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Watch 14 popular frugal life hacks get put to the test in this video:
It's Wallpaper Wednesday! Bring the starry night to your desktop:
We installed the Windows 10 preview so you don't have to. Here's our video walkthrough!
"That's how knowledge works: it builds up, like compound interest."
Learn everything you need to know about proper tire care and safety with this graphic:
Tweetbot gets cozy with iOS 8 and adds some handy new features:
Popcorn Time, the popular movie torrent streaming app, is now on iOS:
I'm @bre Pettis, co-founder of MakerBot Industries, and this is how I work:
Make your trip easy and set expectations with your partner beforehand:
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Why you shouldn't use your lender's biweekly mortgage payment scheme:
The best way to hold your hands during a plane crash:
Here's how to install the new Windows 10 Technical Preview on your PC or a VM right now:
A brain for your home, wireless meat thermometer, Vitamix blender, and more in today’s #deals.…
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Check the accuracy of your kitchen thermometer:
Shopping for a new car? Here are ten things you should be doing.
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The Windows 10 Technical Preview is now available! Start your downloads:
Are bugs like Shellshock and Heartbleed *really* serious, or just hype? We explain:
Boomerang now allows you to set location-based reminders for your email:
Introducing Flix Plus, a Chrome extension created by Lifehacker to customize Netflix all over:
Here’s how the “CVS Effect” can wreck your budget. Or, if you prefer, the “Duane Reade Effect”:
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Mythbusters' Adam Savage (@donttrythis) gives his recommendations for an inexpensive, beginner's toolbox:
Why you should calculate your hourly wage, even if you're salaried:
Gamers, take note: All the different types of anti-aliasing, explained by @LinusTech.
Want to make the most out of iOS 8's new Health app? Here are the best apps for doing so:
Android users can join in on the Hyperlapse fun with Framelapse:
Steam fits right into this slate desktop. Here's how to make your computer look like this:
This diagram will help you pick the perfect plant for your cubicle, desk, or office:
Make a frozen ice pop of any fruit juice you desire with a dry ice mold:
Boost your motivational momentum--and get a huge chunk of work done--with a "productivity sprint":
How to effectively work for a manager who you don't see every day:
This is one of the most complete DIY home automation systems we've seen yet:
Want to get consistently good sleep? Give yourself a bedtime:
This little iOS 8 bug deletes all your iCloud data if you try and reset your settings:
Computer message log levels make for great Gmail labels:
If you're rocking the Chrome dev channel, you can now mute a tab's audio with a simple click:
You have choices when it comes to car rentals. Here are some alternatives to traditional options:
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The best cities around the world for working from home:
Make your own delicious, healthier versions of instant noodle cups:
Autumn cometh. Here are the best things to buy in October:
Pushbullet now lets you subscribe to notifications directly in your shade:
Don't let your boss drive the agenda during a one-on-one. This is an opportunity for you to initiate discussion:
Shipping some restricted items this year? Here are some of the most common rules you need to know about:
"Where You Are Right Now Is a Necessary Step."
Some of you have negotiated your rent. We’re impressed. Now tell us how you did it:
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Buying a house? Find out why the seller is moving to craft the perfect offer:
If your dog gets away from you on a walk, run like hell in the other direction. They'll probably chase you.
Will premium PC fans really keep your computer cooler and quieter? The folks at @LinusTech gives us the answer:
Our favorite two-factor authenticator for iOS is @Authy. Here's why it's better than SMS: