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Lena Dunham
Kids- all these pictures of you with Not That Kind of Girl are making my heart explode! I adore you. Grateful/happy.
A beautiful night celebrating the book with beloveds. Quite literally the only gathering I've ever wanted to stay at past 10pm, so fun I forgot to iPhone capture it. My sister @zosiamamet snapped this #blondeonblonde
I can't wait to hang with the local talent and @PPact on this windy road called life!
The fact that Gawker pointed this out really proves Judd Apatow's saying that "a good note can come from anywhere."
Some good points were raised and I've ensured that all opening acts will be compensated for their time, their labor and their talents.
This feature of the tour was meant to be a way to showcase local talent and I could not be more excited about it.
As an artist raised by artists, no one believes more than I do that creators should be fairly compensated for their work.
.@iBooks Thank you for this stimulating dialogue!
.@iBooks I'm a real daddy's girl, so that was my first stop with the finished book. He acted as pleased as a WASPy guy can #LenaDunhamChat
.@iBooks Writer, forever & always. You can do it from anywhere, at any age, in any outfit #LenaDunhamChat
.@iBooks That's the best compliment I have ever gotten. Thank you, A #LenaDunhamChat
.@iBooks Probably too early. I was always the girl in middle creative writing class sharing the dramatic poem about my cat #LenaDunhamChat
.@iBooks All of them. With television, I could hide behind the veil of fiction but here, not so much. And yet, here I am #LenaDunhamChat
.@iBooks I think it was when I wrote a "novella" in fourth grade that started some "debate" about the plight of the homeless...
.@iBooks I wanted to play with female archetypes and hit on the idea that no one is THAT kind of girl, because there are all KINDS of girls.
Bill Murray keeps and protects me as I start book release week CC: @clashist
I'm not a businesswoman. I'm a business, woman. So let me do my business, k?
Presents from someone who gets it on the deepest level CC: @smashfizzle
Someone I love CC: @smashfizzle
Best Frenemy #mother
My cab driver just muttered to himself "where did I go wrong? Why didn't I have the moxy to go forward?" So now I am crying again.
Important Q: who else took photos of themselves crying while watching The Fault In Our Stars last night? Should we make a book?
If you've noticed even more uterus-centric tweets than usual, it's because there are only 39 days til the midterm elections!!!
I'm joining @LadyPJustice today for #V2V14. Gather your girls, make a plan, commit to protecting reproductive rights together. #LPJ927
OK the t-shirt hunt is off! I love instagram community bonding. Plz enjoy @simondunham preparing for our impending tour
If anyone is at the PS 1 book fair and can score me one of these amazing @earlboykins t-shirts with my Godparents mugs on them I will pay you back with chocolate, hugs (and money)
If you tweet at me and it starts with "listen up!" I won't
Also, can I borrow Lisa Cholodenko's brain for a week?
Frances McDormand is the bravest sexiest actor working.
Got an advance look at Olive Kitteridge and it is the most beautiful, spiritual, funny thing, and a reminder of why I'm proud to work at HBO
Forgot my Lexapro so my sister gave me some of hers #familyvalues
Simon cradles her nephew
And my iPhone just autocorrected "rapist" to "Taoist" so now there's that to deal with.
My mother and sister are eating whitefish salad in the car. So yes, this is a suicide note.
has all of of sports lost its mind @BuzzFeedNews @BillSimmons on Roger Goodell — @espn has removed the podcast…
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Sometimes I'll have an airport meal so sumptuous that I think "if this were anywhere else it would have a Michelin star." #AirportBias
All these dudes holding up #HeForShe signs on @EmWatson's timeline should be made into a sexy calendar
Wonderful men out there. I'm launching a campaign - #heforshe. Support the women in ur lives and sign up here now! ❤️
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Thank you @audreygelman for reminding me of what it meant to be chic in '02
Need to take a hot sec to express my love for my editor Andy Ward. Every writer needs one. Think I got the best one. A teacher, a gentleman!
Lamby and I tried our hardest to give you healthy and thoughtful advice. Thanks to all who submitted #AskLena questions:
Please do let me know if my answers ruin your life: #AskLena
Thank you for all the #AskLena questions! To the feminist wondering about pasties:
BTW I'd never ask you to RT, say, my musings on Drake. But the traffic his show caused in LA last night had me confusing him with G-d.
Hey noodles- if you have the desire to fav a tweet about reproductive rights, why not just RT it? Same thumb work, better results:)
Turn your frustrations about politicians attacking our reproductive rights into ACTION, thanks to @PPact: