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Loki Kross
The floss I just broke off hit me in the eye. Which cannot be normal. #synesthesia
"Accepting our kinship with all life on earth, is not only solid science; in my view its a soaring spiritual experience" N. Degrasse Tyson.
Tonight's #TheWalkingDead must have been good. People can't stop spoiling it.
If you had, let's say 30k to invest into a project, small business, stocks, commodities, etc. What would You do?
I just had a magic company send me an I9 postmarked march 11th. That's tax blasphemy. Are you trying to get me audited?
I just pulled the tag off a new shirt, then thought, "I'm not going to wear this." And Put it Back!! I'm living on the wild side now.
I haven't heard much about global warming lately. Oh yeah, because it is a week into March and still 10° out. :p
Got magic? These performers definitely DO. Follow them today. @kevinLee102 @RyanMartinMagic @mattcuttle @LokiKross
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Why does Twitter notify you if someone else followed someone else? #OverKill
If you watch #TrueDetective "Backwards"; it is about a sane man who watches something you shouldn't, and goes insane... Think about that...
They should add italics and bold to Facebook and Twitter. Then you could tell if someone is being sarcastic or angry.
I'm watching a couple try to get a wedding cake at Dairy Queen. And acting slick about it. Lol.
I don't know why my phone thinks "abd" is a real word before "and". Time for an upgrade.
If you are not being hated on, you are not doing something right. :)
If you stop feeding trolls they starve quickly. But they make good pets, sometimes...
#AlmostHuman proper episode sequence: 1, 8, 6, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 7, 11, 12, 13. You're welcome ;)
2600 watt 16 speaker competition system went in the new car today. Jesus Christ.
Perception Engineering - Manipulating or triggering environmental and psychological stimuli that changes the way reality is perceived.
Had a very unusual idea for a deception last night. So unusual I thought, "I'll remember that..." Today. Nothing. Not again.
I wonder how many Xs Simon Cowell buzzed the DRs during the delivery of his son.He may never have to work, but he will learn shame early on.
When reading someone I completely avoid Forer type progressions. It is akin to yelling out, "LET ME GUESS SOMETHING!"
Performers... It is the journey, not the moment that people care about. The payoff is irrelevant without passage.
Don't settle. Always speak up. It may not make you the most popular person, but you will be happier for it.
I just thought of a way to pull a person out of a playing card pack. It's doable, I think; but it would horrify people.