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Earth View from Google Maps puts stunning satellite photos in your new tab page:
Looking for images that don't look stock-y? Here's a list of over 30 different collections:
You can find battery saving tips for almost any smartphone with this index:
Five therapy tips to help yourself manage life's problems:
Get the Scientific 7-Minute Workout on any device with this simple web app:
Taking notes on books you read can get messy, but Maria Popova's Idea Index is a clean and effective alternative:
Do Yosemite's candy colors make you feel a little sick? Give it a pre-OS X look:
Turn kids into troops to get them to behave when you're working from home:
OS X Yosemite, evil hacking projects, and crazy things that aren't illegal: here wre this week's top posts.
Yosemite opened up some cool features to apps. Here are the best ones to take advantage of it:
Form burgers as gently as possible for a more satisfying crust:
Learn how many of your passwords are vulnerable with a DIY USB password stealer: #evilweek
The services that prey on us when we're most vulnerable--and how to fight back:
Use the SMART method to create well-defined plans out of your financial goals:
Spot a great airfare but need to ask for the time off? OptionsAway puts a longer hold on your seat:
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D-vasive can let you know when your phone's camera or microphone have been enabled by an app:
First-time parents, here are the money questions you should consider:
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Want to get more honest feedback from friends and family? Pitch your idea as someone else's:
This visual guide to pork cuts will make sure you always buy the right cut at the right price:
Universal Media Server puts your music and movies on almost any device:
Tonight's #evilweek classic: How to craft better lies...and keep them up.
Upgrade your audio recording quality with this basic microphone pop filter made only of paper:
Make danger your middle name. Taking certain risks may make you more attractive: #evilweek
iOS 8 has been jailbroken, but it's a little sketchy. We suggest holding off for now:
Job recruiters can be evil. Watch out for secret "tests" they might be giving you:
Want a lightweight, out of the way system monitor? iStat Mini hides away in your Notification Center:
Pixelmator, the amazing image editor for Mac, is now available on the iPad:
Microsoft made a lock screen...for Android? And it's actually pretty slick:
Move over, Tuesday. The new best day to buy a plane ticket is Sunday:
Apps that work without paying for in-flight wi-fi:
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This chart shows the states where your salary would go farther:
This is why you should get a receipt every time you get gas. via @stevelehto
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Ten simple tips to make food taste better, from our friends at @TestKitchen:
Make your mind wander every day. Remember the 3 B's: Bed, Bath, and Bus--they'll keep you creative:
Charlie preps you for meetings and conferences by briefing you on the people you're going to meet:
Every Single Flu Vaccine Myth, Debunked
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Survival comes to those who learn it. Learn how to distill dirty water in case of an emergency:
Want to really learn about security? Hack your own network using Kali Linux #evilweek:
Kids work on what they want to work on. Follow their example to find your dream job:
Be the hit of Halloween with this Glue Gun Cobweb Shooter:…
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When you're starting to save money, don't shoot for the moon. Focus on the first $10,000:
Define success as the act of starting a task, nothing more:
Use this tool to calculate the true cost of “energy vampires":
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In honor of #evilweek, we're hunting for the worst airline! Which deserve to be grounded?