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Lord Sugar
Never mind the Apple iWatch, today @inventor_tom is giving away the 'original' smart-watch. Follow @stylfile and RT Tom's #FileFriday tweet.
If you were a Scottish 'yes' supporter who had a tattoo done, @DrLeahTotton is offering to remove it for FREE today. Get in touch
If you were a Scottish 'yes' supporter who had a tattoo done, @DrLeahTotton is offering to remove it for FREE today. Call 020 7877 5999.
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It's #FileFriday! Forget the iWatch... Follow & RT to win 1 of 3 of @inventor_tom's favourite indestructible casios!
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@piersmorgan: got a job yet ? I hear the BBC contacted you. Don't stoop that low Piersy you can do better than toilet cleaner at the new HQ
TV debate 2010 allowed Cleģg to make attractive promises.Easy to spout off when when you don't have a bat in hell chance of being elected
"@leepricedubai: Bring back Gordon Brown!"......Not a bad idea he was unfairly blamed for the world wide financial collapse in 2008
MAY 15 election a 2 horse race .LibDem finished due to fiasco of the coalition and that Plonker Cleģg. Where will the LibDem votes go?
"@champisolis: surely but it would also depends on what is going to be done from now until election times."...Public have a short memory !
I wonder if this Scotland thing will have a knock on effect on the May 2015 election. Who will get voted in.?
"@cm_wright: #cameron should gloat while he can then. He will fare less well next may.".....Interesting point how will this effect May 15
"@Mr_Eugene_krabs: so we remain in uk after promises from 3 major political leaders, would you say we have been lied to?"....Time will tell
Let us see if Cameron ,Miliband and Cleģg get the changes promised by them for Scotland ratified through Westminster. Don't hold your breath
"@liamstewart90: @Lord_Sugar Get real... Cameron has nothing to be proud of.".....I know neither has Miliband or Cleģg Brown pulled it off.
Scotland's totals after 29 of 32 declarations: Yes 1,398,540 (44.6%) No 1,737,464 (55.4%) Smoked Salmond. Cameron will be gloating today
"@k8wee: @Lord_Sugar eh...Scotland !"....yes catch up already commented in that . Wow you are are so on the ball
"@andrewjjbritton: @Lord_Sugar get an iphone cheapskate"....I'v got a new iPhone it's call a Samsung S5 as that's what Apple tried to copy
"@mikeyquake45: @Lord_Sugar it is on most keyboards"...Oh you are so perfect go look at yourself in the mirror all night and then
Yes yes got Scotland wrong sorry the v is next to the c on the Samsung ...good night
Svotland: If it turns out a no vote will it be Alex Smoked Salmond ....sorry could not resist it, off to bed will wake to the result .
"@stus_mum: @Lord_Sugar Thought he stayed in England so won't have a vote"....where does Andy Murray live ?
Wonder how Sir Alex Ferguson voted today on the Scotland
In case any of you missed me giving @piersmorgan some home truths last night on @talkSPORT, you can listen again at
.@matt_sugar RT: this weekend is gone a go off ....what boll.... are you talking now
"@edmistoncompany: 47.5m motor yacht 360° is now available for sale at €11,900,000. #EdmistonatMYS"....too expensive
FA chairman Greg Dyke will return a £16,000 watch given by the Brazilian Football Federation....Just in the NICK of time.
"@HotspurRelated: Tottenham Hotspur the only English team o away in Europe this week and earn a point. #THFC" true
Soon , worth waiting for great 10th series…
Watching Spurs on ITV 4 in Spain thanks to
Whatever the vote tonight, @DrLeahTotton is offering 50% OFF removal of #UnionJack or ‘Yes #Scotland’ tattoos rendered obsolete by #indyref
Thanks @lolappleby for all your recommendations. To buy @susanma's @TropicSkinCare products, go to…
We’ve teamed up with @inventor_tom to find the best new inventions! Follow this link & your product could be listed
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Well done @KayBall4, £100k sales is very good. To anyone else who wants some of that action, sign up to become a @TropicSkinCare Ambassador.
Should it be a 'no', we've seen a few 'Yes Scotland' tattoos, which we'll offer to remove for 50% off at Dr Leah clinic #indyref #Scotland
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In the case of a 'yes' vote, Dr Leah Clinics will be offering 50% off the removal of any #UnionJack tattoos made obsolete by #indyref
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RT to help Nikki find a bone marrow transplant donor for her leukaemia.
here is a bit of lunch time fun for you to tune into, me giving @piersmorgan some stick on Talk Sport
Have you viewed @Hyperec_HRS’s EXCLUSIVE Featured Jobs this week in science, technology and engineering? See…
The cleanser im using by @TropicSkinCare Contains eucalyptus, just what my senses need on these colder mornings !
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..@talkSPORTDrive @piersmorgan RT: So who won the battle between @Lord_Sugar and @piersmorgan just then?....YOU NEED TO ASK .
.@piersmorgan is guest hosting the Drive Time show. On Talk Sport today I am calling in at 5pm to harass him. @talkSPORT tune in for fun
RT to help Nikki find a bone marrow transplant donor for her leukaemia.
NEW from @DrLeahTotton: Laser Hair Removal, see…. SPECIAL OFFER 15% OFF! Book on 020 7877 5999.
Have a great day getting commercially fit at @facebook HQ @MECideas & enjoy your @Amscreen and @GarminUK goodie bags!
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"@ItsScottSummers: a rich millionaire, controlled by Tories.Hopefully won't be controlled by them for longer! .....I am a labour peer.idiot!
"@DavyMalcolm: Patronising tweets idiots, push more to vote YES!"...If thats your understanding of my tweet you need to go back to school .
SCOTLAND: Think carefully before u vote.It is not like a general election u can't have another go in 5 years.see link