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Laurent Lavoye
My house is your house. :) Always a pleasure to read such a kind comment. It help us believe we doing the right...
Come and visit us on Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia.
Yes that's who we are... Standing proud... But getting old. lol
No comments... Just a mixed feeling of sadness and anger.
Today is a nice day to tan... but not like that!!! lol Leave that smartphone in ur bag people, and have a life.
Whack!!! In your face. lmao...
Who said Mermaids are a legend??? hahaha
Climate change is definitely affecting all of us!!! lol
I'm so happy about that!!! hahaha
What goes around, comes around.
Some people you wish you could have met in person.
That turns a normal commercial plane into a serious badass one... lol Respect Southwest Airlines.
Compassion is the "word of the day". :) Must watch.
That's why we have so many sea turtles around the Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia... Coz we care and protect them
Well I won't miss that one for sure :)
OMG!!! Ladies do not believe that, ok? It's a myth!!! And that video is so gore. Must watch though...Hahaha.
Life as a monk is... Hard!!! Lol... I laughed till tears. Love the music. Hahaha
I wonder if we should fin his dick off, the one on top? lol