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Good guess. :) but not tonight. RT @mitgc_cm: @Lisa03755 In the room @GA now? @dorieclark is speaking on #LGBT in tech with @joshcogs ...
Yes, chocolate covered bacon can be delicious, @leaaluie. I first had it @PhiTauPorch during Milque & Cookies. :) @lifeisblaine
One left: Strapless foor length Ralph Lauren gown in Clover Green, in my size! MUST.NOT.BUY! :( @heatherpixley @VintageArleigh
RT @JennyJohnsonHi5: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were marri..... *yaaaaawwwwwnnnnnnn* Man, I'm hungry. Wait. What was I saying?
RT @WIRED: Signs of ice melting raise volcano alert in Iceland
RT @CNET: iPhone 6 release could drive the most old iPhone trade-ins ever
RT @Techmeme: Square raising $200M partly from Government of Singapore Investment Corp, at $6B valuation
TY so much! Read EVERYTHING by @dorieclark. RT @JuneEVanHeuven: Lisa! Can you recommend any books on online and social media marketing...
RT @kavita1010: Please join the #HBRogue community on Google+ and FB
Wish I could join. Have interview in 15 minutes! RT @kavita1010: Switching over to #Luv4Social - talking about social media platforms!
Exactly. That's why I asked the question. RT @Mel_BrooksSA: @Lisa03755 @HBRogue1 There are no cultural differences. Only excuses. #HBRogue
Why does procrastination have such negative connotations? Can you be a procrastinator & a professional? #HBRogue
Tea for me. RT @hrsanjaynegi: RT @LoisMarketing: Sipping water also curbs cravings for sodas and unhealthy snacks... #hbrogue
+1 RT @BenitaSanchez: @gillian_findlay TY very much! I have learnt that when I've got a good nights rest I'm much more effective! #HBRogue
RT @HBRogue1: RT @hrsanjaynegi: The two rules of #procrastination: 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow. #HBRogue
What are cultural differences on procrastination? I never thought about this. #HBRogue @HBRogue1
RT @GreenChileAdict: If you go to work everyday and procrastinate-it isn't the work you're putting off-it's the leaving & finding a new job.
RT @JanManimoi: RT @VijayBankar: A3. the challenge is not to manage time, but to manage ourselves – S Covey
When I'm motivated, I have laser focus bordering on obsession, @hrsanjaynegi @_Vocoli @Matt_Gorman @HBRogue1 #HBRogue
Organizing priorities will help with time & task management problems, @VijayBankar @GreenChileAdict @HBRogue1 #HBRogue
RT @VijayBankar: RT @GreenChileAdict: A3. [Procrastination is] not so much a time-management problem as it is a task-management problem.
RT @HBRogue1: RT @Matt_Gorman: A3: If procrastination is accompanied by stress then it indicates a deficiency in time-management.
RT @hrsanjaynegi: RT @Mel_BrooksSA: ... first thing to do is to stop feeling guilty about procrastination Once you do that you will be free.
I'll make one... tomorrow. Haha. RT @CreativeSage: RT @Mel_BrooksSA: #HBRogue We need a procrastinators help page. Just like the AA.
I like chocolate covered bacon. :) @SageStrategist RT @leaaluie: @Lisa03755 :O Am I in the wrong group. No #chocoholics? #hbrogue
( Psst! This group loves bacon! ;) #tip ) RT @leaaluie: A2. Best: When you're procrastinating to have some chocolate and peace! #hbrogue
A2 The best time to procrastinate is when you are unsure of objectives or tasks; the worst time,when others are depending on you. #hbrogue
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Beauty out of chaos? RT @Mushcado: @Mel_BrooksSA @Lisa03755 @Emeka1968 ...deadlines do deliver a certain adreniline rush don't they #HBRogue