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Some think they become champions of innovation by just talking about it. Wrong. One becomes an innovation champion by unfailingly doing it.
Never give up on things that make you feel stronger. And things that make you feel better about yourself and all that you do to be happier.
However patient one is, their patience is never endless. It will run dry when too much of it is expected. Why's that so hard to understand?
Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Now. But life can be an unreasonable storm that's hard to control.
Its a shame we just keep getting older. Why can't we take a break? Everyone takes a break from whatever just to get things back on track...
Its hard work that brings success. Even in sports. Wearing fancy clothes will not make us play better or run faster.
In sports we seem to have lost our way. We used to be the country to beat. Today we're often beaten. Even in our best games. Time to sit up.
They say angels are often unpredictable. They may decide to catch you when you fall, or teach you how to fly. I'll choose to fly anytime...
My favorite quote : " If someone messes up, let it go. If they keep messing up, let them go.”
The hardest things to say are those that come straight from the heart. The hardest things to do are those that breaks someone's heart.
Those who betray us are those closest to us. You can choose to be close to no one or those who'll never betray us. Both impossible to tell?
Life seems so cool and calm - until it gets hit by a storm. Only then you'll realize how terribly fragile and breakable it is.
Several in history have said: Mankind must put an end to war. Or war will put an end to mankind. The process has already begun ....
Social media is anything but social. The friends you meet online aren't real. They aren't friends who could walk with you, be there for you
They say that a lot of people are more loyal to the money they could make than the friends they have made. What do you say?
Competition is prime driver of creativity n innovation. To be an innovation economy, we must also build competitiveness in public services.
Western media keeps naming Westerners the Hottest or Most Beautiful in the world! As if others just don't exist. How ignorant and arrogant!
Many just exist. They don't live to get something done. Many just talk. They don't do anything to get anything done.
@YoktHuang: @limkokwing you mean UK?” Not necessarily. It applies to any country, anywhere in the world.
The world is never the problem. It's PEOPLE who keep creating the MOST CRUEL criminal acts, and the most atrocious situations the world over
Politicians must learn that leadership is about getting the most difficult work done, and not just making the most impressive speeches.
Many politicians must go back to school. They must learn that delivery means getting all the work done -not just delivering lengthy speeches
This week, more antagonizing speeches will be made, and more animosity created. More guns will be loaded, and more innocent people killed.
Don't say YES when you mean NO. Don't say NO when you mean YES. Don't turn yourself into a person you don't want to be....
Student Activity Recognition Award (STAR Award) coming up soon. Gratifying Effort Honoring Leaders. @limkokwing
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Most women set out to try to change a man, and when they have changed him, they don't like him.–Marlene Dietrich
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What do you do with outdated rules that have become stumbling blocks? Replace them with rules that allow you to become sharper and faster.
@IzanSatrina: @limkokwing lol lunch with u tan sri!will message soon.” Sure. Until then, I shall stay hungry and ready for a full meal!
@zalyazid: @RaminAfshar1 @limkokwing has this enquiry been answered, Tan Sri?” I did not find the said email! What's next?
@IzanSatrina: @limkokwing we must lunch soon!!” What's holding you up? I get hungry every single day!
We arrive. We learn to be educated. We work to be self-reliant. We raise our kids. We cope with aging as best we can. We then leave quietly.
To remember- Your talent is God's gift to you. The good that you do, the happiness that you spread, with that gift is your gift back to God.
Soon the year will be over. It is like just yesterday but it's been a year ago that I said the same. Soon it will be a thousand years.
@mahtab_shi: @limkokwing Thank you very much Tan Sri, have a beautiful year ahead.” U sent me this earlier. I hope it's been good for you.
Do you realize its the clock that tells us the time. Time itself doesn't say a thing. It doesn't tell you that you must leave in 5 minutes!
The power that comes from trust and respect is far more powerful than that which comes from bombs and bullets.
@limkokwing there are some things that money just cannot buy like manners, morals and intelligence
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Won FIRST prize in Merdeka Video Competition. A limkokwing student #pressmeet @limkokwing
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To our young students, a friend is a friend- be they Malay, Chinese, Indian or Iban. It's the politicians who keep harping on the division.
Like most, I'm sure that while money can buy most things, it cant buy everything. I know there're those who think money can buy anything.
@pkrwatch: @limkokwing tan sri,come help selangor. Let's unite.” How would I be able to help?
We created the STOP EBOLA campaign thats running coast to coast in Sierra Leone. Now it's lending support to the nationwide lock-down.
Many who are employed by the Government behave badly. Some are absolute bullies. They think they've the power that makes them untouchable.
A loyal friend stands by your side on your happiest days and stands even closer on the most difficult days of your life, come what may.