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1st @fitbit, then @Nike: Wearable tech devices hit another bump in the road: #LATFit
Might be the next big thing in tech, but did Nike Fuelband, Fitbit et al outpace demand, rush products? #LATfit
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Who is most sleep-deprived in America? Black teenage boys. @AmerAcadPeds
Two injectable drugs seem like promising ways to PREVENT migraines. Story by @marymacvean
Cardiologists warn of a drug can cause heart attacks, stroke and arrhythmia: MARIJUANA (medical or otherwise).
Things @US_FDA will NOT do about e-ecigarettes: ban kid-friendly flavorings (like chocolate) or restrict TV ads:
The @US_FDA says it will regulate e-cigarettes, starting with ban on sales to minors & health warnings.
This new @US_FDA warning on corticosteroid injections for back pain show dangers of using drugs off-label.
The @US_FDA warns that corticosteriod injections to treat back pain can have serious side effects, like death.
More progress with gene therapy. This time, it's used to make cochlear implants work better in deaf guinea pigs.
69% support for contraception coverage in Obamacare sounds high, but dental care, colonoscopies were more popular.
Men, take note: Pretty much any type of pain is a turn-off to females (mice). What helped? Not Viagra, but Lyrica.
69% of Americans support "controversial" Obamacare rule requiring health providers to cover birth control:
Pain isn't just painful, it kills libido in females. Shockingly, it has no such effect on males.
Study in @JAMAInternalMed aims to quantify the anxiety felt by women after a false-positive mammogram:
Nike lays off FuelBand team, exits wearable device market, report says: #LATFit
From the Dept. of Unintended Consequences: When chocolate milk is removed from schools, more white milk is wasted.
When it comes to the long-term consequences of bullying, depression & anxiety are just the tip of the iceberg.
Therapeutic cloning was going to be the "next big thing" in regenerative medicine. But times have changed.
Negative effects of bullying don't end in childhood. Not by a long shot.
When "free" actually means "really expensive": When describing prescription drug samples, @Stanford study says.
Think those free drug samples you get from your doctor are saving you money? Think again, @JAMADerm study says
PROGRESS: 13 of 41 vegetative patients had signs of consciousness in PET scans. 1 yr later, 9 of 13 had improved.
Another risk of obesity: Rise in BMI before or in early pregnancy is REALLY bad news for baby. @JAMA_current
California is first U.S. state to set drinking water standards for chromium 6, carcinogen of "Erin Brockovich" fame