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Lord Sugar
Is there any truth in the alleged rumour that Apple downloads slow down older model iPhones and iPads to encourage people to buy a new one.
Can anyone tell me if it's just me new .8.0.2 taken 50 mins to down load to iPad now waiting 55 mins and it's still installing. 18m Internet
Can anyone tell me if it's just me new is.8.0.2 taken 50 mins to down load and now waiting 45 mins and it's still installing. 18m Internet
I think this new BB is their answer to the small iPad but with a phone and keyboard. Who knows if it will appeal
"@the_J_Hi: based on Amstrad I don't think your best placed to review anything"....Yeh you're right they just made me a multi millionaire
"@see75: Difyou end uew Pinarello yesterday???"......that pic is not the dogma 8 before the sados start saying it
"@see75: Didyou end up buying a new Pinarello yesterday???"......dogma 8 great bike for sure will be getting one
"@Dpn76: @Lord_Sugar @SteKnowles it's a decent question your review would have to be judged differently if you was paid"....shut up tw..
"@KatzLegendKillR: I know you but how does it compare so far to the Samsung you had?".....i've still got the S5 just playing with new BB
"@sanctuaryvilla: @SteKnowles there are people richer than yoThink you was rude to respond like that" can shut your fat trap also
"@SteKnowles: @Lord_Sugar Are you getting paid to review it?"......shut up you sceptical idiot why do I need money you make me sick
"@rogerhaddrell:1 out of 10 for looks".....funny you say that,loads of people attracted to it when I took it out at the bike show yesterday
"@kohsamuibulldog: @Lord_Sugar marks so far for ease of setting up?".....too early to say just took it out of box
Look what I have got to play with.New BlackBerry passport.will report in 2 weeks my findings. Great screen and camera
This plant was a stump 3 years ago when I first saw it at the top of the mountain at Istan in Spain. Look at it now
High a mighty morals of the Mail group seem to be a bit hypocritical by accepting money for e-cig adverts.
Strictly . Gregg Wallace has as much rhythm as a giraffe with 3 legs
Rednapp now backtracks on Kaboul after criticism at the start of the programme
Must feel like a loss for you Piersy is it Wenger out time again @piersmorgan
Kaboul has been great today
What is Adebayor doing on the pitch. He has been totally useless today. Perhaps he can't take the Arsenal fans booing him
Arsenal are the experts of the last minute goal must be 8 mins left this is thier score zone
The ref is so bias he has issued a 6th yellow card against Spurs players.
"@Jamest5962: @Lord_Sugar call yourself a spurs fan?".....yes I am afraid to say
"@daygthomas: @Lord_Sugar ever the optimist!"....realist
1-1 back on script .15 mins to go how many more will Arsenal get .spurs player to be sent off soon
The ref has gone mad he has issued 5 yellow cards to Spurs. #arsenal12thman
Bloody hell that was not in the script 0-1 Spurs
2nd half, time for Arsenal to score within 2 mins of kick off
Do you think Jamie Rednapp is a little bias in opinion of Spurs,might it have to do with Daddies departure.Surely not,he has to be neutral !
Hatchet job of the year winner 2013 @camillalong gets back side kicked by my lawyers
"@piersmorgan: Pitiful surrender spurs get smashed by Arsenal"....yes have to be realistic unlike you, u didn't realise you were cr.. at CNN
MP dressing room talk asks Adebayor if he needs an armchair
Adebayor been useless so far but no one else to bring on.
Welbeck to score is my prediction
"@Hugo_Relva: @Lord_Sugar what you think?".....oh yes Definite what was he thinking
Why did Rooney get a red card. Deserved or not?
"@MeekyTom: @Lord_Sugar That's what I call a great supporter."'s called realistic
Just arrived back from birmingham off home to watch spurs get smashed by Arsenal
Now at the tropic skin care ambassador meeting in Birmingham to talk to over 600 of our members .
Going to bike show in Birmingham and will be on the Pinarello stand approx 1pm today
"@LouMacari10: Thank u Lord Sugar,Neil will be pleased when i tell him you liked it."..... great man and u to reach out to him like you did
Caroline on strictly looks like a professional dancer.
@Waddy1: @Lord_Sugar at what age did you learn to fly Lord Sugar?”.......28
Flying up to Birmingham tomorrow morning in my Cirrus to attend @TropicSkinCare seminar with over 600 of our ambassadors
Will Shirley use the gun. What's Ian up to now
@Lord_Sugar please RT @footsteps4louie we're trying to raise funds for my sons op to help him walk 👣
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@Lord_Sugar Please help and RT for Sienna @sarahhancoxuk raising funds to beat cancer aged 3 donations needed
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