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Here's an old #evilweek favorite: How to break into a PC (and protect yourself from the same):
Ever wonder what's in a CIA agents escape bag? Here you go:
Get to know the ins and outs of music theory with this free collection of learning materials:
Get your yard ready for the winter with some tips from this graphic:
Rethread the drawstring from your hoodie, sweatpants, or gym shorts with a safety pin:
How to uncover blurred information and text in photos: #evilweek
Yosemite has a cool new batch rename function. Here's how to use it:
What's the worst advice you've ever received?
Turns out that Spotlight in Yosemite might be sending some data to Apple you don't want it to:
We're discussing shopping, coupons, and how you can find the best deals. Come ask an expert!
6 iPhone apps that use TouchID to make your life easier
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FREEdi plays your YouTube videos in the background, and more:
What’s your favorite place you’ve visited? Tell us:
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Boxifier lets you sync any folder to Dropbox, even if it's not inside your main Dropbox folder:
Reposition people and objects in Photoshop with just a couple of clicks:
This is how our @JasonTorchinsky squeezed 834 miles out of one tank in an @Audi A3 TDI and remained sane... ish.
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The bank fees that might be worth paying:
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iOS 8.1 is now available for download, with a few new features:…
"Lazy" and "productive" aren't mutually exclusive. Let the lazy flow through you. #evilweek
The pros and cons of homeschooling could make for a good Lifehacker article. Lemme know if you wanna write that for me (or already have!)
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Google Play lets you filter apps by star rating. Here's how it works:
Criticize the point, not the person, when having a debate:
Get a better picture of your finances by translating big purchases into years of retirement:
It's happening...Evil Week is here! Come explore the dark side of life hacking:
Protect your woodworking projects from glue overflow with a bit of tape:…
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To come up with better ideas, break one rule at a time:
Kindle Voyage Review: The best e-reader lots of money can buy:
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No ramen? Turn pasta into makeshift instant noodles with baking soda:
If you’re paying for college, you should know about these tax deductions:
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The biggest interview turn-off is talking too much about your last job:
Calculate your hourly wage to figure out whether to tackle to-dos yourself or outsource them:
Every photography beginner should download the Where To Start chart:
Lessons from Doctor Who: fear is a super power, we just need to recognize it:
Next time you get some counterfeit money, it's not a total loss.You're probably insured for some of it:
Check out the best questions and answers from this week's open thread at @HackerspaceBlog:
Airlines charge extra fees when kids travel by themselves, here's a list for major airlines:
That job offer could be bogus, so don't give out your social security number to apply:
Not sure if that story is an ad? AdDetector calls out sponsored stories:
Getting into Linux? Try one of these five great desktop environments:
If you're getting burned by hot peppers, soothe your skin with some baking soda paste:
Here were our top downloads this week:
If you can't understand why someone is being so difficult, try finishing the phrase "It must not be easy":
If you can't get rid of an XP computer, try virtualizing it to run on Windows 7 or 8 with Virtual XP:
"It's time we talk" is intimidating so try inviting your partner to chat instead:
Try saying "congratulations" on your Facebook status so more people will see your posts:
Not sure what that beer is, SipSnapp takes a picture of the menu and give you the beer's rating:
You need to take of yourself when you take care of others, so reserve certain days just for you:
Yosemite's packed with all kinds of hidden features: