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Lena Dunham
Me: "did you have any children out of wedlock?" My father: "I don't know, look around for other green haired girls"
Me: "Drake is half Jewish" My distracted father: "great, maybe he's your cousin"
Wow, making a "shut up ladies" joke in response to a tweet about silencing women. Now THAT's comedy, you should all go profesh.
This Rebecca Solnit piece on the silencing of women resonates, enraging & igniting me:…
Dear Canada, thank you for being deeply lovely. I am sorry for your loss, and grateful for your spirit today. Love, Lena
A man named Angelo from Toronto showed me a picture of the cat he named Shosh #purejoy
In Canada I can hear her humming
With my glamour puss stylist for the day @erinkleinberg #leatherandlegs
covering up the bits & bruises
Been reading @glutenfreegirl for almost a decade: it's about more than food. Not even gluten free & I cherish her…
A Cool Hip Writer Who Has Definitely Had Sex Profiles Cameron Diaz…
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Holy S, the Beyond The Lights trailer is a reason to continue @GPBmadeit
Honored to be the current subject of @betweentwobooks as recommended by the magical @ouhoh! Maybe I should join the club once it's a book I haven't already read:) Hello kids! #BTBNotThatKind
Newly minted for the Canadian leg of the tour thanks to @tanneyb @rheannewhite
America is doing an even better job than my grandma of making Ebola all about herself
Found a lil pony on the ground. Does this mean I will never die?
Also need everyone to know that my boyfriend did my hair tonight. It went better than expected/worse than if a professional had styled it.
140 characters cannot express the hope and joy meeting all of you has given me.
Thank you @BAM_Brooklyn @birbigs @jackantonoff Zadie Smith & Jemima for amazing final stop on #NotThatKindofTour
Important @AndreaSCousins shout-out in @lenadunham's BAM talk tonight that only @simongdunham can claim credit for #NYSenateDems
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Just cut the legs off my tights to make underwear AND socks #lifehacks
Just a couple of typical teens. We love #rookieyearbookthree
AND @alexLronan and @dstfelix 2GETHER on the OG Dr. Ruth (Barnett) who said "your duty is must rise up."
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Oh my 2day is amazing...@dstfelix talking about the spiritual/medical/political work of black doulas in PDX n beyond
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Obsessed with the reproductive rights & justice history that the brilliant @dstfelix & @alexLronan have written on
I would pay anyone a bunch of dollars to tell me where Ruth Bader Ginsberg goes jewelry shopping.
Portland, you are a dream. @Powells @Carrie_Rachel JoAnn Schinderle thank you for an amazing final away game #NotThatKindofTour
Tour it up indie press style at Powell's #suitcasefullofbooks
Literally 15 people on this airplane just ordered Fresca. Is this the twilight zone!?!?
Tonight, 10/19 — Our conversation with @lenadunham & @Carrie_Rachel is sold out but follow along with #PowellsEvents:
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You know when you forget to eat for a few hours, decide that you're above food/people who eat are pathetic, then consume a whole chicken?
Plus drive by appearances by @thelindywest & @glutenfreegirl! What did I do to deserve these riches?
Thank you Seattle, @ubookstorereads, @iSmashFizzle, Mindie Lind for an evening of vulnerability I will never forget. In church, no less!
Only sad part of tonight is that I'm not with my beloved @mattpwolf & @cawillia celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Here is a shot of us exploring polyamory. Love you boys.
Tonight in Seattle a lot of amazing things happened but this was the amazingest: I was reunited with my best friend from sleepaway camp, Emily Wootten, after 13 years. Back in the day she taught me to booty dance, talk trash, love fiercely. It feels very good to know her again.
You Seattleites were not effing around about Top Pot donuts #hottip #getinmybelly
"It's like we're in twilight!" @simongdunham gasped as we rode into Seattle
Dear Seattle, I don't just want a sweet treat. I NEED one. What do you recommend? See you l8r, Lena
How did I not know about Travelgirl magazine!? Do any of my friends even love me??
Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of conversations we never expected to have and our job is to have them anyway.
Beautiful words from Tom Meagher, whose wife Jill was raped and murdered. To anyone who has accused me/us of vilifying men as a group: analysis of the rampant forces that keep women from speaking about assault should not scare you. It should excite you, because you will have happier, more engaged an
Hello 7am- meet your worst nightmare, little Dunham
And I have some news for certain "news" outlets. No matter how much you thump your keyboards with your meat hands we will not stop talking.
Thank you to all the women who have shared with me, and to all the men who have said "I believe you." I love you.
Well, we all have to ask hard questions. Grow the fuck up.
That's because these stories force them to ask hard questions about their history with consent...
Some men are enraged by stories of sexual assault that don't have clear cut villains, pimps or men with guns...
Dear @kmcdonovgh thank you for giving voice to what I could not say:…