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Ryan Fletcher
The weekend is here and it's the last of the summer shows. Let's get weird. And your tune of the weekend will be @theashleyr #WomanUp out now!
Productive day & now time to be very excited about this weekend, Telford & Fusion festival! Last summer shows we are gonna make them count!
A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. The world around us is a reflection of the world inside.
Back in rehearsals... New songs anyone?
So @ImAshleyRoberts single Woman Up is out today and you should all treat yourselves because it's awesome 👉👌
People who talk on the speakers at train stations MUST be putting that voice on a little bit! YOU CAN'T BE THAT NASAL!
Borrrrrrn to be wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild!
I nominate every single one of my followers to RT & donate £1.... Just £1 each is nearly £200,000 raised to make up for those who didn't
I hope everyone taking part in this ALS Ice Bucket challenge is aware of the true reason behind doing it... GET DONATING PEOPLE!
Bringin a little Nashville back... It's amazing how a different sounding instrument can inspire you to play things that would never usually occur to you! Give it a try see what you come up with... 🎼🎶
I feel the message for raising awareness for ALS may have been lost (guilty). No need to keep wasting…
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Thanks @adamjamespitts for the #ALSicebucketchallenge nomination. I'm putting this to @joelpeatstagram and @lawsonandy get it DONE!
Congratulations @KimberlyKWyatt @max_rogers mega happy for the 2 of you & the no doubt ridiculously good lookin new addition! See you soon😊
I'm on dog duty! 🐶
Me this morning/every morning
I mean dayyyyyyum @theashleyr
Oh hey jet lag thanks for my 3 am wake up call! I'll just be here watching when vacations attack 😑
Classy broad @theashleyr
Gotta love LA! I've missed you!
"You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you... That's where I'll be waiting..." - Absolute childhood hero!
Depression can drive you to the unthinkable. Be kind to each other and treat people how you like to be treated. RIP Robin Williams x
Can't believe the news, RIP Robin Williams a true legend x
Had the most shocking and horrifically graphic reminder of how fragile life is tonight.
What's up LA I am all up in and around your situation right now!
This is tweet is solely to let you know that I am 30,000 feet in the air with wifi and am amazed by it. Cheers x
Just after my final take of album 2... It's DONE!
Last day of recording this album. It's pretty much done with just a few hours of tweaking left.. Couldn't be happier with it! We're comin...