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There's this guy who's painted himself green standing still at a street corner. People passing by are throwing £££ at him for doing nothing!
@Fact: There are two ways of being rich: One : have all you want. Two : be satisfied with what you have.” I'LL GO WITH "HAVE ALL I WANT"
Here in London the rain doesn't stop. All you see are umbrellas & raincoats & people carrying plastic cups. Shops closed. Its Easter Holiday
They tell us "live in the moment" More importantly: Make every moment special Make every moment memorable Make every moment unforgettable
I am proud of the talented people anchoring our radio shows. But some people must know that laughing at your own jokes just isn't funny.
@yash7z: Doctor Limkokwing, If you let me all the time I do my best to get more medal for My favorite university :)" FOREVER STAY THE BEST
It has been drizzling. The sky couldn't be more gray. The place couldn't be more gloomy. The weather couldn't be more dreadful....London
Those who force our children to blindly conform and comply must be blind. They lead blindly by forcing others to be blind.
NATO leaders are warning the Russians who just aren't listening. You can see these warnings are being ignored by everyone. Perfect timing.
US President is warning more and more countries but less and less of these leaders are listening. Eventually none may even bother to listen.
When every minister thinks they can think better than everyone who is not a minister, you know its time to speak louder.
The Americans are warning the Russians. But the Russians are ignoring them. What will happen next? Or is it just routine posturing?
MH370 episode has already hurt our image badly. It'll cause more damage if its several communication streams aren't professionally managed.
@KEASHVARR: @limkokwing HE ALREADY PASSED AWAY OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” You sound so much like a heartless, senseless person.
Whether you were friends or foes, you'll agree YB Karpal had few equals. Maybe none. He lived his life fighting for what he believed in.
Malaysians grew up listening to what he had to say, reading what he had written. He will forever be remembered. Rest in peace now YB Karpal
Indeed, everyone should have an opinion. If our opinions differ, so be it. No one should feel their opinions must mean more than others'
Here in London to meet with students. Great weather. Great big smiles. Great happy energy. Always good to be here.
This I know to be true : put your heart in the right place - you will make all the right decisions and go to all the right places.
Listen to this: SUCCESS IS WHAT YOU ATTRACT BY BEING THE PERSON YOU BECOME- Jim Rohn No one could have said it better.
@Inspired2Share: "The man who moved a mountain is the one who started by taking away the small stones" Chinese Proverb. ABSOLUTELY TRUE
@3yntans: We are leaving to London now Tan Sri, thanks for this opportunity, we will make u proud x @limkokwing” Have a wonderful time!
Malaysia is being ridiculed for the MH370 incident. But all those experts should be talking about better monitoring, tracking n discovering.