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Matthew McCluster
"People who qoute themselves are usually stuck up bastards" -Matthew McCluster
Is your life really only worth 60-100k a year?
Bosses don't brag and Gangsters don't advertise. Carry on...
Got more accomplished today than I've accomplished all year. Thank God for starbucks coffee :p
J. Cole is the tupac of this generation
Streets are full of people living lives like us, waiting for a dream to come and take them away. A dream is not a bus. - Julian Velard
Impossible is 1 rep away from reality
Replacing my heart with another liver so I can drink more and care less
My phone broke so until I get a new one, hit me on the book.
When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.
When it's after 12 and the hormones are doing the talking.
Even if you're on the right track you'll get run over if you just sit there
Making the wrong decision is better than being indecisive because at least you took action.
Life isn't about discovering yourself. It's about creating yourself.
It's not about the hour you workout. It's about the 23 that you don't.
Plangent thoughts, sleepless nights.
We live in a moment of history in which change is so sped up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing.
Music is the sound your soul makes.
Attrition. Strength isn’t how long far you can go before you break. It’s how far you can go after you’ve been broken.
I feel like having a good brawl. Who's man enough to spar with the kid?
These young guys kill me... Talk too much and don't fight enough
I hate when BROKE people say "Money can't buy you happiness" Uuuummm.. How exactly would you know?
The most annoying excuse people have is "Obesity runs in my family." Obesity runs in your family cause y'all don't run. It's a choice
I focus on money more than I do people because I never met a dollar I didn't like...
We have the fomula. These other cats can either become ingredients, or stand by now and later wish they had gotten in the mix.
People who are successful don't have some secret formula. They live with audacity and often do the things normal people only do on occasion.
I would promise to let her stay... Hit it.... Then send her on her way....
Make large investments in yourself, you're worth the risk.
The cellphone is your best friend during awkward situations.
Violence, if it's not solving all of your problems, you aren't using enough of it.
I would vote for donald trump.
we're almost there and nowhere near it, all that matters is we're moving
I was told I have a smug personality. Me? Smug? No way dude.
I go to my doctor and frantically tell him I think I'm a hypochondriac. He goes "No you're not son, it's all in your head" lol
Spanish women are my only weakness
If you have something good to say, it shouldn't take you very long to say it
Go 24 hours without complaining, not even once. Watch how your life starts changing.
I ask my sister "hey, you wanna go to this new church I found this sunday?" Her first response is: "Is it a cult?" Oh glagly...
I need a training partner for the mornings. Who's down?
Just because I forgive you doesn't mean I'll forget what you've done.
"I only have sex with guys I like REALLY like" 😇 You must REALLY like everyone you meet. lol
Haven't been to the gym in so long. Feels like I'm totally restarting from square one. That's why we don't take days off..
Loud people get on my nerves. I need peace and tranquility to function.
If you're in america and you marked yourself as safe during the earthquake, I hate you. Lol
When your phone is dying but you don't care. Rare mood..
I'm lucky to have such a blazing hot mama. Happy Mother's Day mom.
When you're scrolling on insta and you accidentally like a dude's pic...
God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them.
Girls be like "I knew Floyd would beat Mayweather's ass"

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