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Adobe Lightroom
We swear by them, and we hope you do, too! Ten Lightroom tools that are a landscape photographer's dream:
Another item to add to the list of events we want to photograph: a car burnout contest. More from Simon Davidson:
Make the switch from Aperture to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with a free Aperture migration tool:…
Trails of arches, concrete beams and elaborate facades make up these strikingly symmetrical photos from Sasha Levin:
Speed up your workflow in Lightroom with these five shortcuts:
10,000 miles traveled, tens of thousands of photos, five months of work and one time-lapse tour of Norway:
Looking to create a better blur? These three tips will get you started:
The moody streets of London, as captured by Edo Zollo:
Learn how to photograph in extreme cold temperatures from world traveler & nature photographer Shmulik Goldberg:
Thomas Knoll, the co-creator of Photoshop, is auctioning off six of his framed photographs for a good cause:
There are multiple ways to add a subtle punch to your photos' color in Lightroom, but this is one of the easiest:
Set pick flags & star ratings without switching modes in Lightroom mobile. This & more in today's update:
These abstract photos from Thorsten Scheuermann see nature in a different way by focusing on the details:
Aaron and Joel Grimes show how they used Lightroom mobile during a recent trip to Iceland:
One way to take pictures of things shattering:
.@julieannekost photographed the naturally purple salt ponds in the San Francisco Bay. Check out the photos:
Nine mountain climbers atop a Swiss Mountain Peak give us a good idea what a real-life snowglobe would look like:
On Oct 11 be a part of the largest social photography event in the world. Join the @ScottKelby #photowalk @ #WWPW2014
Slow down & remind yourself how beautiful the night can be with these long exposure nightscapes by Nicholas Roemmelt:
Live in #SF? Join us on Tues. 9/30 for a Lightroom User Group Meetup at Adobe SF with Terry Schmidbauer:
Learn how to apply selective focus from within Lightroom using this quick tip:
Taken from the inside of Oleg Grigoryev's tent, these shots provide a different perspective on the landscape photo:
Get a clear explanation on how to reduce noise using Lightroom:
Thirteen photo-reasons to take the stairs: Have you tried taking any stair photos?
Michael Salisbury's shots of Chicago catch the fog swallowing the cityscape at various times:
See what it's like to spend 24 hours with Evgeni Dinev: What's the earliest you've gotten up to get the shot?
A photographer without Photoshop CC & Lightroom is like a photographer without a camera.
Explore the mystical nature of the Japanese landscape w/ these photos from Takehito Miyatake:
.@NatGeo documented dinners around the world in this eye-opening photo series: (Not your average food pics.)
Almost every lens changes the way your image looks by warping it in some way. Learn how to adjust for the distortion:
An unlikely choice for a photo series: the lonely interiors of empty car washes. Photos by Mark Lyon:
Learn more about timelapses via @Beno_Saradzic. Get tips for everything from go-to gear to resolving basic issues:
Chinese photographer Fan Ho captures the scenes of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 60s through his B&W photo series:
How to fix chromatic aberration so that the dark edges adjacent to bright areas of an image are clear:
Check out the true blues and whites in Landon Curt Noll & JC Dill's images of Antarctica:
Do you have a Lightroom question you'd like answered? Reply back with it for a chance to be featured in a future video.
Your happy hour could have been a happy month, with Photoshop CC & Lightroom for $9.99.
Check out Pierre Folk's shots of this Parisian railway, abandoned for the last 80 years:
Cold temps and high altitudes have nothing on Dom Daher, photographer behind RedBull's Ultimate Skydiving Combo:
If a photographer gets an incredible shot using a drone, was it their skill or the drone that enabled them to get it?
NASA needs our support. With a catalog of 1.8 million images, they need help sorting. Learn how you can contribute:
Planning, patience, and persistence are three keys to learning the art of astrophotography according to @markgcomau:
We volunteered with Gilda's Club Twin Cities, creating memorable photographs for cancer patients & their families.
Lights, no camera, action. Get all the photo tools. Photoshop CC & Lightroom are $9.99/month.
In the #BayArea? Join us on 8/26 as @kuperberg explains her Lightroom workflow and Develop techniques:
Martin Kimbell hurls hoops lined with LEDs into the air to create tunnels of light with long exposure techniques:
Color labels pack a powerful punch when used in conjunction with stars and flags. Unlock their power:
Husband and wife duo Warren & June Krupsaw created a series celebrating various photos & how they were taken:
17 Shots of mountains from around the world: Take a look for inspiration for your next shot or travel destination.