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The #Worlds rebroadcast starts in 15 minutes at
One more time before we call it a good night from Seoul. Thank you again for an amazing evening. #Worlds…
All of the #Worlds photos we've been posting (AND MORE) are available in high resolution for download at
To all the supports out there, you the real MVP #Worlds
Congratulations to the 2014 League of Legends World Champions! #SSW #Worlds
A perfect way to end the evening. #SilverScrapes #Worlds
None of this would be possible without you. #Worlds
Thank you SO much to the fans here, and all around the world for an INCREDIBLE 2014 season!
Once again. Thankful for all the support during worlds. It really does mean the absolute world to me. Love you all!
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But wait...there's more! We'll be right back with post-game analysis! #Worlds
Congratulations to Royal Club for an incredible season! #Worlds
Holy crap what a perfect song to play right now! #Worlds
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Congratulations to the 2014 #Worlds MVP, Mata! #Worlds
Congratulations to Samsung White! They are the 2014 League of Legends World Champions! #Worlds
Wow, what pressure from Samsung White - getting picks as they siege! PawN is 6-1-6 on Orianna and their gold lead is over 10k #Worlds
6k gold lead for Samsung White - Dandy is now 3-0-7 on Rengar! #Worlds
Samsung White ACE Royal Club and then take the dragon at 16 minutes! #Worlds
Dandy is 1-0-4 now on Rengar - he's everywhere! #Worlds
A 3 for 1 counter-gank for Samsung White! Mata with a beautiful howling gale! #Worlds
Two kills at the same time for Royal Club! InSec gets one, Uzi gets the other! #Worlds
#SSWWIN for a Championship or #SHRWIN for a game five?! #Worlds
What do you think of the InSec lock in of Pantheon? Ready for some man drops? #Worlds
Game 4 bans between Royal Club and Samsung White #Worlds Samsung White (blue): Lucian, Lee Sin, Maokai Royal Club: Alistar, Jayce, Zilean
Yeeeeeeeah game four! But ill keep asking the question. Just a one off for Royal? I am excited to see the next one #Worlds
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We need some Silver Scrapes up in here #Worlds
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Game four baby! Thinking SHRC needs to keep it up with the unconventional jungle picks. #Worlds
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Detailed stats for Royal Club vs Samsung White game three! Game four next! #Worlds
Triple kill for Uzi and an ACE FOR ROYAL CLUB! They take game three!! #Worlds
And now it's SSW's opportunity for a 4-0 teamfight, although super minions are at their Nexus turrets! #Worlds
Inhibitor for Royal Club in the 33rd minute! #Worlds
Ok wow Zero knows how to do the Scarra ward from Baron. That's honestly super difficult. Unsung #WorldsBigPlays from SHRC Zero
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4 for 0 for Royal, and they head to Baron!! #Worlds
uzi penta this game calling it
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How I #worlds, hosting the Swedish broadcast of the final! HYYYPE!! ❤️ @lolesports
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The crowd is going crazy over all these SHR plays. #Worlds
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