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L-Mizzy #LDash
Grace, Mercy & Opportunity - All God given…. #Blessed
You just gotta do it!
feeling really good about the music ive been making, looking forward to everyone catching on to what i been doing #LDash #KingMizz
they love what you do but hate you for doing it ! u sumn else kid #Hater
never what u see as something great how bout u hate what u despise
lol sometimes u just gotta leave a hundred dollar bill lying around... and let the scumbag make their move
a risk on a petty buck to findout intentions will save you a lifetime of riches...
Today i Thank God for always revealing the scumbags i come in contact with! #Blessings
No love in a cold world just #ColdBusiness
I do things different!
Listen to my song dedicated to the best boxer in the world #PressPlay #MoneyMan @LDashMizzy on #SoundCloud?…
Never give up on your dream
Music open doors...
I think I'm just in that part of my life. Embrace the good and the bad and know whose really in control of it all! Its all part of Gods plan
I can regret a mistake but I rather that I learn from it
Being ya self is the first thing!
My son really just did the Party Rock shuffle Lmao….
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist L-Mizzy - FTW [New single]
Me nd my son being silly before school... GoodMorn #KingMizz #LDashJr
Shot and Edit by @LDashMizzy @BossCarrot Performs songs off his new album #CodeOrange @ Lox Lounge
I know my angel looking down on me… Momma imma love you forever! #RIH (Rest In Heaven)
My old shit better then ya new shit and thats true shit
Might have to go to Apollo and get me a $ Gee real quick...
Can't wait to drop this new shit man o man….
Some of us are so heavenly bound, that we are no earthly good!! - Rev Al Sharpton
Bumping "Hood Happy - @BossCarrot @MrLightUpp & @cowboycandace " Expected to see the Boss he ain't show up!
Its friday and "I Feel Good" #JamesBrownVoice
Bout to #vibewitaniggalike @BossCarrot real quick listen to some of that vintage...
Was just bumpin my music via soundcloud back to back #Rewind (Yardie voice)
Take it ease I'm finna get ya mouth wet!
You one broke ass gangsta my nicca… FOH
You can call me King Tut/ but the reality is... I'm #KingMizz
Listening to beats vining right now…. Good Morning world don't let nothing stop you ! #KingMizz #LDash
I remember an officer told me "I am the law" Nah you enforce the law, disobey the law and get protected by the law!
We all need to face the truth ! We young, black and targets...
Great family day for me son, mom & poppa mizzy... My lil man fun
#WatchThizDVD we filming all week book us for your next video shoot or show for #BTSFootage
He who lack vision will never see what ya third eye show you... Therefore keep believing #Foresight
Been sonning niccz for a long time... But being a parent never gets old to me
Bout to go in the lab and put something together #newmusic Lets see how this inspiration flow!