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Big shout out to @MickiJae from @IamSiege and all of #teamsiege on her 22.....
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Don't u just hate it when reality smacks the f@$ck out of u.
@liiamsanders1: BACK FROM CALIFORNIA FINALLY ❤️❤️ @IamSiege
This nigga wear Sean john😂😂�
@autumnvickers02: Can't wait for @IamSiege to go on tour”😎😎😎😎
#Rp from my boy djmarleywaters this is too real #MERICA 😞😞�
@real_lilwill: @IamSiege I don't know about the was dom tho lol” gahahahaha
@real_lilwill: @IamSiege loollll just saying lol” I loved my long hair nigga it was wisdom
@autumnvickers02: @IamSiege omg no I don't 🙈 😱😔 way to go embarrass one of your biggest fans on twitter 😩 lol” haha all jokes😄😃😀
Thanx to @autumnvickers02 for being this back up Hahahaha this was hilarious #NotmyOj
@autumnvickers02: @IamSiege what's your favorite dance to do lol” my move is too bop and point at random people lmao but I have no favorite
@autumnvickers02: @IamSiege haha I love it well hopefully you post a video of you having fun” I got u I will one of these days lol
My Brother From Another Mother GO FOLLOW----->>> @IamSiege
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@WhiteGirlReview: @IamSiege Definitely has a new fan in me” 💯💯💯 tell that fan to come out of u and tweet me too lmao
@real_lilwill: I'm the guy you don't text during a funeral cuz you will laugh when everybody else is sad lol ask my brother @IamSiege” 💯💯💯
@autumnvickers02: @IamSiege lol gotta see a video of your dancing that would makelol” I'm that guy in the club that actually has fun lmao
@autumnvickers02: @IamSiege lol can you dance like that” not at all but the embarrassing part is I'm always dancing lmao
@real_lilwill: Check out the HYPE MAGAzine blog write up on my little brother @IamSiege…” ayy💯💯💯
@IamSiege they should be working on themselves to get better :-) you are on the outside doing what they cannot <3
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When your mom says she orders pizza but then says it's from Little Caesars
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I don't write family while they are in jail. I do real things like look out for there kids and help them get on feet when they get home 👊
the hardest niggas be saying the softest shit on social media hahahaha
That feeling when your brain is stuck on create mode and u ain't in the studio <<<<<<<😒😒😒😒😒😒
@JKwon_HoodHop: @IamSiege @real_lilwill my lil bruhs. Yall look out for each other yo. Yall a dope combo. Will teach him like I taught you”
Lol yo I promise anybody would laugh at the convos me and @IamSiege have we literally talk to each other like brothers
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Nobody from the NFC South deserves to be in the playoffs......
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@GlennJanelle: @WakefieldMan you already know man I got you and @IamSiege” Ayy lets get it
Verizon and sprint should put out cell phone phonebooks
Nobody talk to me about the mike brown situation that shit gets my blood boiling!!!
@ashleywarner151: @IamSiege She is beautiful, and talented! wish i was her:(” don't let the industries perfection change u, ur beautiful fr
TINK is the 2014 Lauryn hill #refreshing i know i tweet too much loll