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Just why do these politicians keep harping on race issues that will divide our people?They can't be intelligent to think this is how to lead
We all hate those bad days. But its all those bad days that make us stronger and get us ready for the good days when they arrive. True :)
They say miracles always happen just outside your comfort zone. So stay out and watch the miracles happen !
Never be afraid to try something new, life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.
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@tsepdaddyRMC: Hello Tan Sri @limkokwing, will you be attending the graduations at the Lesotho campus?” God willing, I shall be there...
@lornaloshujiun: Happy Birthday to our one & only Tan Sri @limkokwing! Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us. ⭐️ BE BEST ALWAYS!
@abrahamford1: @Limkokwing_MY @limkokwing ofcourse, that's da place where money comes from :D” MONEY COMES ONCE U STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!
@AlexanderGrrr: Happy Birthday Tan Sri @limkokwing. You inspire me to be a better person day by day" BEING NO.1 BEATS BEING NO.2 ANY TIME!
@HareshDeol: Happy birthday @limkokwing. So where's the party? Hehe. Have a great day ahead.” Across the world they're celebrating today!
@patseers: @limkokwing happy birthday Tan Sri thank you for inspiring innovation by being born into this world” GREAT THAT I WAS BORN!
@sudhan84: @limkokwing..TS, wishing you a fantastic Happy Birthday..keep moving young and energetic" LET'S GO TURN THE CLOCK BACK :)
@csuciani: @limkokwing Happy birthday Tan Sri. May this year be the most enjoyable one" Thanks. I've just sent you 1million best wishes!
Someone will always be younger. Someone will always be stronger. Someone will always be smarter. .................... Just get used to it !
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Looking forward to give a keynote address on "Under-Reporting of the Commonwealth" at CAPAM Media Forum 2014 at PICC this morning at 11.00
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Another year has gone past. Another Diwali to celebrate. Tomorrow we will be greeting our Indian friends with the best wishes possible.
It's quite obvious that if we do not move, we'll stay in the same place. Keep moving and you'll get to all the places you want to be. Easy.
It's still dark. I've been up and writing for some while now. Quiet time to reflect. No better time to take a look at what might have been.
@mycrrazyluke: @limkokwing can I get a follow from my inspiration?” DONE! All the best everyday of the year!
85% of all refugees are living in the developing world. The way Western countries talk about refugees you'd think they've taken in the most.
In Western media they talk about EBOLA every hour of the day. They're scaring themselves to death by painting the most frightening scenario
Every time it rains KL becomes completely chocked up with cars. This has to be a wealthy city going by the huge number of cars on its roads
Women can put on make-up, style their hair, change their shoes n handbags, turn back to chat n text on the phone, all while they're driving.
Some people insist on guarantees. Those who are happy with just opportunities will move far ahead of those waiting for their guarantees.
@mikichoo: @limkokwing war is big business” That makes it right to create more wars; sell more tanks, bombs, bullets. Kill more people.
There're millions of refugees in the world today. Stop attacking. Stop bombing. All you so-called world leaders- stop plotting, stop killing
If you are not prepared to speak up, how would anyone even know that you exist ? And then how could you say no one bothers to listen ?
@onetoughbunnie: @limkokwing always impressed by those who could put on their makeup while driving, especially mascara and eyeliner" I KNOW
@le_mousa: @limkokwing @Limkokwing_MY i have CPR and medicine certificate,i am ready to help” Thanks but CPR won't help with Ebola.
Who can drive better than women? With ease, they go online, chat on the phone or Facebook, change shoes, put on lipstick, all while driving
@ILove_PDC124: @limkokwing still waiting on the day when I log in & scream my lungs out seeing you on my followers list😭2” DONE :)
@melanieduits: @limkokwing My bday is 30th October and it's be so amazing if you will give me your re follow as my bday present" DONE!
@abdul_ibraheam: @limkokwing have a nice week ahead tan sri :)” BEST ONE TO YOU TOO !
Monday has just started. May the week ahead be the most traffic jam-free and peaceful for everyone who follows me here on Twitter!
The next shipment of our @Limkokwing_MY STOP EBOLA campaign material is on the way to Sierra Leone. We'll campaign until the crisis is over.
People assume when you reach a certain age, you must retire. Quit being useful? Quit doing anything? Who says? Why? What do you do next?
It's a shame that we just can't do a thing to slow down aging. Time goes on relentlessly; no matter what, no matter where, no matter when.
"@Limkokwing_MY: Watch “The Boy w/a Camera for a Face” & others @ ShortShorts Film Festival @limkokwing 20-21Oct14."
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We must nurture several sportsman and women to be world champions. We mustn't depend on one or two until they are too old to keep pace.
Heartiest congratulations to Datuk Nicole David. Here is a true champion. Here is a great inspiration to every young Malaysian @NajibRazak
Aspiring film makers & enthusiasts - LUCT Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia for you! @limkokwing NST, p22
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RT @Remmid: Bottom 90% of Americans have 10% less income than 10 years ago. Top 0.01% have 76% more.
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We've been forced to suspend operation of @Limkokwing_MY campus in Sierra Leone. In Aug we launched the STOP EBOLA campaign. We need help.
RT @_amroali: The ongoing #Syria'n tragedy. The same street in #Homs in 2011 and in 2014.
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Ebola was festering in Africa for months but the West did not say a word. Now with a few white victims, they say it's world's biggest threat