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If you're a worm, don't date outside your species. Otherwise you'll fall prey to "killer sperm." @PLOSBiology
There IS something more rare than being killed by lightning, @CDCgov says. It's dying in a ___. (click to find out)
Only 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables are needed to help you live longer. Beyond that, more isn't better
Extremely cold weather kills twice as many Americans as extremely hot weather, @CDCgov data show.
Walking up several times a night can be as debilitating as getting just four hours of sleep a night, a study finds:
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Think 5 minutes of exercise isn't enough to make a difference? Think again:
If you can run for 5 minutes a day, you may add years to your life
Weight-loss research zeroes in on a "stop eating" switch inside the brain
The sanitary benefits of fist-bumping over hand-shaking are well-studied in the medical literature. Who knew?
Warning: Shaking hands with your doctor can be hazardous to your health.
The latest health advice: Do NOT shake hands with your doctor. Try a fist bump or high five instead:
Low blood cell counts in wild monkeys near Fukushima may be a sign that their immune systems are compromised
What do folks in the US, Canada, France, Taiwan and South Korea have in common? They're in the Clean Plate Club.
"Are you gonna eat that?" If you put it on your own plate, chances are overwhelming that the answer is "Yes"
"If you put it on your plate, it’s going into your stomach":
When we serve ourselves food, we eat pretty much everything on our plates, study shows
In America, 76% of overweight kids and 42% of obese kids think their weight is "about right." @CDCgov
"Body size misperception" is rampant among US kids & teens, @CDCgov report says:
Pradaxa can be safer for patients, but telling them how would undermind the marketing pitch. via @bmj_company
What's jealousy good for? 36 dogs and 2 scientists suggest it helps animals (of all species) survive childhood.
To fight depression, researchers have this advice: Don't gain weight. via @marymacvean
43% of men who served in U.S. military suffered emotional abuse as children, twice the rate of other men
Clinical trial @USC & @ChildrensLA helps 3-year-old hear for the first time. A success years in the making.
As if losing a parent isn't bad enough for a kid, new @PLOSMedicine study says it increases risk of premature death
Keep your skin from sunburn with clothes: