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When we build our lives on Falsehood, that kind of foundation can never have permanence.
Jesus asked the question: “What man building a house would build it on sand?”
How can you love everybody and God doesn't love everybody?
As-Salaam Alaikum! God willing, I'll be answering all of your #AskFarrakhan & #FarrakhanFridays questions very soon!
A prime requisite for freedom and independence is having one’s own land. #EconomicBlueprint
When you look at all the revolution that’s going on in the world, look at the faces of the ppl that are overthrowing governments—it's Youth!
It is these young people that are the hope, but they are in the crosshairs of destruction.
America's Errant Foreign Policy: Why President Obama should follow a Divine Warning, not Warmongering Advisers
The 19th Anniversary of the Million Man March Celebration comes to Jamaica and the Caribbean
When you believe in the Ultimate Victory of your Cause, you continue to work as hard as you can, because you see the end, and the victory.
If you lived to be a thousand you might just arrive at infancy in the knowledge that’s out here for human beings to learn.
Don’t get full of yourself because there is a universe out there to learn.
You have been taught #TheTime. Now decide What Must Be Done with this Knowledge! #Farrakhan
I’m not looking for the favor of man. I want to be favored by God.
But our young people do not find in their elders the guidance, the counsel or the example that they would like to follow.
Our young people want examples to look to that will give them strength and counsel and guidance.
Inspirational Video: The Value and Importance of Faith
Let’s cut out all the masquerading. If you are what you think you are, you don't have to put on a front.
The government cannot solve our problems. Why not get behind Muhammad's #EconomicBlueprint?
We wouldn't need a Bible or a Holy Qur’an if we lived the nature of God that is our very essence.
Strengthening The Black Community: Strategies for Reducing Violence
I don't want no friendship with you if you don't want friendship with Truth.
The death of human divinity comes by rebelling against God. You're not just human beings. You're divine beings existing in human form.
What are we as pastors doing to get our people ready for the cataclysmic chaos that God is bringing about to end this world?
When you surrender to God, He comes quickly to you and gives you strength.
'#TheTime and What Must Be Done' Series: Rise up on The Wings of this Knowledge #Farrakhan
You can't be a mealy-mouthed preacher and claim Christ. Christ spoke to the powers of that day and they hated him, but they love you.
If we can rise above our pettiness with each other, and see The Cause as the real reason for our existence, then we’ll always make progress.
Arise from a slumber of death where you become just practitioners of rituals but forsaking The Mission.
What television makes, television can destroy. What media makes, media can destroy. I'm made by God & nobody can destroy what God has made!
Justifiable Homicide: Black Youth in Peril...…
If God is not kept first and foremost in our endeavors we will not be successful.
[Video] Farrakhan on the Manipulation of Rappers, so-called "Gangs" & the Setup for Destruction of Black Youth
Don’t ever condemn the road that you walked over to get where you are today.
Human beings can adapt to many terrible situations. But even the most adaptable human being, at some point, will say, “Enough is enough.”
If you're going to be under attack, the only way you can survive is by unity.
You are the people of God, but you are acting like agents of the devil and that has to stop.
We meet in the masjid, we meet in the synagogue, we meet in the church—but the problem is in the streets!
Farrakhan on Israel's Genocide in #Gaza: "How could the Muslim world remain silent in the face of such slaughter?!"
You've got to know that at the highest levels of government, they have plotted our demise.
Chicago has been set up now to be the center of what you're witnessing in Missouri. Here's why: #Ferguson
The future of Black people is really in the hands of these courageous, dynamic powerful Black youth and all they need is right guidance.
Ferguson is a microcosm of what’s going on all over the country: Black men are being shot down, but the courts don’t give us justice.
The shooting of Michael Brown has triggered, now, a response that has been building...
The Killing of Michael Brown: I warn you that something terrible is about to go down, and #Ferguson is a sign:
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