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Not having ANY Ebola drugs, vaccines is a problem. Not having ENOUGH of them is a problem too:
Most of the calories that Americans have cut from their diets since 2007 were in the form of junk foods/drinks:
6.4 trillion: The number of calories NOT purchased (or eaten) by Americans since 2007.
101: The number of calories that Americans with kids have cut out of their daily diets since 2007.
Americans aren't getting fatter, but they're still adding inches around the waist
Kidney donors aren't just nicer than the rest of us. They also have bigger brains. @PNASNews
Bigger waistlines mean greater risk of heart disease & diabetes regardless of BMI. So this is a real problem:
Not-so-fun fact: Compared to singletons, twins are 6.4 times more likely to die within 28 days of birth.
Abdominal obesity is a particularly bad form of obesity. In the U.S., it's getting worse. @JAMA_current @CDCgov
Paying now prevents paying later for crime, sex, drug and psychological problems, study suggests
There's obesity & then there's abdominal obesity. One has stabilized; the other is getting worse.
Easy weight-loss advice: Make sure your food is NOT the same color as your plate. If they match, you eat 18% more
Gym bro culture lets young men share the weight of workouts
Doctor's weight-loss order pushed her into the pool; now she's a champ
Burn calories as you work without buying an expensive treadmill desk
Sweaters in the kitchen pantry and food in the bedroom closet? This'll keep you @Slimbydesign, @BrianWansink says
The only food items you should buy in bulk are foods that are good for you. Good advice from @BrianWansink
Clean up to slim down: Women who left cereal box out all day weighed 22 pounds more than neighbors who put it away.
Chew gum when you go to the supermarket. It'll reduce the amount of junk food you buy, @BrianWansink says
How to bulk up like a true gym bro
Las Vegas: Finding the latest in bike equipment at Interbike
Wondering whether that cough could be Enterovirus D68? Here's your expert guide:
Medications to tame anxiety and bring sleep can erode mental function, but may make Alzheimer's more likely
Second time's a charm for Contrave, the newest FDA-approved diet drug.
The @UN needs $600 million to fight #Ebola. The @gatesfoundation puts up 1/12th of that:
Talk about adverse effects! Drugs to treat poss. early symptoms of Alzheimer's may double risk of the disease
Anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax & Valium may double as anti-Alzheimer's drugs (that is, they may INCREASE risk of AD)
Turnout for @CareHarbor signups relatively low; more appointments to be handed out today. Link to #Obamacare?…
Enterovirus D68 no 'cause for concern' in California -- for now, official says: via @LATerynbrown
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Phrase of the Day: "Medically questionable medications." It appears they are rampant in U.S. nursing homes
One way to save big bucks in healthcare: Stop giving useless medications to patients with dementia.
Scientists @ucdavis MIND Institute test a REALLY early intervention for autism
Deep dive on the DNA of Ashkenazi Jews could help scientists understand genetic links to disease in EVERYONE
Los Angeles residential developments are pumping up gym amenities
A spouse with ADHD can put stress on a marriage
Tight muscles? Roll out those kinks and knots
Bill Maher banishes junk food, pumps basketballs and iron
Four pool moves that can be cool summer exercises
Good news, women! Your bra is NOT giving you cancer!
Sincere thanks to researchers @HutchinsonCtr for debunking the myth that bras cause breast cancer! @AACR
Health experts celebrate the fact that obesity rates rose in ONLY six states in 2013.
Congratulations America! You may be turning the corner on obesity. @RWJF_PubHealth @HealthyAmerica1
Melanoma is an occupational health risk for pilots, others who work 40,000 feet above sea level.
When less is more: Mastectomies to treat early-stage breast cancers. via @JAMA_current
Too many breast cancer patients sacrifice too many healthy breasts for too little benefit, via @JAMA_current
Africa needs Ebola drugs NOW. But it'll take 4-6 months to make enough ZMapp to run safety tests in people.
Atkins, Schmatkins. Whatever diet works for you is a diet that works. @JAMA_current via @aminawrite
Insects and algae in makeup? Yes, and many more common ingredients
This little boy was born deaf. Watch him hear disco music for the first time: #science #medicine #LosAngeles
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ZMapp goes 18-for-18 in treating monkeys with Ebola. Control group goes 0-for-3. Study in @nature