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"We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” -George B Shaw >Keep playing whatever you're playing with!
The most important thing in listening is to hear what is being said. But many don't really want to hear, don't want to know.
True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects u to fall apart. Not falling apart is when everything is falling in place
The future of the nation is in the hands of our young people. If we don't put in place the best possible education, we have no one to blame.
We've to bring closure to MH370. Sooner or later. We've to be certain if it has crashed. However painful the truth is, we've to have closure
@RobinSanders15: @limkokwing hello ! I have a plan to go to limkokwing after graduating from school !!” We'll be here waiting for you!
MH370-the way TV news channels in US / UK are running Malaysia down is irresponsible.They're not bothered with the truth, just entertainment
MH370 tragedy must be seen as one of global concern. Still missing. Nothing is certain. It could've happened to any airline @NajibRazak
The search may go on for days. Or weeks. MH370 shows us how vulnerable we are in air travel. This tragedy could have happened anywhere.
Stop being so terribly happy, you still have a long way to go!
Often the hardest thing and the right are the same thing!
When you are positive, you'll always see solutions in every problem. When you are negative, you'll always see problems in every solution.
You will start being happy the minute you stop thinking that others have much more money!
Let's not forget that several Malaysians lost their lives too. We feel the pain as much as anybody else. How we wish MH370 didn't happen.
“When it’s time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived.” -Henry David Thoreau So let's live as much as we can before we quit!
Some news channels are working overtime to make Malaysia look bad. Nobody wanted the MH370 tragedy. Let's be objective, not be destructive.
It's a fact some of the strongest advocates for peace n equality in history died violently - mostly shot. How much have things changed ?
We want every one of our crew onboard MH370, every one on the plane, to know that you're in our hearts and our minds. We'll not stop praying
MH370. There was no time to say goodbye. Silently, you left us before we knew it. But in our hearts you will remain forever.