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Loki Kross
magic publishing crime performing 11,790 followers
Ask me Questions about life #AMA
Be yourself. Be anonymous. Be anyone. Ask me anything and I’ll answer. #AMA
This is the emoticon I have been waiting for... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or ¯\_("/)_/¯
Lucy and Desi Arnaz introduced Santeria to American Mainstream with their song "Mr. Babalu". The original "Illuminati Musicians", lol.
"The only interesting ideas are heresies." - Susan Sontag '75
I kill all bugs found in my house with a copy of @neilhimself "The Kindly Ones".
Asked to perform at a function today, after I got there. For kids 2 Borrowed deck, was mismatched blue and red. Pulled 70mins off somehow.
After seeing his work on #Hannibal and #BreakingBad I would really love to see more film work from…
"FAX" is still #1. The Force must be very disturbed.
Magic is normally my excuse, not my credo. Think about that ;)
I have grinded out about 60 hours of work in 4 days. Taking today off :) If I am unresponsive, I am enjoying myself.
If you feel like you have nothing left to lose you should try thinking that you just have everything left to gain.
Hail!!! Had to make a mad dash to gas station to get under the awnings. My garage is full! #TooSoon4Deductable
My career will probably take off when Burger retires. It's our voices... Like Highlanders, there can be only one! Love ya Eugene! ;)
If you have Skyped with me recently and suffered the internet failings, I have extended my internet. So no more of that. :P
#Cosmos is the Sunday mass for logicians. It nourishes the soul that is my brain. :)
FAX is now available for worldwide download! via @penguinmagic
Did they really say "fuck" on #MadMen tonight? That's great.
If you make a Bun B channel on Pandora, you will get mostly Paul Wall. I guess his music has to play somewhere...
The hardest part about creating magic is not new methodology. It's discovering those rare moments that non-magicians will find spectacular.
Dear #Hannibal, was the blood spray tonight supposed to look like orange soda? Now I am thirsty.
Starting to catch quotes from the books. "When feasible I prefer to eat the rude..." #Hannibal is getting there...
68 today @klout Thanks guys!
It has been 25 years since I was on add medicine. Gonna give it another try. This will make me more nice/productive, or kill my creativity.