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Benjvmin Chvse
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A hoe makes a man come. A "bad bitch" makes a man come out of his pockets. A real woman makes a man come home
If it comes from a plant, eat it. If it was MADE in a plant, don't.
If I formulate a viewpoint that "swag fags" and "hipsters" continuously agree with I immediately rethink my point of view on the matter.
I think it's time I settle down. I'm going to stop chasing "the one" and let it just happen.
Oh my goodness I hate shopping with girls!!! They take FOREVER to try stuff on. It's been like half an hour for three outfits!
When I'm done with my therapist, my therapist will need to see a therapist.
I had a rough morning. Someone should hmu and make me laugh
Mirrors look so seductive these days. I think I've been turning gay for myself recently.
If it's not grass fed, I don't eat it.
Trust... Who can I...
This weekend was real. Stayed up for three days. What a ride. The city never sleeps why should I.
I'm careful about who I let into my past. I'm even more careful about who I let into my future.
I woke up like this.. Then went right back to sleep I'm not a morning person.
Website Coming Soon :)
I've been up all night remixing Taylor swift lol. Shake it off remix coming soon ;)
I don't care who was "before" me, as long as I know there's nobody "during" me.
As soon as I hit age 18 I forgot how to sleep at night...
Idris Elba always plays the role of some fucked up black guy who is either always tired or always angry..
Some random woman's baby just threw up on my leg... She was unapologetic about it. People are so inconsiderate.
People are so backward sometimes. Why do people continue spending money trying to LOOK rich instead of saving money and trying to BE rich
I'm tired of the violence. I'm tired of the police treating us like animals, I'm just tired...
I try not to stereotype people but eventually they end up proving me right smh..
Saw you at your worst and still thought you were the best
For all of the women who brag about how many men want them please remember this, the cheapest prices attract the most customers.
Someone should police the fucking police
I'm not cocky, I'm a humble guy who is very secure about himself. Don't blame my security for your insecurities.
"Damn, I left the house without my headphones... Now how am I going to ignore all of these homeless people..." -Republicans
I'm just too cool to fit in.
I have found the first Command Code: "the quick fox jumped quickly"
Be yourself. If yourself fucking sucks try to be me, I'm cooler than you.
The thing about things that sound too crazy is this. More often than not, they're crazy enough to be true..
See all these fake people have an image to maintain, real people just don't give a fuck....
A roman soldier walks into a bar, holds up two fingers and says "five beers please"
I hate when people say I'm weird, like no bitch you're BORING!! People lack personality these days stop following and be a leader!
And you never know who's behind behind the door when the door knocks..
Dear fat girls who wear perfume that smells like good or candy. You are only making yourself hungrier.
It's official, parents are now punishing their kids on Facebook for likes..
I'm never where I'm supposed to be and always where the money is.
Why do people do these stupid internet challenges? If there was a shoot yourself in the nuts challenge I bet these morons would try it...
There are teenagers having unprotected sex who have cases on their cellphones... Let that sink in for a minute..
Here's a toast to us who lose interest in relationships quickly.
I'm in therapy to learn how to deal with people who should be in therapy
CT head to CT head, Lets get up and cook some beats dawgz. Add me so I can DM the digits lets get up
What happened to Alex M Philip? Send out the search teams
I'm so Bridgeport that I once lived there... How's that guys, did I sound gangster enough?
It's just a matter of days before I'm fucking GOLD
Why do girls always think I'm mad at them?
I had a looong day in the studio with my team and I'm about to have a longer night. The work never ends.
Baby I just do it..
People are coming out of the womb with easy buttons where there belly buttons should be. Have some self respect..