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Lil Wayne WEEZY F
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Clay pitched a good game
After da show it's da afterparty and...
Ay Charlotte!!!!! Thx for the muddaf**ing win!!!!!!!! Ya heard me! I luv y'all !!! I be bak!
Thanx for the Viktoreeeeeey Virginia!!! If I meet a girl name Virginia imma luv her like y'all luv me ya heard me! Talk dirty
Jersey!!!!!! I'm trying to get that W tonight so power a young ni$$a up!!!!! Turnup
Boston I f**kin luv ya!!!
Couldn't be more proud of the Chicago little league team!! Way to go lil homiez! Ya represented ya city well,now represent for the country!
Much luv to 50/50 sk8park!!!
Absolutely nothing to do in philly! Get me out of here!
Philly I ain't trying to lose tonight so f**k with me!!!!!!!!
Watching my daughter on 106!
YMCMB-Young Mo'Ne Cash Mo'Ne Baseball!!!
Happy for Jim and the Kelly family. Prayers for Curt and the Schilling family.
Everybody challenging me to the ice bucket challenge!! I already did fool!!…
Thank u Pittsburgh for being f**kin amazing tonight!! And thx for the viktory!
Pittsburgh!!!!!! Turn da f**k up!!! Imma merk this guy on stage tonight!
Ay yo Detroit! I'm killin this dude mane!!!!! I be bak out after he finish singing love songs and sh!t
Sometimes life smax u dead in da f**kin face.
Ay yo Cincinnati! turn up!!!!!
Mo'Ne Davis ......goosebumps You're awesome! Unbelievable
Ay yo Cincinnati! I just made it here! Let's turn da f**k up 2night!!!!!!! My night!
Hartford turn da f**k up!
Ay yo JLo, we big fans of In Living Color over here baaaaabeeeee!! "U kan do wut u wanna do!...In Living Color!"
Ay yo JLo, we big fans of In Living Color over here baaaaabeeeee!! "U kan do wut u wanna do!...In Living Color!
Today's song of the day isssss: "Believe Me" by @LilTunechi feat. Drake! It took me a little bit to come around to this one but it's a jam!!
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Ain't no woman like da 1 I got
Saratoga y'all was f**kin dope!!!! Thx for the viktory!!!!!!!! Anytime man,anytime.
Saratoga! Y'all rokkin with me!!! I be bak out there to rok y'all after he finish with all that singing sh!t
Shout out Mo'Ne Davis! Wonderful to see
Chi town lets tear this b!tch up!!! Tunechi gang lyfe
Chi town fxkk with me!!
Nap Town was a beast!!! We luv y'all!!!
Nap Town!!!!!!! Turn up!! I'm bout to fxkk it up!!!!
Buffalo!! Thanx for the viktory!!!!! u were fxxkin amazinggggggg!!!!!! Dat sh!t was stuuuuuuuupid! Love y'all!
Buffalo I fux wit yallllll!!!!!!! I be bak out in a sek. Let's rok!!
Buffalo lets turn up!!!!!
"Download DrakeVsLilWayne app to determine who wins the show in your city! Ay Buffalo! I'm goin in on Aubrey 2nite