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It is necessary for our survival that we own land and grow our own food.
Blacks spend $65 billion per year on food. What kind of food are we buying? #EconomicBlueprint
You will never attain to your greatness unless you believe you already have it within yourself to do it.
#TheTime Series is a Guide for us to Save Ourselves. Parse the 58 Episodes here: #Farrakhan
Thank you to the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy! I am happy you're continuing to spread and dialogue on '#TheTime and What Must Be Done' Series.
Duty is the action of Love.
Thank you to everyone who submitted Facebook questions. Allah willing, I will be answering more soon! #FarrakhanFridays
How to conquer inordinate pride, self-conceit, and the spirit of Iblis that lies within: #FarrakhanFridays
How Allah Guides you in producing the answer to your own prayers: #FarrakhanFriday
Someone asked: How does The Nation of Islam turn men into warriors? Here's how: #FarrakhanFriday
Guidance to women on how to handle your husband when he's being neglectful in the upkeep of you: #FarrakhanFridays
What is the difference between Perfecting your faith and Completing your faith? Read my response: #FarrakhanFridays
A msg to those who claim The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was jealous of Malcolm X: #FarrakhanFridays
Someone asked me if Black women should be a part of the Feminist Movement. Here's my response #FarrakhanFridays
As-Salaam Alaikum! It's time for the #FarrakhanFridays Facebook Q&A chat. Click here and inbox me your questions.
What you do is limited by why you do it. The purer the motive, the greater the energy that will lead to greater success.
As-Salaam Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak!
I have enjoyed this time with you! Thank you for your many questions. God willing, I will be answering more very soon. #AskFarrakhan
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Your motive for doing what you do is what either lessens the spirit of God or brings God into the equation with you.
We need to come out of the church, out of the mosque, and get in the streets where the problems are.
You don’t need anyone’s permission to tell the Truth to your people who are dying in ignorance. That is what must be done!
Give the praise to God. Keep your heart humble that God may continue to grow you more and more.
Our work should not be to seek the praise of men. Whatever we do should be to the Glory of God.