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Loki Kross
I watched #EdgeOfTomorrow 2 times in a row today. #Meta
Awkward Moment. Someone asks if you are going to an event, and you never heard about it. Then they go, "hmm", and act like it didn't happen.
I wonder how much money the bucket company has given ALS... They must be flush right now.
PayPal has made 3% of my earnings the last 2 years. #DirtyDogs lol
I just slept 6 hours, I think. First time in a year or so.
Reading #InfinityGauntlet and Thanos is a tricky beast. That is all.
I'm officially a Vegas resident.
Some fun I had with some Super moon footage I grabbed.
Too cloudy in Vegas to see the super moon. Which is just weird. Clouds in Vegas.
A guy cut me off on the road, so I used my Optic Death Ray on him; and it didn't even phase him... Dealing with a super villain here...
Imagine all the confusion that would arise if Too $hort said he's been a virgin all this time.
I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I managed to have a fractured vertebrae for 25 years and am not disabled.
150 GeV, (5 Sigma), is when shit gets real.
The day Vegas panhandlers start carrying a Square, I'm done.
"Biscuits and Gravy" is just a foreign concept in Vegas. I'm just going to have to accept that one day.
About every 2 years my sleep maintenance insomnia gets to the point were I have to find a new way to fall asleep. :P
Just found a Japanese restaurant across the street from my place. #Awesome
It's 85 degrees out. Time to open the windows!
I put a memory foam top on a memory foam bed. When I awoke 4 hours later I believe I experienced both the pain and environment of birth. Lol
Watching #Lucy but am tired of the 10% myth. Our entire brains have a function. Some do not use the full faculties, but that is different...
Wow. I totally thought today was going to be Sunday. #TimeTravel
#Sonic puts #Nerds in their Slushes. I know a dentist had to fashion that idea.
Status colloquial when I was a teen; "Gripping wood grain and leather", in my 20s "All iced out". In my 30s it's, "Memory foam everything".
Hello Vegas. It's been awhile.
So... Where did you hide the body?
I have gotten to the point where I use a personal mirror less than 10 minutes a week. It has a strange effect on the psyche.
I see the stylish Beats headset you're wearing with the cord hanging not connected to anything. They are not earmuffs, and it is summer.
I'm trying to remember when an M&M has ever melted in my mouth.
I think there should be an Occupy Gallifrey. "Because 0.000001% of the people have 99.99999% of the Time."
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"There is no justice in unjust laws."- Aaron Swartz
Just saw Transformers and wonder if Mark Wahlberg just gets paid to play himself anymore.
Silkk the Shocker was supposed to be Lil Wayne when Lil Wayne was still a 10 year old drug dealer.
I just set the new UFC on XB1 to the highest settings and had the cpu fight Tate vs. Rousey. Tate submitted her in the first round.
I sometimes wonder if someone is out there forging a signature, and thinking of me.
"What animates you, no longer animates me." "What animates you?" "Magic."
Just got a call from "waste management" in New Jersey. Anyone who has seen "Sopranos", can understand my pause...
#OITNBseason2 I was going to say, "Where is Jack?" But it would appear he is in the secret exit. lol.
"Dead Drop" has started off so smoothly, that I may just make music the rest of the evening. :)
What is your favorite cell provider? After 8 years of falling for early upgrades I am finally making it to the end of a contract tomorrow.
I didn't know there was a new Stephen Chow film out; but when I did, I bought that shit. :)
I'm at Wendy's and there is a couple quoting Ghostbusters 2. Like it is new and they just saw it.
Ask me Questions about life #AMA
Be yourself. Be anonymous. Be anyone. Ask me anything and I’ll answer. #AMA
This is the emoticon I have been waiting for... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or ¯\_("/)_/¯