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League of Legends
Lists of Legends: Champion Teasers
Champion and skin sale: 08.01. - 08.04.
Prepare for the World Finals with Korean pro icons
Champion Update: Sona, Maven of the Strings
Gnar, the Missing Link, revealed
New free champion rotation: Janna, Lucian, Sejuani and more!
Champion and skin sale: 07.29. - 08.01
The Doom Bots have left the building!
LoL Design Values: In-depth with Mastery
Big Plays Spotlight: The Fearless Flank
The Doom Bots of Doom ending soon!
Lists of Legends: 12 iconic in-game moments
Pick up a Mystery Skin for a short time!
Champion and skin sale: 07.25. - 07.28.
What's even more entertaining than A New Dawn? Player made gifs of A New Dawn.
Celebrate the 2014 season with GPL summoner icons!