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@Logic301 lol if they aren't intelligent enough to catch the Three Six Mafia metaphor you don't want them as fans lol
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We made it! The illuminati accusations are getting stronger!
@Logic301 , ive always loved you for the fact your lyrics were clean and didnt talk about satan, now your "Bumping 666" all respect loss...
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Life changed in a year, couldn't happen fast enough.
If I get 350k retweets on this I'll release my cover of "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias!
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Great sitting down with @BeatsMusic and @beatsbyDre yesterday, thanks for the gear!!!
Me and @6ixvmg in the studio playing the album for @ComplexMag
How y'all doing? I'm excited to be getting this music out!
Work so fucking much, my greatest fear is Ima' die alone Every diamond in my chain, yeah, that's a milestone…
. @k_montoya1 an angel crying happy tears descending from heaven into the hearts and mind of children everywhere!!!
im not trying to get into this just yet, but its been a year and a half since ive dropped a video, when i do, expect a MOVIE! im Directing
@Logic301 #UnderPressure is gonna be the first album I buy in stores!
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@Logic301 I'm buying two copies of the album, one digital and one hard copy
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My brotha @Logic301 album titled #UnderPressure is dropping on 10/21/14 very proud of the homie #Support
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@Logic301 all I have to say is youre getting my 12 dollars on 10/21 #UnderPressure
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@_ayePedro: Is @OpTic_NaDeSHoT getting you're album early? @Logic301” nobody getting the album early! But he will listen to it early lol
@matt_moscato: @Logic301 sampled Eazy-E! #UnderPressure” yeeeaaaaa! Ppl think it's slim thug or 36 mafia, nah it's EAZY E!
@JohnRivvv23: @Logic301 are you staying underground style in this album ??” NO I've never been "underground" I'm just a MUSICIAN
@DevinSampson5: @Logic301 are you doing any other songs with gambino?” Who knows! He's my favorite
@TvvitterGahd: @Logic301 is there any special Features you'll share with bus before the album ?!” 0 Features!!!! My story!!! #UnderPressure
@Miguel_M_619: @Logic301 you and Cudi should make a classic. #UnderPressure” all about timing!
@myjr54: @Logic301 some bangers man” and THAT!
@MisterLegacy: @Logic301 another song like Dead Presidents III, let them know your story!!!” LOTS OF THAT!
@showtimemacs: who else is producing apart from the rattpack fam @Logic301” a lot of the TDE homies!
@BeaplesTheName: @Logic301 GROWING PAINS 3!?!?” Wwhhhaaatttt??!!!!!
@Josh19XX: @Logic301 raw shit lyricism & storytelling” all that!
@VinnyChev: @Logic301 hopefully some more dope ass production from you!” OH YOU WILL GET THAT!!!
@ThaGoooon: @Logic301 you're inspiring a lot of younger people. Keep persevering homie.” I'm just being me, the good and the bad! Human
@DylanSolis: Another track like Welcome To Forever @Logic301” then you'll LOVE the intro!
@DoobieMckern: @Logic301 how exactly did you link up with Cole?” Met him at No ID's birthday party then again at the studio, great dude!
@LordChriss101: @Logic301 your story.!!!!” And you'll get it!
@TheLifeOfADonn: @Logic301 that raw shit” plenty of that and all around grand musical elements
@SaiyanJoshua: @Logic301 great music all around good message too & your story” you'll get the story you never heard from me
@Snappleteaa: @Logic301 the answers to life haha #UnderPressure” it doesn't have that but it does supply the questions
@BrentBlackwell1: @Logic301 Hopefully some more raw shit!” A lot of that!
@Logic301 one hell of a story and just amazingness. #RattPack
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