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Program helps rally South L.A. women to health
Many animals that suffer from contagious yawning. Here's what that says about the biological roots of empathy:
E-cigarette use among 6th-to-12th graders tripled between 2011 and 2013 alone, CDC researchers find:
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Scientists find another benefit to weight-loss surgery: It seems to make your brain work better.
Could broadening medical marijuana be the answer to the epidemic of deadly opioid ODs? Maybe.
Is medical marijuana a way to prevent fatal overdoses of pain meds? Study in @JAMAInternalMed looks promising
More than three-quarters of overweight kids were judged by their parents to be just fine, study says
Is childhood obesity relative? Study finds it's harder for parents to recognize when their kids need to slim down.
Doctors urge middle & high schools to start later in the morning, for the sake of teen health. Here's why:
Watching the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar, in the summer could be hazardous to your health, study says
Homework for parents as school starts
At SRF World Convocation, meditation and solidarity come into focus
Paramahansa Yogananda's steps on a path to a happy life
How Lou Ferrigno stays Hulk-ripped at 62
Tension Releasing Exercises shake loose 'therapeutic tremors'
Two Liberians who received experimental Ebola drug have shown "marked improvement," WHO says
U.S. teen birth rate hits historic low; @CDCgov researchers credit increased contraception use & abstinence:
Experimental drug for Marburg virus works great in monkey tests and may lead the way to an Ebola drug.
Reason to avoid casual sex? The more sexual partners you've had, the lower your odds of a satisfying marriage.
Marriage advice from research psychologists: Invite lots of people to your wedding. Here's why:
Anti-smoking program from @MassGeneral boosted quitting rate 70%, could cost less than $1,000 per quitter
Hospital counselors used free medication, phone calls to boost smokers' odds of quitting by 70% via @JAMA_current
Missionaries stricken with Ebola virus deserved special treatment and access to experimental drug, expert says
U.S. to accelerate clinical trials for experimental Ebola vaccine Start date moved up to early September
You can't trust your drug dealer, researcher warns