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SO EXCITED to see @heyingridnilsen on #PRThreads 😁
Let us all take a virtual trip to LA via this video. Weeeeeee
New video todayizzle
Woke up early. On purpose. It was so weird.
Missed this one 😍
Back at home with THE BEST PUMPKIN COOKIES. πŸŽƒπŸͺ
I'm staying at a hotel w/ a 'hotel dog' that guests can walk & pet. Which is 1. adorable and 2. proof that the gov't can access my dreams.
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Came home to my roommate blasting Christmas music. "I can't help it. I started and I can't stop."
me: goodnight moon :) moon: night<3 me: goodnight stars :) moon: wtf me: sry wrongnumber moon: whos stars moon: who is stars moon: answer me
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My Uber driver keeps pronouncing my name wrong while telling me what a beautiful name it is.
Just overheard this girl declare that she's really strong & tough because she's from Texas & I'm just like IF ONLY THAT WAS AN ACTUAL THING.
"I run the way boys fall in love with me. Slowly, and then not at all."
If I'm ever on a red carpet, I'm gonna carry a child on my back so when they ask who I'm wearing I can be like, "Oh this is Billy."
This device was invented because humanity collectively decided "closing a door behind me is too much effort"
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He also just used a magnifying glass to look at the map on his phone so I think I found my new best friend.
My Uber driver is currently blasting "Just The Two Of Us" on the radio and I am very tempted to jump into the front seat and sing to him.
Saw Birdman last night. It was nothing like Batman. That's my review.
Uber driver: "Where are you from?" Me: "Dallas" Uber driver: "Do you have the Ebola?" 😳
oh. my. god. β€œ@ArchiveGHD: @laina622 along with this... #bored”
Blake Lively is pregnant and says she craves organic hand-churned pumpkin flavored ice cream. My tubes just tied themselves.
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These meme even has it's own calendar.
I EAT TOO OKAY β€œ@BrizzyVoices: All @laina622 does at lunch is show you pictures and videos of her dog.”
Throwback to that time Luna looked directly at the camera at the perfect time like the little YouTube star she is.
Remember Conner from Surf Camp/Dare to Share? Fast forward a couple years and he just got crowned HOMECOMING KING! 😁
Ate this yesterday. We told the waiter we were too full for dessert, and he replied with, "Here's the thing. Even when you think you're full, there's still like 10% of your stomach that's empty. And this cookie has bacon on it." He's good at his job. πŸͺ
"It's hilarious that they changed his name."
When you're all out of dance moves at a party, just remember: The Macarena dance can be done to any song. Any. Song.
It's 8am. I just woke up bc the guy next door keeps blowing his nose & then talking, very loudly, about the benefits of blowing one's nose.
This hotel has walls that are so thin, there are complimentary earplugs in the rooms. I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING.
Checking out @ImprovComedyLA for the first time tonight! Hashtag excited.
πŸ•πŸͺ with @mikeybolts
Just witnessed @mikeybolts get recognized in public by a kid who thought he was @SethMacFarlane. He took a picture and everything. Best day.
That moment when you realize "Who Let The Dogs Out" had nothing to do with actual dogs and your childhood was a lie.
"Hey man, take a pic of me with my shirt off" "Uh, okay...look at the camera" "Nah I'm gonna seduce this plant"
"Hey man, take a pic of me on this hill" "Uh, okay...look at the camera" "Nah I'm gonna look down at my cool pants"
"Hey man, take a pic of me being artsy" "Uh, okay...look at the camera" "Nah I'm gonna gaze deeply at the wall"
"Hey man, take a pic of me looking sporty" "Uh, okay...look at the camera" "Nah I'm gonna awkwardly look at the ball"
"Hey man, take a pic of me working out" "Uh, okay...look at the camera" "Nah I'm gonna pout and look at my muscles"