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Lionhead Studios
Did you play #FableLegends on Thursday at #EGX2014? See if you can spot yourself in our facebook album!
Now that the sun has gone down, who has noticed something special about their #FableLegends #TeamVillain wrist band? Send us your pics ;)
great time had @EGX last few days, well done to @LionheadStudios for Fable Legends, I owned the heroes yesterday #teamvillain
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Thoroughly impressed by #FableLegends and the villain mode. Definitely one of the biggest surprises of #EGX
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@LionheadStudios I bought a PS4 first. But, #FableLegends is the game that is going to get me to buy an #XboxOne .
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Fable legends actually making me want to get a xbox one... #teamhero
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It’s the final day of #EGX2014! Head to the #Xbox area, the Lions can’t wait to show you #FableLegends! Make sure you tweet about it too!
Very tired but an enjoyable 2 days demoing Fable legends at @EGX with @LionheadStudios :-) go check it out tomorrow.
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The highlight of the day has to be Fable Legends from @LionheadStudios though; so good I played it twice! #TeamHero
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We’ll be back on stage at the #XboxEGX stage in just a moment! Come and hang out...we love hanging out :) #FableLegends
Played Fable Legends as villain. Owned everyone. Won a cape. Awesome game #EGX #FableLegends must get an Xbox One now
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We’re about to go on stage again on the #XboxEGX stage to do a #FableLegends Q&A! Come & join us!
Thanks for an amazing time @EGX @LionheadStudios @PlayXBLA So much fun and the games were amazing!!!
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Joined us at #EGX2014? Tweet a picture of your #FableLegends wristband/cape with #TeamHero or #TeamVillain!
Day three of #EGX2014! The @FableLegends team are here and raring to go! Come and see us :)
RT @Bo_Miller: Kicking chickens & taking names!! The spoils of war from #FableLegends @EGX today. Thanks! #TeamHero
RT @raywand: thanks for a great game!As #teamvillan i crushed them all!Tbh I thought villan gameplay would be rubish BUT its SO MUCH FUN
RT @PhoenixFire92: Fable Legends was surprisingly fun! I played a healer character and was deemed MVP of my team… I won a cape o_O #EGX
RT @Slinkonage: Front row seats for Fable Legends Q&A #EGX sounds like a fun game. Will try to play later
RT @CGMPlus: A Video Interview with David Eckelberry (@eckelberry) Game Director of Fable Legends
RT @HiveTVNinja: Yay we arrived! And the guys left me in the dust to go check out Fable Legends! :P
RT @Janeybell98: @EGX was really fun :) I'm all the way for #TeamHero for Fable Legends!
RT @DomLeighton: Woohoo! On the way to EGX! Monster Hunter 4, Fable Legends, Bloodbourne and Smash Bros. for me please!
Don't forget, if you've played #FableLegends at #EGX2014 you can use #TeamHero or #TeamVillain to let us know how you got on!
Day two of #EGX2014. The #FableLegends team is ready for you! Make sure you stop by the #Xbox area to see us!
We got to meet the excellent character designer behind the new #FableLegends game - awesome guys #egx2014
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Off to @EGX tomorrow and I shall step on necks to get to play more #FableLegends! I <3 @LionheadStudios #teamhero
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We’re entering the last hour of the first day at #EGX2014! As always, we’ve enjoyed teaching you all to play :) thanks for stopping by!
Almost time for us to take the stage in the #XboxEGX area for the last time today! Stop by to see @eckelberry do his thing!
Our very own @eckelberry is on stage talking about #FableLegends now! We’ll have a Q&A and the best question gets swag! #EGX2014
We’re on stage in the #XboxEGX stage now!! Come and see us!
We’ll be on stage in the #Xbox area at noon & 16.30! Come & see us, there may be some goodies given away!
Heading to #EGX this year? Stop by and see our friends @LionheadStudios and play the amazing #FableLegends - are you a hero or villain? [ER]
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THE FIRST DAY OF #EGX IS GO!! Stop by the Xbox area to see us and play #FableLegends!