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Louie Vito
Thanks @BenFerguson001 for showing me this. I have watched this 1,000 times already. "Just blockin out…
Shoulda pushed me RT @rachelseibert: @louievito was an arms reach from me' and I did nothing. lol my downfall
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! RT @c_ferrell9: @louievito It's my 18th birthday today. Can I get a shoutout? πŸŽ‰
Never a summer without some Mt.Hood riding. Good times always...until next time
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! RT @triplel4408: @louievito it's my birthday! Come have a drink with me :) or a simple happy birthday will be enough
The volcano was breathing last night
Back in Mt. Hood... Back to the snow
Always good to see the SLC boys, or is it Team USA now?? Proud of how they played in Brasil!!! ESPN…
A lil stiffy beef curtains for the Nike tweak contest. Summer snowboarding is fun. πŸ“·
4 days off before the camps start up and back on the mountain. 4 free days normally means it's back on the off hill grind. Airport time...
I think I want to buy land in the mountains and have @nelsontreehouse Treehouse Masters build a big treeHouse. Full size. That would be sick
I am so blessed to be able to still be coming to Mt Hood and riding @HighCascade and @WindellsCamp after all these years. It never gets old
Sunset pictures never get old. One of my favorite things to see when I'm in the mountains. #MtHood…
Hey @redbullPDX, we need some Wings Team up in Government Camp to hand out some wingssssss
My friends thought I was crazy when I said he was gonna come back. Never a bandwagon fan, I'm Ohio Til…
And once Love comes I will have a legit claim cuz that was on my timeline.
All my friends thought I was crazy when I said Lebron was coming back. OHIO TIL THE DEATH OF ME!!!! Welcome home!!!
Maybe the 22nd RT @PDX_Trevor: @louievito how long you at hood for?
Hahahaha I want a rematch. I was trying to get u boots ha RT @Logan__Hess: Beat @louievito in Ping Pong. Feeling accomplished πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’©πŸ’©
Hahaha some may say except no sausages haha RT @JD_Evo: @louievito @ObertoBeefJerky that looks like a sausage fest to me.
The Nike house in Mt. Hood just got hooked up!!!!! Thanks so much @ObertoBeefJerky Perfect for the mountain!!!
When Nike plays dodgeball... @bobbyloveslions was gettin a lil intense pelting the campers and ummm…
Thanks Colin RT @COLINMcCARTHY52: @redbull Lucky to have one of the best in @louievito. Made a kids wish come true. Can't thank you enough.
Gucci and Marshmallow enjoying their bunk beds at camp. #Oregon #GovernmentCamp #SummerCamp
It's not a summer with out a little bit of summer shredding. #MtHood
So hyped to see the campers at @WindellsCamp and @HighCascade. Mt. Hood bound tomorrow. Summer snowboarding!!
This could be interesting. A @StevieBell801 firework show. At least he wet his lawn first #4thOfJuly
If packing procrastination was a sport, I would for sure be on the All Star Team!!!!
Bummmmmmer!!! But still congrats to the US Team!!! And Tim Howard for being a BEAST today.
Tim Howard has been a super hero back there. He is gettin blasted and it's still 0-0.
πŸ‘Š RT@beatsbydree:@louievitoo#knuckleupp πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘Š
Family to me. Always there and always straight up with me. kellyosbourne @TheDingoInSnow
Those new @prod84 Nike SB shoes look sick! Ima cop a pair of those!
Back at the house just in time for Street League Skateboarding. #SLS
Truth. "The will must be stronger than the skill" - Muhammed Ali
great breakfast with @louievito. i think we need to have him snowboarding in one of our next videos. what do you guys think?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! RT @Avery_Corkins: @louievito ✌️ can your biggest fan get a birthday shoutout? 😁 πŸ‚