contestants watch as a Zenne dancer (male belly dancer) performs at the #Istanbul transgender beauty pageant. #Turkey
#Turkey hosted a transgender beauty pageant, as #Istanbul gears up for annual gay pride festivities #LGBTPrideMonth
My latest on what's behind the loss in support for #Erdogan's AKP in #Turkey's election: (via @csmonitor)…
Good read on what's ahead for post-election #Turkey on the foreign policy front:…
Two Kurdish mothers, whose sons had disappeared during the Turkish state's war with PKK insurgents. @…
Weird things going on over at the White House. Press evacuated and TV camera lenses covered up by WH staffers.…
#diyarbakir HDP supporters here saying they believe attack on Islamist group this afternoon was provocation to stir violence and unrest
#Diyarbakir Police sergeant on site in Sehitlik says officers are negotiating with both leftist and Islamist groups to calm the situation.
#Diyarbakir police close road. Officer say 1 person killed, 1 critically wounded. heavy clashes bet Kurdish & Huda Par, now sporadic gunfire
Smell of smoke and burning. We hear gunfire. Approaching area where Islamist Huda Par members were reportedly attacked. #Diyarbakir #Turkey
Once at forefront of long war, #Diyarbakir residents say they want to put the past behind. My latest for @AJEnglish:…
On the hope for a settled peace in #Turkey's #Diyarbakir. My latest for @USATODAY:…
#Diyarbakir: funeral for 17-year-old Ciwan, 4th person killed in Friday's bomb blasts at HDP rally. #Turkey
Mourners gather for funeral of the 4th person killed in Friday's #HDP bombing in #Diyarbakir: a 17 year old boy.
Amazing 2 watch self-policing among #HDP supporters in #Diyarbakir. Just diffused potentially dangerous escalation, though crowd still amped
Police pushing demonstrators back looks like some HDP folks trying to calm demonstrators in their ranks
#Diyarbakir: TOMAs are in place and riot police is in formation. Celebrations have a rowdier tone this evening. Piles of paper lot on fire
#Diyarbakir madness, night 2: Filing my last story (or trying to) amid cheers, drums, honking cars, fireworks, gunfire and one sword-fight.
Water cannon producer’s stock dips after #Turkey’s ruling AKP loses majority
#Erdogan got 44 hrs of TV coverage in 1 week in May. Now, a live counter to how long he's been missing from airwaves:
My recap of today's #TurkeyElections for @USATODAY Turkish ruling party suffers defeat, loses majority in Parliament
The #HDP expected to take around 80 of parliament's 550 seats. Another photo from #Diyarbakir's celebration earlier:
#TurkeyElection ushers in a new era, but process isn't over. AKP has 45 days to form new government, else Erdogan can call a new election
Supporters cheer on the HDP victory just a few feet from where twin blasts ripped through an #HDP rally on Friday.

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