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Lord Sugar
Watch Nick Hewer and Leah Totton on the one show now.
To vote for me in the National TV awards, see and follow the instructions. Voting closes mindnight Sunday. Thanks.
.@piersmorgan as honest chap assume you'll vote for me.Best TV judge. ITV NTA awards.Skip to TV judge
.@piersmorgan RT.Happy birthday,Arsene I criticise your performance but you remain classiest boss in world football...Bloody hell, you ill ?
Thanks @MarkCavendish for the new Oakley glasses.I sprint much faster now.I also lie more,but you can't see my eyes.
.@Doctor_Horse RT: Apprentice is a yuppy scripted big brother?....Shut up tw.. new idea, your face printed at the bopttom of a toilet bowl
Thanks @FulSoti @olberto17 and those who voted for me. If YOU want to vote, go to and skip to the TV Judge category
.@tominoe I like to keep my face out of the sun
.@1JaniceWard RT: 2 votes went your way from me....thanks a lot
.@Yeti_Steve The Apprtentice never wins the ITV awards ( BBC show) the only chance I might have is the TV judge
.@AdamWoodyatt must win NTA best soap actor award.I will be voting for him so should every one.Great acting this year. Lucy death storyline.
I've never won an ITV award. Wonder why? BBC show. Please vote at -buck the system. Skip straight to TV Judge section
In prep for tonight's @bbcapprentice #fragrance task I am recruiting a Fragrance Manager for a leading business @Lord_Sugar
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Is your #brand targeting an #SME audience? Take a look at some of the #brands who've been reaching them via @Amscreen
The Apprentice BBC1 9pm TONIGHT… Keep your eyes peeled as tomorrow I’ll be asking a question on it to win my autobiog.
Take your desk phone mobile with @bt_uk One Phone, see @BTBusiness reaching consumers on the go via @Amscreen here
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I'v never won an ITV award Please vote at buck the system. Skip straight to TV Judge section
Nick Hewer is on BBC One Show 7-8pm tonight talking Apprentice and Street Child Sierra Leone check out… #DoudasStory
Before the Xmas eating season kicks in, you can get 15% OFF @DrLeahTotton's non-surgical lipo…
The Apprentice is back TONIGHT 9pm BBC1. Does not smell like team spirit!…
"@morgan_sian: @Lord_Sugar how come your awake at 3am? Are you in the UK?"....I am in Florida but you know that as I have said it 10 times
"@Sibbi_10: So, how is the quality of @Uktveverywhere you been using for few months Any buffering while watching?"......No,perfect and in HD
"@mark4thorne: @Lord_Sugar @ahmz_KF Don't you sleep Lord sugar."....its 10pm in Florida , catch up
"@ahmz_KF: where do you think this season of the apprentice has ranked with the previous ones?". .......too early in the run to say
"@ellaleacock: @Lord_Sugar @mark_pomfret @Uktveverywhere slow connection then!"....what??? All you need in min 4mb or anything higher
"@mike_de_coster: @Lord_Sugar does it work on wifi or direct internet connection?"....both
"@mark_pomfret: #EastEnders in USA using @Uktveverywhere country be changed forever!" fact just watched it. Nick Cotton is still alive
"@Vsouvatzoglou: @Lord_Sugar @andrewmcb @bbcapprentice don't you ever sleep?"....its only 9.30 in Florida catch up
"@RyanMousey: According to twitter the only people awake at this time are @Lord_Sugar and I..."....catch up I am in Florida it's 9.35pm
"@IAm_JayMac: @Lord_Sugar is this really you tweeting now or someone else?"... What who else ??
"@Steven_Horner: is the f8 noticeably better than the 65.1? Should I think about upgrading?".....yes indeed
"@ChloeEHarper: @Lord_Sugar do you know how I can watch @bbcapprentice in Australia?".....get
"@RangersFranky: Does it work Thailand LS? can pick one up to take back....?"......yes as long as u have 4mb Internet,buy on line not in uk
"@andrewmcb: @Lord_Sugar so you'll never miss @bbcapprentice"....exactly
"@bradley_selmes: @Lord_Sugar how's the new Pinarello?"...Brilliant just minor bar and seat adjustments
"@Tonysponies: Do you know if it would work in South America? Brazil to be precise."....yes indeed as long as you have min 4mb Internet
"@dai_atal: @Lord_Sugar Thought you knocked all the sky type box stuff on the head, when ...its not my company. Just helping as very good
BRITS in USA,Australia+NZ+HK get to watch all UK TV channels. Brilliant box just plug in to TV and Internet.
British expats get get all uk TV channels what ever country you are in. Brilliant box just plug into TV and Internet
@DeborahMeaden: VOTE Deborah best judge award for #NTA2015”aw guys”......Not possible I am
The Apprentice is back tomorrow 9pm BBC1. If you thought Steven was a bit quiet last week, fear not – he’s back in full flow tomorrow!
Voting now open: @LoveContent Innovation Award 2014 Entries: @Amscreen RKCR @ADXBA @kineticwwUK Pls VOTE SHARE RT
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From #temperature activated #campaigns to #audience targeting and profiling, get the latest in #DigitalOOH by following @Amscreen now.