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Loki Kross
My magic styling is markedly different from any other magician I know of. And I'm ok with that.
I thought magic required insane finesse, then I watched WitWix play Boshy.
Had my blood drawn for the first time in 20 years, and I didn't have a clinical heart attack this time. #SighOfRelief
"He who laughs last, screams slowest." #GlitchyZoltar
What I gathered from today's news story is that by 80AD, Egyptians were done with the new testament, and using their copy as paper mache.
Progress is built on the backs of: Necessity Invention And Competition
I just put my mind to it, then do it; then put it in another's mind.
No virgins were celebrated today
Some just want to be wholly independent, and answer to no one but themselves. So forgoing traditional jobs and relationships is necessary.
The folks in this video featuring the magic of @LokiKross look seriously mystified.…
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Teaching some robots how to karate-gang-bang today... #CHAPPiE
I just saw a Challenger stretch limo. #SoConfusing
Wow. A whole day's worth of stupid in one interaction. Even I'm impressed.
Ominous Thought of the Day: Not everyone can be a gunslinger, and the desert is still out there for a reason.
Sometimes I will be a few seasons into a show and think, "I don't know what the fuck is going on. " And I turn it off.
I don't have a girlfriend, I have an exotic pet. Having both would be redundant.
"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." #Napoleon
My Savannah cat knocked a Banksy off my wall. She got a stern lecture on pop art appreciation. The painting is fine, this time...
Of course my plates expire on my birthday. I was totally paying attention. Lol.
A man was just thrown from a motorcycle and almost slid in front of my car. He's absolutely dead :( #OncomingLane #NothingICanDo #NoHelmet
I'm the type of person that you read about.
Oprah doesn't say "vagina". Grow up Oprah.
"If you will suck my soul, I will lick your funky emotions." - Eddie Hazel #Psychonaut #NotReferencingWhatYouThoughtItWas
My roommate blasts "Talking to the moon" 3 hours on loop, every night after midnight. It's been a month now. I'm starting to unravel.
The ideas I get the most attention for are merely moments where I think, "It seems risky, but hey; what's to lose? " Then they work. ;)
I don't celebrate anything. #ThugLivesMatter
"Why can't I memorize tomorrow and live my life like just a day?" - Scarface
Hoot Hoot Athena. Who shall become spiders today?
Done being humble. No one is believing it anyways.
My @klout score has been resting at 63 and I haven't been trying. Maybe that is the point.
Save BIG on magic + mentalism tricks! Plus lots of FREE bonus stuff! Sankey Magic Holiday Event ENDS Friday night.
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"You got the juice now man." *Shakes head.
Dab hit, spastic. Turn my mind plastic. Formed and focused, Words swarm like locusts.
Idealized Solutions are my Art and Currency.
Acting overly enthused in drive thru on order. I can hear the pain in their voice. :)
My entire application to be a dispensary driver. "I know how to not get robbed".
This is by far my fave e juice, yet. And I have some Joker here.…
I had a lot of fun with my small production role in this:…
Poll: In a range from Neal Caffery to Raymond Reddington how would you rate my devious?
The hand is healed, filming starts tomorrow
Get Your Shit Together Mr. Noodle!
#2014. The year we all decided to get angry about something, all at the same time.
I sometimes wonder if trends like, Vocal Fry, MuffinTops, and DuckFace were all created to see how gullible people were.
It's been awhile since I sat wrong :p
Wow. @AHSFX . You can make #JessicaLange look any age. It's impressive.
Facebook won't load on my PC or phone. So I'm over here on Twitter today.
Checking out this new show @ScorpionCBS , and realizing that I have the skill sets of 3 out of 4 of them. #Overstaffed?
Ahh. Fall in Vegas. Where you get all 4 seasons in one day, and all the bugs go home at night.

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