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I'm not afraid of aging because @JohnStamos and @BettyMWhite exist.
My night brain comes up with the best ideas.
Who decided it was a good idea to scare ourselves awake every morning? Instead of alarm clocks, we should have gently nudge clocks.
Invent a drink called "Responsibly" and your advertising is set forever
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"I can't believe I ever stayed up writing songs about you" is the most ironic song lyric of all time, Demi Lovato.
Life is more like a box of social media and sleeping.
If life was actually like a box of chocolates, life would be perfect.
I think I should legally change my name to something a little more common so that I can get a Coke bottle with my name on it.
LOVE this video by @missglamorazzi - so honest, inspiring, and genuine. For some reason I'm craving Olive Garden now.
If Beyonce and Jay-Z break up, who gets custody of the overratedness?
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EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED. I can only do the Cupid Shuffle so many times, guys.
Although they DID go on vacation without me for a couple weeks...
I've been staying with my parents for almost 3 months now. I don't know how they haven't killed me, yet.
Remember the precious boy we cross posted for our friends at @FAASTX yesterday? The good news is…
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It's "bedtime" AKA "time to lay in bed watching Netflix" πŸ’»πŸ˜³
Do you know that King Tut's real name was King Tit but the hieroglyphics auto corrected it.
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OMG NO I FORGOT THAT EXISTS WATCHING NOW β€œ@Legend__DARY: @laina622 Have you watched Girl Most Likely, yet? Bc Kristen is great in it. πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œβ€οΈβ€
Also there's no way that "I got shrunk" is proper grammar, but I said it anyway because I'm too lazy to google it right now.
Honey I Shrunk the Kids is on Netflix? Time to relive my childhood! Because I liked the movie, not because I got shrunk as a kid...
Ugh why am I wearing pants
.@BrizzyVoices WAIT. WHAT. YES. WHAT IS HAPPENING. DOES IT TASTE THE SAME PLS RESPOND.… This video is basically the entire embodiment of how I function as a human being... sadly. :( @laina622 is science.
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