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4 mothers days from now I want my mom to open up her Mother's Day card and it'll read. "Stop Working ❤️🎁😊😘💎"
I love girls with cake 😍😍😍
Don't make people a priority in your life when they make it very clear you're an option.
@LetTorTalk that's like saying "favorite if you're breathing"
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Favorite if you LOVE educated ambitious black men 😈😘❤️
Hennessy and hypnotic 😈💎
I want a better life for myself and my family and people tell me not to change. If being broke and settling means don't change. I'm changing
You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic 💭
North Carolina flights booked 👌✈️ coming to a college near you 😏
Lol no body answers my phone calls 😂
It's not that you shouldn't trust any body. You just gotta stop trusting the wrong people....
If you don't build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs. 💭
The fact @LetTorTalk can rap.. Could you get anymore perfect? Hahah
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Add my snapchat 🙈 - lettortalk
Even if nobody believes in me, supports me, or recognizes my effort.... I still keep going
Greatness doesnt have a sale, you have to pay the full price.
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S/O to @alexxespejo my newest affiliate 😍 I LOVE meeting people ready to grind & take this business to the next level 💰🌏
We must think less of ourselves. & more of others 😊
I live life. I love life. I grind heavy so I can do both ✨
You have to hustle until you no longer have to Introduce yourself
@LetTorTalk is like an inspiration. Reaching his goals and never stopping. I can't wait till I reach all my goals and just live life
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The homies you grew up with should be the same homies you come up with. If they don't see your vision make them see it!!!!!
Baby if you're not talking about grinding for your money & a better life we just won't work out I'm sorry ✋😨✋
Range Rover Sport 2015 only thing I'm dreaming about at the moment 😈
Rt if you can't sleep 😒#TeamNoSleepp
You can't be nice without creeping these days 😒
Literally wish my parents didn't live in fort walton. Can't wait to buy them the house they want.
Fuck I miss Orlando
I can just look at someone & tell if they have an iPhone or an android lol
Too much work ain't enough work 💭
6 figure income in 12 months. Who else has that goal on their walls?
Favorite if you attend one of these schools
Traveling across the state of North Carolina at the end of June. Expanding the business ✈️💰