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Lena Dunham
AVC starring in a classic coming of age film about awakenings & rain
Napped for 4 hours, dreamed I crashed a wedding and met Alice Munro, woke up crying #healthybalance
I met @Lauren_Collins, @erinkleinberg, @jianghomeshi and the founders of Le Chateau. What else could one need?
Thank you @JFL42 for such a thrilling event. Toronto, I cannot wait to return to your lovin' arms.
Very pleased with the way the hotel handled my sweaty onesie
Dispatch from Canada: ketchup chips!!! The fact that we don't have ketchup chips in every bodega the US is appalling.
There are just so many things wrong with the New York Times’ Shonda Rhimes article:
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Gonna make a fortune selling raw footage of hot guys playing casual table tennis
Something actually important: #ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault. Take the pledge, be part of the solution at #ItsOnUs
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It's official: quitting my job and moving to Shondaland. Also looking into a retirement home there for my folks CC @campsucks @shondarhimes
To celebrate 12 days until publication the illustrator of my book made me an illustration of my book #meta @joanaavillez
@lenadunham It takes strength of character to admit that one finds solace in suckling at the warm breast of corporate America.
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And I should confess that 7 years ago I visited Red Robin & liked their proprietary seasoning so much I bought a jar. Still use it- same jar
In the last 2 days I've tweeted my love of Walgreens and Starbucks. I'm not being paid for this. They'd probably pay me NOT to do this.
If I'm really being honest with myself my favorite restaurant is Starbucks. And that's hard and sad.
Brava to @alexLronan for her complex and often painful (but utterly essential) meditation on being an abortion doula:…
Rewatching Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Always hoped she'd play Jessa & Shoshanna's grandmother. Who else could have produced them both?
I have the prettiest smartest best friend who goes on news programs to show everyone how pretty and smart she is bwahahahaha @audreygelman
Laura Ashley was "a charitable and maternal employer, and would often serve up apple crumble and custard to her staff at design meetings." Nice tie, baby.
There are a lot of ads where I can't tell if it's a group of model friends or the same model duplicated Multiplicity style
Let's just leave that seat empty for Santa. Cash in person!? Pssshhh
Update: tried to buy the $900 ticket for my book tour back to give it away but the dude wanted cash in person. My mama taught me the word no
Also missing my mama and her crisp white shirt/ponytail approach
Missing my freak baby. Photo by @officialautumndewilde
Toronto, can't wait to see ya! And your hot exclusive clubs AKA snacks. Single tickets released for my #JFL42 show:
A drugstore with a pair of attractive gay men is my safe space CC: @gorgeousladiesofwisdom
Hey Toronto, I'm so excited aBOOT seeing you (sorry.) Single tickets for my event have been released!
Weak-wristed. Signing many books and rewatching The Punk Singer for strength (CC: @kathleenhanna)
The new Nick Jonas song couldn't be creepier if you paid it.
If buying all my underwear at Walgreens is wrong then I don't wanna be right
Watched my beloved television brother-dad-son @JuddApatow do standup last night to benefit @826LA- total magic, tho when he said penis I hid
Mr Apatoony about to rock the Largo stage to benefit 826LA #gooddeeds
Put. It. Out. (CC my sister: @rachelantonoff)
found a beetle taking a straight up NAP in my hair
"I would plead that a able to write a particular book, as opposed to every possible book on the subject"…
Can't Stop Won't Stop (reading about Elizabeth Hardwick and Robert Lowell's marriage)
Currently reading: Annie On My Mind, a pioneering YA novel about two teenage girls in love. A perfect vintage cover.
For anyone following @JEMIMAKIRKE_ it's a fraud - the real Jem is much more enigmatic. The only official girls accounts are @aw and @zosiamamet xoxo
Kate Middleton is pregnant! Will she keep it?
Google search the life of Caroline Blackwood and just enjoy the fruits for hours.
So @BruceEricKaplan was trying to scan something and @campsucks said "just take a picture of it." My best friend's basically an Apple genius
Nation's best pocket care of @rachelantonoff
In a bold move that made him a sudden hero to dogs everywhere, he chewed his own leash in half (and then in half again)
I have to believe that some kind of awakening is happening. You know, to keep from screaming. Goodnight to the sweet ones.
Some of you boys on twitter: I just wanna find your mamas and tell them what kind of shit you're up to and just let them scare you a little!
Guess what? It's still abuse whether she wants to press charges or not, whether she married him afterwards or not.
The NFL definitely proved through their actions over the last few months that they do not care about domestic violence.