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Liz Strauss
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Some #GeniusShared #SOBCon learnings are paying off BIG time today for #45Conversations - beyond thankful. Wow.
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It's me. Oversharing on @lizstrauss's blog. First person to ID the person in the photo wins something fun!
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Do you know how to get more done by doing less? @rhogroupee #GeniusShared
Don't pretend you're not good at what brings you joy. Even the humblest star shines. @lizstrauss
The problem with working in social media is … 27 Things to Know Before You Work in Social Media #GeniusShared
Thank You for your continued support. My team hopes to have an exciting announcement soon.
Hello! @Gigi_Peterkin: Checking in after a helluva week. Wishing #usguys #MICSB and #GeniusShared peeps a great rest of the day!
RT @stevefarber A video of the legendary and inspiring .@lizstrauss in action: #GeniusShared
Chris and his pregnant wife are sleeping rough in Central London via @invisiblepeople #UK I ⊕…
How Denny’s became a Weirdly Successful Content Marketer @jeffcbeer
No matter the stress, the unkindness, the joy, the boredom, one look at the sky and life again has perspective and meaning.” @lizstrauss
Why It’s Smart to Own Your Content URL, Publish at Home, and Only Share on Facebook, flickr, YouTube @lizstrauss
An #artfulcritic first considers why something is as it is before looking for what might be wrong. @lizstrauss #GeniusShared
Get this straight ... it's not a good idea solely because you had it. :) @lizstrauss #GeniusShared
RT @TektiteGroup: #MICSB member @lizstrauss takes the most beautiful photos. Take a look at her Instagram page.
Test Your Brainpower with the Official Website for the Film "Lucy"
Fear and trust cannot exist in the same space. Choose trust. Start with trust in yourself. ~ @lizstrauss #GeniusShared
TY! RT @mafiahairdreser: Forbes named @lizstrauss 1 of the top 50 power influencers in #social media #GeniusShared
A gas cooker exploded next to Paddy when he was sleeping rough via @invisiblepeople I ⊕…
Don’t Hunt Ideas – Be an Idea Magnet @lizstrauss
We’re defining it, outlining it, and promoting it to each other … What Is Trust? @lizstrauss #GeniusShared