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Just watched @paulvarghese - he was super funny, even though he might have made fun of YouTube...
#GoMeanGreen #IdkWhatsGoingOn 🏈
People who put toilet rolls on backwards are probably the same people that pour their milk before their cereal. #DeepThoughts
I'd much rather sleep and not have the latest iPhone, than camp in a line all night long FOR A PHONE.
Sometimes I just stare at my dog wondering if she understands how weird I am.
I just watched the trailer for The Skeleton Twins 3 times in a row. SO. EXCITED. TO SEE THIS MOVIE.
NEW VIDEO up now at 😁
Here is some #tbt proof that I was the ugliest of all the kids in my family. Although, my other brother isn't in this're just gonna have to trust me on this one.
If you guessed the boy in the red shirt dancing, you guessed correctly. You win nothing.
NEW VIDEO!!!! Try to guess my favorite part. I will tell you it later, but just TRY TO GUESS FIRST.
New video soon. While you wait, tell me what to get for lunch because I'm trying to decide and I can't make this big of a decision alone.
Just woke up. Laying in bed thinking about how badly I want today to be Thanksgiving. I'm so hungry. I should get up.
"Say girl.....hows about a belly rub?" 😏🐾
Fruit tarts.πŸ“
Wow. Much bug bites. Very itching.
Second time this week.
Breakfast with my sister and my best friend. Two of muh favorite peeps. 😁
Perfect breakfast in perfect weather is perfect.πŸ΄πŸ˜‹β›…οΈ
It's kind of impossible not to love my sister.
NEW VIDEO!!!! My sister is back in town and therefore back in a video.
Allllllllmost time for ze video........
EXTREME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. The video will be a little later than planned, but working on it.
New video later tonight with the sister! 😁
Morning adventure with this one. 🐾🌳🌾😍
YESSSS KEEP QUESTIONING US. #AskLainaAndSarah β€œ@ReeikoMichael: @laina622 is the questions still happening?”
This week's video is another with my sister! Send us questions using #AskLainaAndSarah
Today is going to be a good day because today started with chocolate cake.
"You shouldn't put quotes around your tweets and then not put who said them."
.@sinan_810 But with tiny hands comes tiny wrists.
"I was hoping the iPhone 6 would be smaller because I have little hands."
Now she's laying in bed talking about what we should eat for breakfast.
We're definitely related.
My sister just declared she was "so full" after eating dinner and then proceeded to discuss the snacks we should eat later before bed.
πŸ˜‚πŸ‘΄οΏ½@Guitarchick28k28: Over 12K views!? Reallllllly hope she sees…3Jp”
Picking up dog poop is like an easter egg hunt for adults.
My sister and I are eating Taco Bell in bed because we're adults and there are no rules.
Goodnight, internet. Time to put down my phone, lay in bed attempting to sleep for a good 30 seconds, and pick it up again. 😴
Congrats to all the winners at the @streamys tonight! And big congrats to my body for all the food it handled while I watched from my couch.
The #StreamyAwards would be a lot more fun to watch if the mics were on...
I'm not gonna brag but I'm really good at getting mosquito bites.
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Hope everyone has fun at the @streamys tonight! I'll be at home having fun at the Netflixys.
My sister: "I have an obsession with apple butter." My dad: "That's better than being a crackhead." #FamilyTime
"I Google you occasionally." - my mom
"Idk, my BFF Jill?"
On an adventure. #WishUsLuck #SheToldMeToMakeThatTheHashtag #Hashtag πŸ’Ύ #ILoveThatEmoji