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Lennox Lewis
This just goes to show that once u got it, u never lose it!
.@holyfield Happy Birthday bro! Hope ur having a great one! Make it count! Bless!
Big up to Jamaica's Nicholas "Axeman" Walters. The new WBA Featherweight World Champion #DonaireWalters #Respect
RT @KevFabs: Hey @LennoxLewis I bought this because I want to be cool like you<--Mission accomplished! 😜
“@anthony_smooth: @LennoxLewis in a gym in austria vienna :-) you on the wall Champ #recognize<---Nice!
@LennoxLewis the baddest chick on the planet wearing youre shirt!!! Ronda Rousey
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Hatred is like a heavy rock u force urself 2carry. It weighs u down & u spend extra energy accommodating it. Lighten ur load! #Lennoxism
“@LennoxLewis : Remember son, never take your eyes of your opponent...😂😂😂😂”
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Wishing all of my Canadian brothers and sisters a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Hoping every one is having a great weekend and taking time to relax and re-energize with family and friends. Bless!
#STEINBERG AGENT ACADEMY--Went well today with young prospective agents who flew in from across the country.Emphasized ethics,2nd career.
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.@vickysteven1729: husband thinks Anthony Joshua is the next you ? Thoughts? <-I think he's the fIrst Anthony Joshua!
Remembering Arnie - Behind every great fighter there is that one person who believed in them from day one. Everyone knows names like Angelo Dundee, Manny Steward and Freddy Roach, who have trained many different world champions. Before a fighter gets to that level, there are the ones who help spar
On this day in 1995, I stopped a very tough and dangerous Tommy Morrison in 6 rounds in a non title bout! Was very sad to hear of his passing. May he rest in peace. I hear his two sons are both fighting professionally. I wish them all the best.
Don't get so busy chasing ur dreams that u forget to live life. Balance is the key to real happiness. #Lennoxism
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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain
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Everything &everyone n life will eventually become a memory. Treat ur future self &go make the best ones u can now! #Lennoxism
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.@jay8mahony If I didn't know better, I'd think Bowe is stalking my tweets. 😂😂😂
Watching @LennoxLewis on a League of their own! Guy is a Legend! #COYI
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On this day in 1997, I stopped Andrew Golota in the first round to retain my WBC Heavyweight Title. I wanted to get him out as quick possible to avoid the possibility of him throwing any low blows.
Out of the entire #ALOTO panel, who would @LennoxLewis like to fight? Find out here and tune in on Friday at 10pm!…
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From the most modest to the most grand, ACTION is the engine that powers any dream. #Lennoxism
Today is #WorldCerebralPalsyDay Over 17 million ppl worldwide are affected! Big up 2all those on the front lines of advocacy and awareness!
.@rocknrolo no. I knew he would be tough. It took me a while to get warmed up tho. It was very cold that night. #LewisBruno
On this day in 1993, I stopped a very tough Frank Bruno in 7 rounds to retain my WBC heavyweight title. It was the first all Brit Heavyweight Championship fight since 1876! #TheBattleOfBritain
Catch me on @sky1 on Friday's #ALOTO with Jamie & @flintoff11 as I train them Rocky Stylee!…
Children learn best from example. As parents, we should strive to be the best role models for them, setting good example all round.
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RT @HarryMMonk: @Lennoxisms @LennoxLewis I don't get it<--"and this... is why you fail" - in my best Yoda voice. 😂
There is a lesson in every failure and a failure in every lesson not learned. #Lennoxism
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New & Restocked @rootsoffight tees are now available at @LVFightShop. Get the hottest fight brand in the business!
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I Am Ali documentary coming out October 10th! This is the official trailer! #Respect #TheGreatest
@LennoxLewis So proud to met my Idol at Fibo Germany for a few months ago. It really means so much for me #turkishFan
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"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." - Confucius
I wonder if David Beckham can bend an iphone6. #BendItLikeBeckham
Over 80 years, and the unexpected time I didn't know I owned, I feel it in my heart as if "before" and "after" didn't exist anymore
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The good thing about looking for yourself before 8 am is that most of the time you just have to look in the bathroom
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When you put the keys on the table, there, just for a moment, you know if you are happy or not
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I wonder what would happen if instead of thinking so much about "who we are" we would concentrate a little more on "what we do"
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#FF Anyone wanting 2know more about #HemifacialMicrosomia or #GoldenHarSyndrome or just wanting witty interesting tweets follow-> @PLoker
Sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do... Is the right thing. Find your strength and courage. #Lennoxism
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