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What did you gain from my address in Kingston, Jamaica? Tweet me & join the Facebook dialogue-> #Farrakhan #HDOA14
I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the National Arena here in Kingston, Jamaica. Watch online at 2p CT #HDOA14
We cannot say that we are doing the Will of God if there is no transformation taking place in our lives.
Min. @LouisFarrakhan is on the move in Kingston, Jamaica! Ready to watch & live tweet his Sunday address? #HDOA14
The whole world is out there waiting for us. Get busy and start becoming productive.
Let us stop being Beggars and start thinking of ourselves as Builders! #EconomicBlueprint
Sunday, I'll be speaking at the National Arena in Kingston, Jamaica. Watch at 2PM CST #HDOA14
No matter what we gain in life, what good is it if we have no character and lose the friendship of God?
Photos: Kingston, Jamaica welcomes @LouisFarrakhan & the Nation of Islam for Holy Day of Atonement weekend! #HDOA14
However, we have gone backwards since then. The Enemy seems to have destroyed the meaning and the spirit of The #MillionManMarch.
That march delayed the plans of the U.S. government. Our actions showed the world that we could be a civilized people. #MillionManMarch
We gathered at The #MillionManMarch in the spirit of three great principles: 1.) Atonement, 2.) Reconciliation, and 3.) Responsibility.
The #MillionManMarch was the largest, and most peaceful, demonstration ever witnessed on The Washington National Mall.
Nearly 2 million Black men came to Washington, D.C. on Oct. 16, 1995 for The #MillionManMarch:
I was with the Hon. Elijah Muhammad one day at his table, when he said, “If 10,000 gathered outside my…
In the Bible, Paul said, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”
When you can achieve great things in life without compromise, you have truly achieved.
'Let My People Go': Go where? On what principle, what program? What lessons can be extracted from those words?
If you missed my interview on Muhammad and Friends, rewatch Part 1: & Part 2: #Farrakhan
I was very honored to be a guest on the Muhammad and Friends Show with Brother Munir Muhammad. I love my brother.
Watch Now! Min. @LouisFarrakhan being interviewed on the show "Muhammad and Friends" w/ Bro. Munir. Click here-->…
A lot of things are impossible without God, but there is nothing impossible with Him.
Support Muhammad's #EconomicBlueprint and witness what 5¢ a day can accomplish! Read details:
The more we unify, the more power we can generate to change reality.
Next Weekend: Kingston, #Jamaica is hosting the 19th Anniversary of the Million Man March…
In the Bible, Paul says, “Put on the Whole Armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."
Since the battle lines have been drawn, how can we be sure that we are going to win? What kind of armor do you need in a battle with Satan?
God is present and it is God Who has drawn the battle lines.
All of the oppressed people, no matter how powerful their oppressor, are bound to go free. Do you believe it?
God is on the side of freedom. God is on the side of justice. God has always been on the side of the oppressed.
After they have done all they can, let them see you standing, being firm in your resolve to stand.
I am going to be steadfast. I will be in a position of resistance and will endure. I will tolerate whatever you bring and will not bend.
You can't win unless you fight. You can't fight unless you have the heart.
I don't represent a dead man! Not only is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad alive and well, he is in power now.
The death plot against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and how we know he is physically alive!
When one fulfills his or her purpose in life, the soul is satisfied. That soul has unspeakable joy.
One man who is willing to stand for God is more worthy than a million cowards who will lay down on the cause of liberty for the people.
Truth contains electrical energy. When the Truth is believed and carried into practice, it gives you power.
Was the recent security breach at the White House a warning to Pres. Obama? I addressed this years ago. [WATCH]
We’ve got to grow up and stop being consumers and start being producers of what we consume.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: “As a people we must become producers and not remain consumers and employees."
Blacks waste $6.3 Billion per year on alcohol & tobacco. But with just 5¢ a day we can own land! #EconomicBlueprint
Nothing that comes at me is greater than the faith that I have in the God, Who can deliver me from everything that is planned against me.
Methods of Depopulation: Disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola & AIDS, which are race targeting weapons
Join us in Kingston, Jamaica on Oct.19 to commemorate the 19th Anniv. of the Million Man March…
It is alright for us to march against injustice, but the time may soon come, or maybe has come, for us to retaliate for injustice.
God is willing to take up the fight for us, but if it is forced on us, we too have to fight. We cannot afford to lose another generation.