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Lea Verou
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#JS challenge: Construct array of all [a-z]+ strings of length<N in lexicographic order, w/out string concatenation or String.fromCharCode()
Okay. I don't get this. People can't be this... THICK, right?
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What a brilliant, yummy idea! Can't wait for them to be widely available!…
Google released hundreds of free icons:… Nice, but why not contribute them to the @nounproject?
Bad #UX is not just a nuisance. It can literally kill.…
So, apparently, my blog feed is broken: But I’ve changed nothing & just using @freedburner… Anyone facing same issue?
In css-backgrounds-4, we’ll get a property for border clipping. Until then, border-image & gradients to the rescue!…
This is the best video ever! MIT Gangnam Style… Highlight: Noam Chomsky at 3:19 saying “Oppa Chomsky Style”
Finally got my new iPhone 6+ today, after over a month of waiting!! First impression: OMG, it’s so huge! #TWSS
Why have I not seen a single editor/IDE that keeps stats of frequently selected autocomplete entries & shows them 1st in future suggestions?
#ProTip Never let the foodie in the group pick a place to order from. I just spent 40mins trying to find the best nearby option on @GrubHub!
Is there any real use case of animating elements along a circular path (like… ) or is it just a nice CSS exercise?
Very nice illustration RT @rgourley: Why Users Aren’t Clicking Your Home Page Carousel #UX
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The illustrated difference between <script>, <script async> & <script defer> via @Tyriar
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MIT people, partying hard on a Saturday night. (A study party is still a party, right? Right???)
“CSS: It was 20yrs ago today: an interview with Håkon Wium Lie” So much fascinating history there— follow the links!…
Coding style poll: if (foo) { return bar; } else { return baz; } or if (foo) { return bar; } return baz; Which one do u use and why?
Experiment #129434: Buying shoes from @amazon Status: Completed. Outcome: moderate success. Soon I’ll be buying everything from Amazon.
TIL about Patricia Selinger who laid the foundations of query optimization. Her work is taught at every university worldwide. #womenintech
One of the things I love about being at MIT…
A web designer walks into a bar, -moz-bar, -webkit-bar, -ms-bar, -o-bar, @‍supports (min-age: 21) {
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Berkson’s fallacy: Why handsome men are jerks and popular novels awful… Damn, now I want @JSEllenberg’s whole book!
.@branmovic On websites whose business model is primarily selling ad space, AdBlock is morally equivalent to theft IMO.
@vlh @LeaVerou The best way to troll a friend who leaves their computer unlocked is to search stupid/offensive/embarrassing things on Amazon
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This is what I’m talking about. They’re everywhere, all the time! :P
@LeaVerou Smart ad targeting would be rug cleaning products after you've bought the rug.
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Sometimes I hate ad targeting. Bought a zebra-striped rug online a few days ago, now every website I visit is full of zebra striped rug ads!
So fed up w/ @MendeleyApp & @papersapp. Feature bloat & unable to do the only thing I need: Detect metadata in online paper PDFs→add to lib!
Twitter gives MIT $10M and access to the firehose to build a Laboratory for Social Machines: (via @dhnow)
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@w3c happy birthday! Thank you + all who work on it for an interoperable, patent safe, international, accessible, open, multi-platform Web.
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.@w3c Happy 20th birthday!!! You should have a birthday party at the MIT offices! :D
Today in 1994 "1 October: World Wide Web Consortium founded" We are turning 20 today! #w3c20
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.@cramforce Having to reverse transactions as the only form of security feels a bit like using abortion as means of birth control.
One of the scariest things in the US is that you can pay stuff with just your bank account number (they call it “eCheck” or ACH withdrawals)
Any Buffalo, NY Rubyists have a couch for me to crash on for a night or two during @nickelcityruby? #ncrc14
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@LeaVerou google tilt, chuckle at the result, then cringe at how type renders
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Just discovered a Google Easter egg all by myself! Google “blink tag” (without the quotes) and observe what happens :D
I thought APNG was long dead, but apparently Apple decided to implement it in Safari 8 (!) I wonder what that means…
CSS was designed to be simple & easy, but the reality is a bit different…… (via @karger)
"bear in mind that it’s fallacious to assume that decriminalization of an act is encouragement to do it." @LeaVerou
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“Sexism is not a quality of individuals, it is a quality of the society we live in.”…
These photos and stories about women in tech are absolutely rad. So many contributions! I had no idea.…
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Ever wonder why so many girls are smiley and pleasantly noncommittal? It's because the world kicks the shit out of you when you're not.
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Just contributed a wee bit toward building a Tesla Museum by buying a cool Wardenclyffe tower tee! You can help too:…
So fed up w/ “Sorry you were offended” whenever I express ANY criticism. Are people so touchy lately that offense it the default assumption?
.@kindofone’s creative border-radius/reactive transitions game I demoed in a few talks is a nominee here… Vote for it!
@LeaVerou @PayPal Please cite the actual banking regulation so we can read it and understand.
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Lulz, @PayPal hasn’t gotten the memo that people these days move around countries a lot:… WTF Paypal?!