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ℒσgic♫ 10/21
I love you all!!!! I am so Happy thank you all #RattPack #VisionaryMusicGroup Peace Love and Positivity. #BuyUnderPressure #itunes #SUPPORT
It's almost that time! So everyone out there with me right now waiting for the premier, I LOVE YOU! And look forward to #UnderPressure
From @CZvmg to No ID! I want to THANK EVERYONE involved who helped make this album But ill just let yall read the Thank You's in the Booklet
And to those out their that may not be die hard fans but you fuck with me, if you enjoy this album, cop it! Support MUSIC help me grow
To me it's more than numbers it's more than the charts, it's just an opportunity to show the world how big the fans base is and it amazing
Damn near 5 years! 4 mixtapes and over 150 FREE songs you can finally Purchase my music! That's so crazy to even say! #RattPack
#UnderPressure is where I truly found myself! The love and support has been overwhelming, thank you thank you thank you ALL!!!!
I am beyond excited! I have dreamed of this moment my whole life and tonight get to share this story with my fans and the rest of the world!
Doing a live Google Hangout tomorrow at 3pm EST. Answering your questions live about #UnderPressure. Stream tomorrow:
why are people who never buy albums so shocked that no artist went platinum this year?
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Peace Love and Positivity! #UnderPressure
In our latest episode of "Fire Conversation," @Logic301 talks about "Under Pressure" & getting advice from @JColeNC.
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Had a great interview with everyone at the Breakfast Club
Gonna be on @HOT97 with @Rosenbergradio tonight at 1am EST you can listen here #UnderPressure
If you're buying my album on Tuesday I wanna see the #UnderPressure album cover as your twitter Avi! Lets go! #VMG
Me Signing No ID's copy of #UnderPressure @cubansoze #TheDon
I just decoded “Tell me how you feel / I feel like the grass is green” from “Buried Alive” @RapGenius
listen to the songs that inspired my album during its creation on @SpotifyUSA #UnderPressure
Held this for the first time today...Unreal #UnderPressure #VMG
im excited for Tuesday! love you guys #RattPack #UnderPressure 10/21
how yall feeling out there? #UnderPressure
Me trying to sell my album in the streets! #iNeedaRecordDeal lolol
Wow wow wow .... This album is exactly what we would have hoped young MCs would be dropping in 2014…
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Signed 500 more posters who wants em? And get vinyls here too.
Can't wait for Yall to hear #UnderPressure
My album drops in a couple days that's crazy! #UnderPressure
My homie @SymbolycOne discusses his songs on the album
With @ebrointheam 📷@nickmahar