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'Photographer Spotlight': Andreas Feininger (Pictured: NYC, 1946) | #TBT
Happy nearly halloween space geeks, time for some Spooky Space Photos… @TIME @NASA @NASA_Hubble
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'World War II in Color: The Italian Campaign and the Road to Rome' (Pic: Carl Mydans) |
'The Few, the Proud, the Totally Chill: LIFE With Old-School Beach Bums' (Pic: Loomis Dean) |
'Photos From the Haunts of Famous American Ghosts' (Pic: Nina Leen) |
Classic portraits of playwright and burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee: (Pic: George Skadding) |
Roll another one! LIFE goes bowling (Pic: Mark Kauffman) |
Mt. Washington, N.H., 'Where the world's worst weather is born' (Pic: Peter Stackpole |
Tippi Hedren, a teenage Melanie Griffith and a 400-pound lion. Crazy. (Pic: Michael Rougier) |
On October 30, 1945 baseball great Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking the baseball color barrier. (Allan Grant—The LIFE Picture Collection) #LIFElegends #TBT #throwbackthursday
Ann Frank's Friends: Photos of the Girls Who Survived (Paul Schutzer) |
LIFE rides with Hells Angels, 1965 (Pic: Bill Ray) |
'Paris Unadorned: Black and White Portraits of the City of Light' (Pic: Ed Clark) |
World War I Posters: LIFE looks at 'the graphic art of propaganda' |
A determined 3-year-old Cynthia West with Chauncey the miniature horse at the Lilliput Ranch in California, 1952. (Ed Clark—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #wildLIFEwednesday
Adoring Hitler: Color Photos of a Tyrant Among the Crowds (Pic: Hugo Jaeger) |
'Meet the Actress Who Set Out to Kiss 10,000 WWII Soldiers to Boost Morale' (Pic: J. Florea) |
Showgirls at Work and Play, Gordon Parks' Nightclub Portraits, 1958 |
'Air America: Picturing the United States From Above' (Photo: Margaret Bourke-White) |
See W. Eugene Smith's Landmark Photo Essay: 'Nurse Midwife' in its entirety |
The best picture ever made of a politician celebrating victory? Yep. (W. Eugene Smith) |
Ahead of this year's Veterans Day, wants to feature YOUR stories of love about veterans and soldiers on active duty. Share your images and stories with us on Instagram using the hashtag #TIMEvets. The photo above, published in LIFE in 1951, features "the first Korean war bride to arrive in
LIFE at Daytona: Motorcycle Madness on the Florida Sands (Joseph Scherschel) |
Here's to the Red Cross. Selfless. |
Winston Churchill at Leisure, 1950 (Mark Kauffman) |
"'Throwaway Living': When Tossing Out Everything Was All the Rage" (Pic: Peter Stackpole) |
Walking Your Chicken Around Paris in Style: A Pictorial Guide (Nina Leen) |
Muhammad Ali taunts rival and heavyweight champ Joe Frazier at Frazier's training camp ahead of their March 1971 "Fight of the Century" title bout. (John Shearer—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends
Canadian College Students Go Berserk (in a sweet way) Over Football Win, 1954 (Lisa Larsen) |
'Road Trip! Photos From US Route 30 in 1948' (Pic: Allan Grant) |
'Sheree North: The Woman Who Would Be Marilyn' (Pic: Loomis Dean) |
Hit the Deck! LIFE Goes Skateboarding in 1965 (Bill Eppridge) |
'Gruesome Aftermath of India’s 1946 Hindu-Muslim Riots' : Warning: Graphic images
Happy Birthday to pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, born today, Oct. 27, 1923 (John Loengard) |
Fighting Teen Pregnancy: Portrait of a Radical High School Program, 1971 (Ralph Crane) |
'Behind the Picture: JFK and RFK, Los Angeles, July 1960' (Pic: Hank Walker) |
Donald Sutherland: Portrait of an Actor's Actor (Photo: Co Rentmeester) |
'What the Battle to Save Preemies Looked Like 75 Years Ago' (Pic: Hansel Mieth) :
The Unbearable Cuteness of the 'Chihuahua Cha-Cha (LIFE Magazine) |
In honor of the New York City Subway opening 110 years ago today (Oct. 27, 1904), LIFE is celebrating with a gallery of images from years past. Seen here: a woman riding the D train in 1951. See more at (Eliot Elisofon—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #thisweekinLIFE
New York's Subway Back in the the Day (Ralph Crane) |
'Bigotry in the USA: Photos From a Ku Klux Klan Initiation' (Pic: Ed Clark) |
'Behind the Picture: MacArthur Lands at Luzon, the Philippines, 1945' (Pic: Carl Mydans |
LIFE With Hillary Clinton: Portraits of a Wellesley Grad (Lee Balterman) |
Happy Birthday Hillary Rodham Clinton! Seen here as a recent Wellesley Grad in 1969 (Lee Balterman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)
Happy Birthday, Pablo Picasso - born today, Oct. 25, 1881 (Gjon Mili) |
LIFE celebrates the great Pablo Picasso on his birthday (Oct. 25, 1881) with this classic photo of him drawing a centaur with light in 1949. (Gjon Mili—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends
'I Was in LIFE' -- Photos, and memories, of the amazing Kim Novak, 1956 (Leonard McCombe) |
The Wonderful World of Witches: Portraits of English Pagans in 1964 (Terence Spencer) |
'Black Lace and Woolen Undies: Fashion in Post-Liberation Paris, 1944' (Pic: Bob Landry) |