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"There’s a big gap between what we want to do in brain research and the technology to make exploration possible"
FIT = Fitness Improves Thinking. A new study in Pediatrics shows how true that is for kids!
President Obama's @BRAINinitiative announces first $46 mil in research funds. Here's what it'll buy:
Antibiotics may or may not clear up an ear infection, but they'll make some kids more prone to obesity
'Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy,' but teens don't always stick with it, @AmerAcadPeds says
OMG, IUDs for teens? YES, pediatricians say.
P.E. isn't a distraction from classroom learning -- it's essential to it. Here's how:
Condoms & withdrawal are teens' favored methods of birth control, but implants & IUDs are better, @AmerAcadPeds says
Has antibiotics use in babies contributed to the obesity epidemic? New research suggests it has.
Treating common early-childhood ailments with antibiotics may be linked to childhood obesity, study finds
The many ways dieters can sabotage their efforts to lose weight
Pancreatic cancer's a sneaky, mean SOB. But scientists at Salk Institute think they can unmask it and make treatment more effective....
Food expert suggests changes to lose weight -- willpower not required
For Chris O'Donnell of 'NCIS: Los Angeles,' yoga aids a battered back
E-bikes are a hit at Interbike show in Vegas
Put a bit more oomph into your push-up
Experiments with exasperated rats give scientists clues about how to focus the human brain:
People who work at least 55 hours per week more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. Is it quittin time yet?
Over 60 and noticing memory changes? Don't dismiss them.
Too stressed to exercise? Think again. It may be the key to warding off depression. Here's how it works...
Another way the rich are different: Long work weeks don't increase their risk of diabetes, via@TheLancetEndo
Is your job killing you? If you work more than 55 hours/week, it might be adding to your risk of diabetes.
What's in a face? It depends who's looking, scientists warn
Facial evolution was more than a dating game, studies show. Via @LATsciguy
If the rate of premature births in the U.S. were as low as in Sweden, 3,200 fewer babies would die each year
Type 2 diabetes rate is stable overall, but is still on the rise for blacks, Latinos and younger Americans
In 2011, nearly 24,000 American babies died before reaching their first birthday, @CDCgov says
Out of 29 of the world's richest countries, the United States ranks 26th for infant mortality. from @CDCgov
U.S. sees some payoff from getting obesity rates under control. Now rates of type 2 diabetes are flatting out too
Will #Ebola infect >1.4 million people, or be all but over by Jan. 20? Depends on world's response, @CDCgov says
Idea of Ebola virus that never leaves human population "has never previously been contemplated," WHO experts say
70.8% -- The proportion of people with confirmed @Ebola infection who have died in this outbreak. via @NEJM
#Ebola virus strain in current epidemic is actually no more lethal or virulent than strains in previous outbreaks.
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If present trends continue, #Ebola cases could exceed 20,000 by Nov. 2, @WHO experts write in @NEJM
#Ebola here to stay? The @WHO says the virus may now be endemic in humans.
Dry roasting may explain why peanut allergies are more common in Western nations than in East Asia
Raw peanuts provoked much smaller allergic response than nuts roasted at high heat. Blame the Maillard reaction!
Allergic to peanuts? Maybe you're just allergic to the way they're cooked, scientists say
Can you fight pain by looking at a beautiful painting? Yes, according to research that won an @IgNobel Prize
Yoga? Yes! More, please, especially after Bhakti Fest
Coping with anxiety: Newsmen share strategies, including meditation
Duchess Kate's pregnancy puts focus on ills of severe morning sickness
Groov3 is a dance party that doesn't feel like exercise
.@BarackObama declares a war we can all get behind. The enemy: drug-resistant superbugs:
Enterovirus D68: in the past, ppl wd say the flu season was early. "But maybe it wasn't the flu. Maybe it was this."
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Sad fact: For blacks to be twice as likely to die from gun violence is actually an improvement since the 1990s.
Take this news on artificial sweeteners with a grain of salt, experts warn. Mice are not people.
ICYMI: Here's some not-so-sweet news about the metabolic effects of artificial sweeteners (mainly in mice).
Is a foreign aid worker more deserving of an Ebola vaccine than a nurse who lives in West Africa?
Not having ANY Ebola drugs, vaccines is a problem. Not having ENOUGH of them is a problem too: