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Lena Dunham
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By going into the women's bathroom with the cocaine and coming out all like I DID IT! RT @socialpastiche: How do you pretend to do cocaine?
Currently on a location scout, aka a guided walking tour of every place in New York I pretended to do cocaine to impress a guy
Thank you Gabriella for the coming to set to give me this amazing drawing! I will cherish it. Follow this talented deaf artist @kayatsuki_art and if you want to learn more about American Sign Language (as I do) go to:
Today DOM HEMINGWAY, my movie that has divided the country- or at least the 18 people who saw it in theatres- is out on Blu-Ray (&iTunes)
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Oh, one other reason I need birth control: cuz once when I was menstruating real bad I said "my grandma only likes me cuz I'm on TV"
And if you want information and resources, follow @PPact who will be rocking out with me on my book tour.
I love being in a twitter dialogue with such brave women and sensitive men! Thank you, love you, night.
Love hearing all your reasons for using birth control. And guess what? You don't need a reason.
@lenadunham I need birth control because it is my choice to stop having kids after having had two that I planned and love to pieces.
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@lenadunham because I have a future jam packed with finishing college, starting a career, and traveling. A baby doesn't fit into that yet.
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@lenadunham because I want every girl I ever love to feel safe with every guy they ever love. And bc could help.
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@lenadunham i am a man & i demand the option be available for my gorgeous sister
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@lenadunham I needed it because I never wanted to deal with "shark week" for a whole month ever again...
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@lenadunham Because I am not physically, financially, or emotionally prepared for parenthood.
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@lenadunham because women have the right to enjoy sex without the confines and fear of a unplanned pregnancy, just as men do
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@lenadunham Because babies & college dont mix. Also acne.
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@lenadunham I don't want a baby yet and my periods were stupid heavy and now they aren't :)
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@lenadunham because I want control over my sexual health and reproductive future. And that's OK.
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I need birth control because I have endometriosis and it helps manage pain. Why do you?
5 things ever woman (scratch that, every person!) needs to know about birth control:…
Always feel very alive/in touch with my teenage self after a visit to @patricia_field
@gugueyes throwing shade
"Joni Mitchell never lies" --Q-Tip