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Lady Gaga
I hope with my music, shows, and message I can share with you all these blessings though the beauty of art. Love, a very humbled Lady. πŸ’‹
Some days it hits me so hard, reality, I can't express my gratitude enough to monsters+team for believing in me. U changed my families life.
Spent a lot of time crying today, happy tears, but many. I can't believe my life. Being able to buy nice things, travel, it's overwhelming.
#AphroditeLadySeashellGreekini ! The planets were brought into "Venus" to bring in the Roman interpretation of Greek Art, Astrology! πŸŒ•
Were leaving for Greece today to play the Olympic Stadium! I'm so ready! Much of ARTPOP was inspired by classical art + Pagan tradition 🐚
@ladygaga Check out more ARTPOP-inspired tattoos, Gaga! they're awesome 🎨🐚
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Goodnight babies , there will never be another fan base like you. #monster4life thanks for making my life so beautiful. Been posting as much as I can to share it with you. I wish you all the blessing I feel humbled to experience. 🌹
I may not be a real Sultana, but this hotel room sure makes me feel like one. #MonsterStyle
This also occurred, when I became a real life *face palm* moment Someone had too much fun tonight, Aphrodite feeling sassy! 🐚
Beautiful crowd tonight just sensational, know every word to ARTPOP. It's unfortunate the media gave the impression it hasn't been successful, when in truth it inspired many fans all over the world and is a wonderful success bridging contemporary art, rave, and love. I've loved every moment of this
Tonight we turned all our pain into a rave. Make art of your sadness, and your whole life will be a party of the future. #artraveIstanbul what an incredible crowd. πŸŽ¨πŸŽ‰
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett team up for the sublime "Nature Boy" from their upcoming 'Cheek to Cheek' album:
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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett's "Nature Boy" is #1 on Billboard Trending 140 !
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Haven't heard it yet? 'NATURE BOY' is streaming NOW: RT Pre-Order: #7daysTillCheekToCheek 🎺🐾
Show starts in 1 hr 45 min! Were gonna make art in the spirit of rave, and rave in support of the art! LETS GO TURKEY! #artRAVEIstanbul
Tonight Lady Gaga plays her 50th artRAVE at ITU STadium in Istanbul. Check out monsters' outfits #artRAVEIstanbul πŸŽ‰
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Listen to 'NATURE BOY' by Tony Bennett + me, from #CheekToCheek! RT and preorder new album
Listen to 'NATURE BOY' by @itstonybennett + me, from #CheekToCheek! RT and preorder new album
TREND IT Monsters! #TonyGagaNatureBoyOnVevo Lets bring jazz to the whole world for these great composers! We can do it!
Ok no more informative tweets!---->jazz nerd. Just close your eyes and enjoy "NATURE BOY" in 1hr33 minutes! #ThankUMonstersForSupportingJazz
It's just so interesting. This composer was part of a sub-culture of nomadic hippies! We channelled our own Gypsy lives in this performance.
It wasn't until 1947 that the song was published, written sometime during/after 1941 while pianist Ahbez wandered LA eating only raw fruits.
You will hear his genius in the flute solo of our "NATURE BOY" a solo that will echo through the world today. And forever. #TheGreatPaulHorn
Horn was meant to join Tony & me for the PBS special but sadly passed just weeks before, a New Age Jazz pioneer, lets celebrate him 2day.
You will recognize it also famously as used in 'Moulin Rouge,' but our rendition with the now late multi-reedist Paul Horn is spectacular.
Nature Boy was composed in 1941 by eden ahbez, a wandering man from Brooklyn with long hair. It was recorded first by Nat King Cole in 1947.
'Nature Boy' from #CheekToCheek will officially be available to stream on VEVO in 2 hrs & 11 minutes! This is one of my absolute FAVORITES!
What a beautiful day, got beat up pretty good with some Chinese medicine cupping. But good to stay healthy!
Also this happened today, another hotel cake delivery. Me and my little baby Asia on a Magic Carpet Ride. #JasmineGa it's made of fondant and was surrounded by baby rainbow cupcakes, just magic! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
And guess who was the captain of the ship! #AllAboardCaptainAsia
YACHT Party with Haus of Gaga, A family affair. #artraveistanbul
Trend it Monsters. Lets show @cher how much we appreciate her #MonstersLoveCher Now that's what I call class! 🍸
It's @cher a supreme honor to sing Bang Bang, that song time traveled & continues to inspire, I wish to honor your legacy w/ every breath. πŸ‘―
You know @cher that level of support coming from you means more than you will ever know. Your confidence is the mark of a true legend. πŸ’—You.
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I lay in bed, and hear the sounds of new melodies. Repeating over and over. Inspiration, a tear falls down, I taste it. Stomach turning.
Watch the full @HSN special on demand now on AOL and hear brand new 'CHEEK TO CHEEK' songs!…
They even left a sweet note for Miss Asia, next to a beautiful puppy bed, food and silver bowls. Ultimate elegance, a million thank yous I feel like a princess. 🌹
My suite in Istanbul is simply sensational. Incredible space, design, views and luxury. Look at this chocolate wheel, grand piano and flowers. I'll be writing some songs while I'm here!
I need some Hookah and Turkish coffee stat! #GagaInIstanbul
#artRaveIstanbul They broke the steel barricades, don't mess with monsters. πŸ‘―
GROUND CONTROL from Istanbul! FINALLY I'm with my beautiful Turkish Fans! And o boy were they ready at the airport, thank you for the hugs and cheers you gorgeous kids! 🐾 Up
Amazing painting by a little monsters. Off to Istanbul #artRave where we rave in the spirit of art!
Goodbye Tel Aviv we will miss you! Now, off to Turkey!
Lady Gaga's manic sci-fi artRAVE wakes Tel Aviv from its war-induced slumber: Gaga was most impre... JPost_Sports
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