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Nick Reboot streams classic Nickelodeon shows to your computer 24 hours a day for free:
How to stream your media anywhere with Dropbox and Google Drive:
The longer you have to wait and anticipate an experience, the more you may enjoy it:
Deflate your pool toys by inserting a common drinking straw in the air valve:
Use the Johari Window to build trust with others and increase productivity:
Why you should stop caring what other people think and rein in your self-consciousness:
Build a universal remote you can control from your phone with an Arduino:
You won't save money on everything at Amazon:
Contact Center makes quickly sharing texts, emails, photos, and more on iOS super easy:
Asking for advice makes you look more competent, not stupider:
Satisfy cravings for favorite foods from your travels with Goldbely:
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Hold onto your inner student and never stop learning to stay relevant in your field:
Make a motion-triggered night light or under the bed:
This graphic compares 25 of the most popular rewards credit cards:
A little fun in the workplace can go a long way--not just for you, but for your clients:
If your apology isn't coming out sincere, try eliminating the words "if" and "but":
It's back to school time! Here are the best apps for students on every operating system:
Got a spending problem? Here are some common triggers for overspending, and how you can beat them:
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Remember Google's old News and Weather widget? It's back and better than ever on the Play Store:
Looking for a cool breeze? Here's how to small air conditioner out of a fan and ice bucket:
Retweeted by Lifehacker stores RAW photos on Google Drive, with online previews and edits:
Saving for retirement? Who do you think is the best investment firm? Tell us:
You can retain sweet corn's sweetness for six months if you know this trick:
We're making a list of the best sites for free online classes:
You can help keep your cat off of things by giving them a "yes" area for every "no" area:
In this week's Wallpaper Wednesday, we're exploring some post-apocalyptic ruins:
Make tying that trash bag easier by giving it a few flips:
You might plan on saving your work for tomorrow, but bad time management only leads to more bad time management:
You can access any program by right-clicking your Windows desktop. Here's how:
Always procrastinating on projects? Set a reminder after you're supposed to start:
Wondering just how much time you spend at work and at home? This app visualizes it for you:
Traveling internationally for the first time? Here’s what you should do to prepare:
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@WhitsonGordon You filed an insurance claim? Here is the unfair reason it might not get paid.…
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Water orchids with ice cubes for the perfect amount of hydration:
California passed a smartphone security law that will affect more than just California. Here's how it affects you:
Cheap travel router, Logitech Harmony smartphone remote, 5TB drive, and more in today’s #deals…
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Where to sell your iPhone for the most money back:
Pushbullet just made it easier to reply to text messages from your desktop, no matter what app you use:
Is your work environment toxic? Here's how to survive (and when to get out):
Dropbox just made Pro users' day. 1TB of storage for $10/mo, plus new Pro security features:
Gratitude is a simple concept that can have a big impact on your finances:
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The "Note and Vote" method by Google Ventures helps groups make good decisions:
Thinking about tearing out a wall? Here are a few tips for identifying which walls in your house are load-bearing:
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Automatically back up any file you open on your Windows PC to the cloud with Filelize:
Road Trip Planner simplifies your journey with ideas for food, games, apps, music and safety:
Clean up your kitchen cleaners. These eight are all you need: