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Matthew McCluster
Haven't been to the gym in so long. Feels like I'm totally restarting from square one. That's why we don't take days off..
Loud people get on my nerves. I need peace and tranquility to function.
If you're in america and you marked yourself as safe during the earthquake, I hate you. Lol
When your phone is dying but you don't care. Rare mood..
I'm lucky to have such a blazing hot mama. Happy Mother's Day mom.
When you're scrolling on insta and you accidentally like a dude's pic...
God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them.
Girls be like "I knew Floyd would beat Mayweather's ass"
I knew the boy Floyd would pull through. My June has good genes.
I just ate 1500 calories in one meal. Talk about a cheat day lol
A bitter person says all men/women are the same, a wise person decides to stop seeking the same kind of men/women
Religion focuses on what happens after you die. I rather focus on dying a death worth living.
Don't be afraid to lose it all and start from square 1. You've been to the bottom before, you know which way to climb.
It's so fun to hit parties, stay sober and watch all the drunkards and stoners act their shoe size. Today is lit
I don't smoke weed, but I'll be at all the parties worth attending today.
I love feeling this warm delicious sunlight bathe my skin in ecstasy.
The club is deff not my scene anymore. I grew up :/
"hurry up and wait!" Military guys will get this lol
These cats are doing too much of nothing.
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
What I miss most about my childhood is the angry outbursts and the violent mood swings. Life is too predictable right now...
It's like the more I drink, the closer I get to the old me.
Tequila is like the devil's sweat.
Everyone put their snapchats below. I'll add y'all if i don't have you already
"I'm the one who's got to die when it's time for me to die. So let me live my life how I want to" -Jimi Hendricks
People are so temporary, I don't even save numbers anymore
"I don't like drama, I simply can't stand it!" She said as she turned on the daily soap opera.
May I be in heaven for a full half hour before the devil knows I'm dead.
What is the face of a coward? The back of his head as he runs from the battle...
I hate people who are cheap with their kids.
What good fortune for the governments that the people don't think. -Adolf Hitler
Americans are either very stupid or very bored. The potential color of a dress is making headlines....
I don't trust a female who can't keep her cell number on for more than a year.
I stay up so late my nights are starting to feel like days without sunshine
Auditions are being held to be your best self. Apply within. -Anon
how would I describe Cassidy's performance in that battle vs. Diz? In a word, DISASTER HAHA!
If Jesus could walk on water could he swim on land?
#worstdateever We were at a movie and she fell asleep. When the movie was over I left her sleeping in the theatre
Beef jerky = meat raisin
When the zombies on the walking dead are better actors than the main characters..
I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you actually left them.
we hurt people that love us we love people that hurt us
I wish there existed a business that delivered doughnuts and other delicious pastries.
Dear auto correct, at no point have I ever meant "ducking"
The drunk me be like "hehehe let's mess up the sober me's life and see if he can pick up the pieces!!" Evil bastard..
Matthew began his day with 12 fucks. He ended his day with a dozen fucks. How many fucks did he give?
I swear I under react to situations. I find myself faking anger like 󾌽 when really I feel like, 󾌾 meh. I ain't even tripping.
I don't care what race you are, how light you are or how dark you are. If I want you, I want you.

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