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We know what money buy but what's the price that the money cost?
Passion is everything.
My new single "Summer Time Lady" dropping next month. CRAZZZZZY! We gon set the summer off right!! It's time
Feelinggg real reall good.
I Promise You Beauty Mark by @LivinANoyd Is Going To Be Played At My Wedding #CouplesDanceOnly Lol
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livinANoyd documentary, livinANoyd tour. big moves with this album. fuckwitme
ANoyd Burger Baby Performance (Last 5 mins of the 15min set): via @YouTube
Bouta upload some raw footage to YouTube, I'm mad I ain't get the full performance on video but hey, I guess it's something.
This niggga Durant be on some created player shit!
Ain't shit pretty but my bitch and my momma anyone ca get the drama!
And do a lil sinny sin sin witcha daddy hann , smoke a lil twinny twinny twin witcha daddy hann.
It's hard having time apart from the one you wanna spend the most time with.
As long as I'm my mommas favorite rapper y'all opinions never matter.
I liked a @YouTube video Jay-Z - MTV Unplugged FULL SHOW
Performed my songs with a live band tonight for the first time... BEAUTIFUL.
Come thru and rock with us tonight.
I see you @LivinANoyd Still Rocking Shows ! Good Shit Tonight Bruh Bruh !
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Notebook time. I got so much classic music.. Dropping another EP then the album this summer. livinANoyd apparel on the way.
I can never have my day off and sleep in 😀😩
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Killed It: Old Jamaican Dude Spits A Freestyle Over "Blurred Lines"!…
While y'all at it play @LivinANoyd track number ten on soundcloud #IVmidnight
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I'm just.. Bickin' Back Bein Bool.
I came to the fact that this nigga Drake is better than everybody.
@LivinANoyd and me need to finish that song like ASAP!
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Andre 3000 is top 5 clearly. No question.
Don't just talk about it , be about it. If you want something bad go get it. I say this to myself everyday. Positivity plays a big role.
we in album mode. livinANoyd nigga.
Striving to be one of the greatest. That's all
Only real music is gonna last...all that other bullshit is here today and gone 2moro...Vibe with this --->… πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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You got a classic in your hands do you even know it @LivinANoyd ?
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"My lungs are the speakers to my body" - @LivinANoyd
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When I was 12 I went to hell for snuffing Jesus.
Hatin' is easy, it's a challenge to love it.
Bumping @LivinANoyd & @MikeFlowzFFC at the hookah bar tho . πŸ”Š Got the whole bar listening to it 😭
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@OfficiallyPerry @LivinANoyd NEW VIDEO πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Mike Flowz - With You!! (di@LavishLifeLootot ) R.A.W Ep Drops MARCH 15th!…xV
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@LivinANoyd i got the physical tape bro, good shit !
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Shorn Makes Me Want To Be Somebody's Beauty Mark Lmao Real Shit @LivinANoyd
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There's no better feeling than writing music.
Driving to school wit my sis listening to @LivinANoyd EP for the 2nd time. Def the best project out Ct so far. Go job bro
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Fucking to Pandoraaaa.
Listening to @LivinANoyd on this ride up to WestVA .πŸŽ§πŸ‘Œ
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"Talk to god in the booth so what I gatta go to church for"
Learning that I can't let the smallest things get in the way of my biggest focus.