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Take our 1 question Climate Change quiz:… See what you REALLY know!
The @TeaPartyCat has unskewed the Federal Budget, to show you the true spending breakdown: Shocking. #tcot
Here's kind of a freaky suggestion for how to reduced your uninsured population: Maybe, stop sabotaging Obamacare.…
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#ThatAwkwardMoment when the 1% would rather ban you from sleeping in your car than pay anything to offer you housing…
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TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Take our 1-question quiz on climate change: what is 28%?… see how other people answered.
Top 10 reasons people say you shouldn't file your taxes!
SICK OF #TaxDay? We've collected the top 10 reasons to NOT FILE YOUR TAXES:… Make your stand! #tcot #teaparty
Every single statistic on sex-based pay inequality has LIBERAL BIAS!
Study Concludes Oklahoma Biology Teachers Suck at Understanding Evolution…
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I’ve always said Why yes I am and thank you when I’m called a racist.
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#YouMightBeARepublican if you think a man's property rights cover 600,000 acres of public land, but a woman's don't include her own uterus
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FOX NEWS 2056: Who was more conservative Obama or Dr. King? The co-inventor of Obamacare Paul Ryan & Cassidy Gifford join us to discuss next
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More than 1500 people died on the Titanic on this day in 1912, and yet the liberal media has never held President Obama accountable.
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Happy #TaxDay! Looking for good arguments for NOT paying your taxes? We collected our TOP 10 from the internet:…
REASON 8 TO NOT PAY TAXES: We already have roads! See the whole list:… St00pid infrastructure:
TOP 10 reasons to not pay taxes on #taxday… REASON 10: IRS makes your money smell like noodles
THIS is an excellent observation: @KulkulkanX Any question starting "why don't they just..." is bound to be rather ignorant.
@LiberalBias Any question starting "why don't they just..." is bound to be rather ignorant. Wonder what school "econ major" is attending?
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TOP 10 REASONS TO NOT PAY TAXES… from the internet. Here is reason #2: Just print more money!
The top 10 reasons real patriotic conservatives give for NOT PAYING TAXES...… from @zachheltzel
Who will George Bush paint next? (with illustrations)