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Methods of Depopulation: Disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola & AIDS, which are race targeting weapons
Join us in Kingston, Jamaica on Oct.19 to commemorate the 19th Anniv. of the Million Man March…
It is alright for us to march against injustice, but the time may soon come, or maybe has come, for us to retaliate for injustice.
God is willing to take up the fight for us, but if it is forced on us, we too have to fight. We cannot afford to lose another generation.
There’s nothing or no one worthy to be worshipped but The One who originated all of this we are blessed to live in.
You don’t have to “go along to get along.” Just stand up and be your righteous self!
Blacks spend $10 Billion Per Year buying gifts. With just 5¢ a day we can own land with Muhammad's #EconomicBlueprint
If you love life, then do not play games with the destiny of a people who are crying to breathe free.
All leaders must understand that this is a very dangerous time to play with the destiny of the people.
What we say can only become flesh if we mobilize and organize, so that we can accomplish that which we desire for the good of our people.
It makes no difference what we say, because a lot of us are good talkers. It will make a difference what we do.
The Word became flesh and dwelled among men...
The Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God,” but the Word did not stay a Word...
Injustice creates a climate for Retaliation...
Last year, I warned Pres. Obama & Congress of the danger of the course that America is embarking on: #SyriaAirStrikes
Heaven does not start after you are dead. It starts when you come to life in The Spirit and Knowledge of God, Self and The Time.
We’re not doing it to be seen of men, to be honored of men, to be praised by men. We are doing it for the Glory of God!
When we submit ourselves to God, knowing that we are nothing and He is everything, then whatever we do, He will bless that effort.
Join us in Kingston, Jamaica on Oct.19 to commemorate the 19th Anniv. of the Million Man March
God will not allow us to be tried beyond our ability to endure, though it is difficult to remember this in the throes of the trial.
Muhammad's #EconomicBlueprint will make us firm warriors in the battle to end poverty
There is no great man in history that has ever been great without an underlying idea that is the source of his greatness.
Ideas are the real power behind any man and any movement.
Our fearless Black youth are ready to move for liberation. The spirit to organize is in our youth.
Black Youth: Why have they become a generation marked to be destroyed?…
When we build our lives on Falsehood, that kind of foundation can never have permanence.
Jesus asked the question: “What man building a house would build it on sand?”
How can you love everybody and God doesn't love everybody?
As-Salaam Alaikum! God willing, I'll be answering all of your #AskFarrakhan & #FarrakhanFridays questions very soon!
A prime requisite for freedom and independence is having one’s own land. #EconomicBlueprint
When you look at all the revolution that’s going on in the world, look at the faces of the ppl that are overthrowing governments—it's Youth!
It is these young people that are the hope, but they are in the crosshairs of destruction.
America's Errant Foreign Policy: Why President Obama should follow a Divine Warning, not Warmongering Advisers
The 19th Anniversary of the Million Man March Celebration comes to Jamaica and the Caribbean
When you believe in the Ultimate Victory of your Cause, you continue to work as hard as you can, because you see the end, and the victory.
If you lived to be a thousand you might just arrive at infancy in the knowledge that’s out here for human beings to learn.
Don’t get full of yourself because there is a universe out there to learn.
You have been taught #TheTime. Now decide What Must Be Done with this Knowledge! #Farrakhan
I’m not looking for the favor of man. I want to be favored by God.
But our young people do not find in their elders the guidance, the counsel or the example that they would like to follow.
Our young people want examples to look to that will give them strength and counsel and guidance.
Inspirational Video: The Value and Importance of Faith
Let’s cut out all the masquerading. If you are what you think you are, you don't have to put on a front.
The government cannot solve our problems. Why not get behind Muhammad's #EconomicBlueprint?
We wouldn't need a Bible or a Holy Qur’an if we lived the nature of God that is our very essence.
Strengthening The Black Community: Strategies for Reducing Violence
I don't want no friendship with you if you don't want friendship with Truth.
The death of human divinity comes by rebelling against God. You're not just human beings. You're divine beings existing in human form.
What are we as pastors doing to get our people ready for the cataclysmic chaos that God is bringing about to end this world?