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Leigh-Ann Mol
Too cute! She looks a bit concerned though. I wouldn't stop smiling with that much beer around! @LizetteSim @SABierfest
On Heavy Petting, @LeighAnnMol chatted to Idols season 5 winner about the Global March. Listen: - @CliffCentralCom
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Yip @flaxyy. Red wine with the right tap. White wine with the left tap. A bit of both for Rosé.
@LeighAnnMol Is this what you meant by 'Doing Renovations To My House' ?
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Work started today on my @SABierfest #Fräulein outfit today. Can you handle it?! Exciting!
Making the big move to CT! My story here:
The Seychelles islands' streets are spotless. Testament to environmental education at schools. Admirable.
RT @SABierfest: @LeighAnnMol Prost! Now we start rolling ze kegs up to #JHB (with a few extras for your table!)
World Rhino Day. Heart-warming story of Gertjie the rhino on my podcast: @CliffCentralCom
Heard @SABierfest DBN was AMAZING. Up next: JHB 17-19 & 24-26 Oct. I'll be there. Prost!
Especially for @GarethCliff: Delete U2 album in 1 click:
The heart-warming story of Gertjie the Rhino and Lammie the Lamb on #HeavyPetting @CliffCentralCom 10-11am
And now for a refreshing break from the #OscarTrial, an adorable bulldog pup playing with an ice cube: #HeavyPetting
Pudding the ridiculously photogenic and friendly fox #HeavyPetting
This hyper-realistic portrait, (by a 20 year- old!!) of Robin Williams is SO realistic it is truly unbelievable.
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These Dog 'Brothers' Do A Better Blue Steel Than Zoolander via @goodnews #HeavyPetting
Still makes me laugh RT @MabaleMoloi: Separated at birth? @LeighAnnMol & Claire Johnston. cc @CliffCentralCom
We would like to meet the dog that necessitated the putting up of this sign
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“The Little Rascals” recreated their movie poster 20 years later #Rascals20th
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RT @SandtonSPCA: @LeighAnnMol thanks for having us on the show today - we really enjoyed it! @emmaobrienphoto #heavypetting @CliffCentralCom
Latest & best podcast: RT @ionofm: #HeavyPetting w/ @LeighAnnMol on @CliffCentralCom Missed it? Listen here:
Heavy Petting w/ @LeighAnnMol on @CliffCentralCom - Doggy Style, Help a horny friend & more. Missed it? Listen here:
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@flaxyy: I just found my new wingman and it's non-other than---> @LeighAnnMol #Winning” Helping perves the world over ;)
RT @ArkAnimalCentre: Our beautiful Valli on her first family outing last weekend to the @4waysfarmarket ♡ How cute!?
Share. Look how stunning our cats are. Woodrock could do so much more if we rehomed these 2 beauties.
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STILL MISSING since 24 AUGUST from Harkerville/Plettenberg Bay. Intact MALE ROTTIE - presumed STOLEN :( PLEASE...
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@LeighAnnMol @CliffCentralCom Thanks to tomorrow's #HeavyPetting topic,my boyfriend's warmed to the idea of adopting an old rescue cat. Yay*
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RT @so_shaynaalice: .@LeighAnnMol @CliffCentralCom - what a great idea for a show! I'll be tuning in tomorrow for sure! #HeavyPetting
Adorable concept @SandtonSPCA Golden Oldie calendar of senior dogs. @emmaobrienphoto on #HeavyPetting @CliffCentralCom 10-11am tomorrow!
I'm going to be interviewed by Leigh-Ann Mol on Cliff Central tomorrow morning between 10am and 11am, please tune...
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Thank you @GarethFarinha. And it took very little effort.
Yes. No judging. RT @CliffCentralCom: This is how @LeighAnnMol walked in this morning. We won't judge, right?
Stylist Michelle Stanton @VeaudryInt makes me #VeaudrySpring pretty in just 5 minutes.