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Time to switch into #Autumn #fashion. #IvankaTrump #purse #handbag #bag #style #accessory #accessories #manicure #pedicure #NailPolish #NineWest #shoes #boots #footwear #instadaily #instagood
RT @TechCrunch: Twitter rolls out a new profile interface for iOS users, stops hiding your bio
RT @FastCompany: Trajan (the movie font) was forgotten for 2,000 years...… by @DrCrypt // @ShaunAkhtar @BrianDAmato
RT @JohnAByrne: Studying Business Abroad: The International Option For Undergrads
RT @ForbesTech: Austrian company Angelbird adds some new competition to the hard drive market:
RT @FastCompany: Set a timer for 52 minutes. Then take a break. // @CareerOutcomes
RT @DowntownNYC: The Beekman Residences and the Woolworth Building are just a couple of #LM developments hitting the market this fall
RT @TIME: Home Depot breach exposed 56 million credit cards
RT @harleywonderpug: RT @TechCrunch: Oracle stock drops 2.5% on news that Larry Ellison has relinquished his CEO title...
RT @NYTFashion: Milan Fashion Week Morning Report, Day 3
Good night, Friends. Great night to be up on the #YaleClub #rooftop in my #SuperCute #kitty #shoes. #style #fashion #whimsical #whimsy #cute #WhatIWore #IvyLeague #private #club #logo #Yale #favorite #Manhattan #NewYorkCity #NewYork #NY #NYC #instagood #instadaily #cat #cats #fun
RT @WSJ: Breaking: Scotland chief counting officer says majority of voters said no to independence
Currently working on @DeeptiSharma1 @FoodtoEat's interview @USNewsOpinion @usnews. Must finish before I leave for next week's travel.
Hootsuite interface on iPhone is better than android. Translate button is cool & I like having the day show when scheduling.
RT @BloombergNews: Whole Foods to test first-ever rewards program:
RT @chriskgodfrey: Adopting cloud is not about cost cutting, it’s about growing your business. . @mbailey316 #rackspacesolve
Heading back to #RackSpaceSolve, currently discussing private cloud. Thank you #HBRogue. May not have wifi next week. Maybe see you???
RT @hrsanjaynegi: A5 dealing with most complexed machinery- human brains... really requires rhythms that can match diversity #hbrogue
Me, too. RT @VinceSkolny: <-- Still wants to play fetch with Petey. #HBRogue
Leadership becomes increasingly complex as corporate numbers grow locally and globally. Make communications a priority. #HBRogue
RT @gillian_findlay: A5 Yes, it’s harder because of the speed of change and increasing complexity of environment #HBRogue
RT @hrsanjaynegi: @HBRogue1 A4: Best advice I got - Stop trying to create more followers and concentrate on creating more leaders! #HBRogue
Surround yourself with smart people. RT @mfundos727: A4 Good advice: if you’re the cleverest in your team, find some new talent #HBRogue
Thoughts on military strategy? @batess RT @bldchris: A4: I do think the worst #leadership advice ever given... HBRogue
Made good connections over #RackSpaceSolve lunch today. RT @niclas_marie: @Lisa03755 Lol. IRL does take precedence! Welcome :) #hbrogue
A4. I had grunt job one college summer. Biz owner would grunt right beside me. Never said a word about it but made a big impact. #HBRogue
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Some can’t help being leaders. It’s innate. RT @SignyTheSage: A3 Not sure that anyone is ever ready for it until they’ve done it. #HBRogue
Hello from #RackSpaceSolve toTeam #HBRogue! Sorry I wasn’t able to join at top of the hour. Was having IRL conversation.
How I did on Twitter this week: 10 New Followers, 24 Mentions, 976K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
RT @WSJPolitics: Obama plans Ebola offensive, with proposal to send aid and doctors to West Africa. (AP)
.@UnderArmour started as a brand company, but realized they had to be data company too. Everyone should be a data company. #rackspacesolve
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RT @chriskgodfrey: “If a customer cannot find info they want in three clicks, you probably lost them.” Brian McManus #rackspacesolve
Devs surveyed by @forrester said in the next year 60 - 79% of code created will be in the cloud, now that's hyper growth! #rackspacesolve
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RT @pchandrasekar: “Disrupt the industry, disrupt yourself or be disrupted.” @pchandrasekar & never get complacent... #rackspacesolve
“95% people on your site are just browsing.” #UnderArmour #Rackspace #RackSpaceSolve cc @AlleyNYC
As a guest I love it. As an investor... RT @pidgeyoki: #Rackspace knows how to throw an event! #rackspacesolve
The average tshirt can carry four pounds of sweat??? #UnderArmour @Rackspace #RackSpaceSolve @Cipriani Wall Street
The Best Online MBA Programs In The U.S. via @PoetsAndQuants
RT @StickyStimuli: Amazing...Chinese City Creates Cell Phone Lane for Texting Pedestrians
#NowPlaying (It hit me like a) Heart Attack "I don't want to live in a world without you.)
RT @BuzzFeed: Beyoncé and Jay Z might be working on an album together…
Yo @VintageArleigh RT @Chris_1791: Yo Still Kicking With More Than 100M Yos Sent, Roughly 15 Per Second
RT @Forbes: This month Netflix is expanding in Europe to 6 more countries including France & Germany:
RT @WSJ: Burger King Japan brings back its popular black burgers:
RT @ForbesTech: These stadium floodlights get their power from human footsteps:
RT @FortuneMagazine: Inside the nasty battle for the ultimate luxury hotel chain