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Lennox Lewis
A liars favourite tool is someone who will spread the lies without question. Questions are the natural enemy of lies. #Lennoxism
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@LennoxLewis Plse RT: Somebody knows where Arnis is plse do the right thing & contact the police & help us #FindAlice
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@LennoxLewis we just got the UK government to agree to change our legislation hun:-) #puppyfarming in the UK is being banned :-)
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@LennoxLewis just been caught out and bought a wheaten Scottie from a puppy farm in Wales. BEWARE! Vets bills have been in the high 100's
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Puppy farms breed puppies on mass scale 4profit with little or no regard 2the welfare needs of the dogs. #PuppyFarmAwarenessDay
@LennoxLewis To stop cruel puppy farming people need to stop buying from pet shops & instead ask #wheresmum or adopt from rescue centre.
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@LennoxLewis Puppies are born into horrific conditions, separated from mums too early & transported long distances to pet shops #wheresmum
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RT @NathanBleasdal3: @LennoxLewis @piersmorgan Fact: If Piers Morgan was a puppy he'd be a little bitch.<--😂😂😂
Extra special #ff main sponsors @BarkingHeads @MeowingHeads helping stop animal cruelty pls follow them :) #wheresmum
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This weekend pls visit ur local rescue centre & invite a new best friend into ur home :) #adopt #rescue #pets
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I wonder who @piersmorgan is annoying at the exact moment? #WhoIsPiersAnnoying
So I heard today is #PuppyFarmAwarenessDay someone pls tweet me some facts that I can tweet to my followers for awareness!
"Ten years of hard work will eventually make u look like an overnight success." - @biz
Sound advice on deaf ears is a waste of time for all parties concerned. #Lennoxism
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@miketyson @maravillabox @kevinhart4real at #mayweathermaidana2
@michaelstrahan and me in Vegas for #mayweathermaidana2
@LennoxLewis Plse RT #FindAlice missing since 28/8 desperately worried & need her home with her family #UK x
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The dream is free but the journey is not. You need to do the work!!!
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Floyd, Me, Jamie, Fab & 2 Chainz!
Long before I got my first belt. I was already a champion in my mind. I did what was necessary so the world could see it too. #Lennoxism
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Mayweather wins by Unanimous Decision! #Mahyem #MayweatherMaidana2
Pretty much same as first fight! #MayweatherMaidana2 Mayweather by Unanimous Decision. Awaiting judges scores!
Too much Mayweather. Not enough Maidana! #Mayhem #MayweatherMaidana2
Instead of throwing loopy right hands Maidana should be throwing straight rights. #MayweatherMaidana2
Maidana should have figured out how 2cut off ring by now. Floyd looking good in middle of ring and countering on ropes. #MayweatherMaidana2
Me and my business hero Magic Johnson at #mayweathermaidana2
Me, @kevinhart4real and @miketyson at the MGM Grand! #mayhem #mayweathermaidana2
I won't be tweeting round by round tonight since I'm actually at the fight. Follow @danrafaelespn for play by play!
Big up to the UK Massive up all night and ready for #Mayhem. #MayweatherMaidana2 Ha! U might need some @MarleyCoffee
The champs are here! #rivalboxing #lasvegas opening!
Had a great time at the @rivalboxinggear Vegas opening last night. Great turn out with @SUGARRAYLEONARD @BronzeBomber @MiaStJohnBoxer
Good Morning Las Vegas! #Mayhem