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91% of guys get turned on when girls dress like this 😍�
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a date is a date πŸ™ŒοΏ½
You're not that important anymore.
girls love when guys do this 😻
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I hope I didn't annoy you today.
Maybe you were meant to break my heart, so that the next guy, who comes along to fix it, won't ever break it again.
If you seriously think I'm okay you have no idea how wrong you are.
Cutest thing I've ever seen 😚�
Before I would have done anything to make you smile, but now I'll do anything to forget you.
I really wanna do this πŸ‘Œ
I just like being near you.
You can tell anybody "I love you", but your actions are what proves it's true.
Stop putting me on a shelf for when you decide you want me again.
So this is the end of you and me.
I can't stop remembering.
I replay that moment, every night in my head.
Don't come into my life if its just a game to you.