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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad lifted up a mighty example of doing for self for the Black man of America:…
God loves those who are patient and steadfast under trial. Be careful of how you think when you are being tried.
The more you converse on the Revealed Word of God, the more you energize one another! #Farrakhan #TheTime
If God brings you out of it, then He may use you as an instrument to bring others out of their pain of what they suffer.
There is no circumstance in your life that is negative if you have a positive attitude towards what is deemed negative.
Thank you for participating in this week's #FarrakhanFridays Facebook Q&A! Allah willing, I will be answering more soon. As-Salaam Alaikum!
Here's why it's not necessary for me to expose those leaders who will only meet with me in private: #FarrakhanFridays
When watching the managed news outlets, I use this filtering system to not get distracted: #FarrakhanFridays
A response to those who say they follow The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but will not follow me: #FarrakhanFriday
Someone who has been single for years asked me how to cope with loneliness. Here's my guidance: #FarrakhanFridays
I was asked: "How did Master Fard Muhammad finance the building of The Wheel?" Here's my response: #FarrakhanFridays
Someone asked me if Malcolm X improperly handled envy from within The NOI. Here's my response: #FarrakhanFridays
Someone just asked me my thoughts on Malaysia Airlines Flight #MH370. Here's my response: #FarrakhanFridays
It's time for the #FarrakhanFridays Facebook Q&A chat! Click here and inbox me any question you have--->
Let’s create dialogue on "#TheTime And What Must Be Done" Series. Continue spreading the 58 broadcasts: #Farrakhan
Being a good example of what you believe is better than words.
Our youth are suffering. And in truth, it is not their fault. Here's why:
No matter what the odds are, it’s your mental attitude that defeats you before you start.
Do you agree that we must Grow Our Own Food? Let's unite with Muhammad's #EconomicBlueprint @
Accept the challenge to overcome everything that is in your path until you reach your goal.
Nobody can claim to be a champion without a good challenger. When a challenge comes up in your life don’t shrink from it.
Inspirational Video: Jesus was in the highways and byways reaching out for the people. Our job is to do the same