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Malaysia must speak clearly to the world on added safety to aviation. Malaysia must stand up for what is essential in global aviation safety
Debates are fine as long as they stay focused and intelligent and not be reduced to mudslinging. Leaders must work to unite, never to divide
M'sians have no idea how lucky we're. The cultural diversity, economic stability, racial harmony we've enjoyed. Protect what we've achieved
Malaysians must know that we're simply stronger together, no matter what our cultural background is, or which part of the country we're from
The Internet shows us how small the world is. But a missing plane shows us the opposite > the planet is so huge even a plane is hard to find
Blowing out someone else's candle does not make your's shine any brighter. Instead it makes you look darker than you ever want to be.
Many people think being gimmicky means being creative, being innovative. Not many believe that being creative means being super logical.
Politics, when it works, it can be so inspiring and heart-warming. When it fails, it can be so ugly, destructive and damaging. Such a shame.
Telling the world that MAS is poorly run, making huge losses and is worth little would only damage Malaysia's nation image, not just MAS's.
@DianaPetrechova: @limkokwing @Limkokwing_UK @tiffaneemarie hiiiii tan sri, how are you?😊 I miss you all!” Time to return. We can't wait !
@woonkingchai: @limkokwing Even then, enemies can become friends!” Even your most hated enemy can become your very best friend. True?
Politicians will tell you:There are no permanent friends, no permanent enemies. Everyone is a friend until they become enemies. Right?
We're here until we're no longer here. That's the inevitable. Where time is concerned, whosoever you may be, it simply does not matter.
Many who were here to build this country are no longer here. Their names we must never forget, their contributions we must forever remember.
Not every politician has leadership qualities. But that they wouldn't want to know. All they want is to look, talk and walk like a leader.
Politicians are a confused lot. One minute they're inseparable friends. Next minute they're dead enemies.They can't they make up their minds
@LKWFashionClub @limkokwing genius platform to showcase the talent of young designers! #madeinmalaysia but wings to go global!
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@patseers: @limkokwing good morning Tan Sri good guys wear black” The best guys wear only black- come meet them on our campus!
This is what a Tiger mother licking her cub looks like. There are only 3,000 Tigers left remaining in the wild.
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