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Lionhead Studios
Part 4 of our #FableLegends Hero Refresher course features Winter - Our fun loving Ice Mage
RT @benmerrick3d: Thanks for all the great games playing #FableLegends #Beta tonight! Was great hearing all the positive comments!
Don't be sad if you didn't get through this time, there will be plenty of other chances!
Just so you all know - we will update you once the invites go out, so you don't have to wear out your f5 keys in the meantime!
As usual, @LHhohbes comes up with the facts that YOU need to know about Closed Beta!
Don't panic if you're not invited in this wave, there are plenty more invitations to come throughout the beta process!
Hey Chicken Chasers! We will be inviting our very first small group of #FableLegends beta testers later today!
#FableAnniversary has been nominated for Game of the Year in this years #TIGAs! You can vote for it here:
Why not take some time to read this excellent article about @JenTheThirdGal and #Fable Anniversary's UI overhaul!
Thank you to everyone who's signed up for the #FableLegends beta! The first beta keys will be sent out tomorrow...How exciting!!
How to check if you're fully registered for the #FableLegends beta:
Number three in our #FableLegends Heroes refesher course is Inga, The Protector.
Forum member Lozz Logan impresses us YET AGAIN with awesome #FableLegends fan art of the mysterious Shroud.
Continuing our #FableLegends Hero refresher course, here's our grizzled & determined warrior: Rook.
Lots of your have been asking abou our #FableLegends Closed Beta, so here's everything you need to know...
We need a catchy, witty and potentially #Fable related name for our brand new Lionhead Band! Who wants to help?! Send us your ideas!
In preparation for the impending #FableLegends Multiplayer Beta, here's a screenshot of the mysterious Shroud...
Our first Multiplayer Beta for #FableLegends is nearly upon us! Have you signed up? If not, head over to now!
Thank #Fable it's Friday! We're dying to show you Fable fan Jackie Coyle's incredible tattoo!
Did you play #FableLegends on Thursday at #EGX2014? See if you can spot yourself in our facebook album!
Now that the sun has gone down, who has noticed something special about their #FableLegends #TeamVillain wrist band? Send us your pics ;)
great time had @EGX last few days, well done to @LionheadStudios for Fable Legends, I owned the heroes yesterday #teamvillain
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Thoroughly impressed by #FableLegends and the villain mode. Definitely one of the biggest surprises of #EGX
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@LionheadStudios I bought a PS4 first. But, #FableLegends is the game that is going to get me to buy an #XboxOne .
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Fable legends actually making me want to get a xbox one... #teamhero
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It’s the final day of #EGX2014! Head to the #Xbox area, the Lions can’t wait to show you #FableLegends! Make sure you tweet about it too!
Very tired but an enjoyable 2 days demoing Fable legends at @EGX with @LionheadStudios :-) go check it out tomorrow.
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The highlight of the day has to be Fable Legends from @LionheadStudios though; so good I played it twice! #TeamHero
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We’ll be back on stage at the #XboxEGX stage in just a moment! Come and hang out...we love hanging out :) #FableLegends
Played Fable Legends as villain. Owned everyone. Won a cape. Awesome game #EGX #FableLegends must get an Xbox One now
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We’re about to go on stage again on the #XboxEGX stage to do a #FableLegends Q&A! Come & join us!
Thanks for an amazing time @EGX @LionheadStudios @PlayXBLA So much fun and the games were amazing!!!
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Joined us at #EGX2014? Tweet a picture of your #FableLegends wristband/cape with #TeamHero or #TeamVillain!
Day three of #EGX2014! The @FableLegends team are here and raring to go! Come and see us :)
RT @Bo_Miller: Kicking chickens & taking names!! The spoils of war from #FableLegends @EGX today. Thanks! #TeamHero
RT @raywand: thanks for a great game!As #teamvillan i crushed them all!Tbh I thought villan gameplay would be rubish BUT its SO MUCH FUN
RT @PhoenixFire92: Fable Legends was surprisingly fun! I played a healer character and was deemed MVP of my team… I won a cape o_O #EGX