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[Video] The U.S. government’s desire for world depopulation. What methods are they using? Can you fathom this?
You have the ability to exercise force and power to change any reality that is an impediment to your progress.
Israel is your companion in wickedness, America. So you both are headed downward into the bottomless pit of hell...…
It makes no difference what you know if you are not imparting knowledge to those who don't know, so that their lives will be better off.
How much are we willing to sacrifice for our freedom? 5¢ a day is painless! #EconomicBlueprint
[Video] A touching moment with the inmates at Belize Central Prison:
#TheTime Series is filled with Guidance. Are you parsing the 58 Episodes? #Farrakhan
Some of us don’t have a sense of mission, so we don’t have a comprehension of the duty of one who has a mission.
The Teachings 2.0: Get a copy of Vol. 1 of my answers to many Twitter questions: #AskFarrakhan
Thank you to everyone who submitted Facebook questions. Allah willing, I will be answering more soon! #FarrakhanFridays
Why we should stop begging and get behind Muhammad's #EconomicBlueprint and do for self: #FarrakhanFridays
Guidance to a struggling husband who feels he has lost the confidence of his wife: #FarrakhanFridays
Here's my response to a question about what scripture best describes me: #FarrakhanFridays
The significance of The Prophets of God having young followers around them: #FarrakhanFridays
Someone asked why our mosque in New York was so feared prior to 1975. Here's why: #FarrakhanFridays
As-Salaam Alaikum! It's time for the #FarrakhanFridays Facebook Q&A chat. Submit questions @
Allah (God) created nothing without an aim and a purpose, and blessed is the man or woman who discovers his or her reason for being.
You can't say you belong to Christ and you're not a part of His Mission, His Labor, His Work.
When looking at this world, it is as though no prophet of God has ever appeared among us when we look at the human condition.
I say to all Muslims, no matter what school of thought we are from, Eid Mubarak!
God will help you and me to come through the trials that life has to bring. If you are not tried, you'll never know whether you are true.
Let's not be #Ramadan Muslims. Let's be Muslims every day of the year.
The work of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not done. Here's the replay of my msg this morning on the #RamadanPrayerLine: