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kim atienza
food business partying 2,878,234 followers
edsa SB lane is a huge parking lot. stay away, you've been warned.
the worlds most famous mascots are Mickey Mouse and ronald mc Donald
welcome idol :) “@jessielacuna00: “fastest pinoy swimmer now is Jessie lacuna 1:53 for 200M freestyle!” THANK YOU KUYA KIM!!😊😊”
fastest pinoy swimmer now is Jessie lacuna 1:53 for 200M freestyle!
capiz is named after the windowpane oyster (Placuna placenta) found in Malaysia India and the Philippines.
last long bike before next week's #cebuironman70.3 90km bike to naic w the boys
the pursuit of pleasure is like chasing the wind.
bonding time with joseheli1 in #italiannis. he ate a 300 gram steak, a whole pizza and a few loaves of…
correction, adults have 32 permanent teeth, children have 20 temporary teeth.
isabela province was named after queen isabela ll, was named queen of spain when she was an infant.
people in their 60s are sexy. they are called "sexagenarians" from the latin sex meaning six
look @Feli_Atienza you're in the papers again! you're more sikat than me na! #proudofmywife
pursuing fame and wealth is like chasing after the wind. seek The Lord and his righteousness, all these will be added anyway.
proud @TimberlandPH ambassador! classic boat shoes tonight.
the 1st Phl life insurance co was the insular life assurance co. est in 1910. their building in ayala was the former home of repertory phils
bgy bulihan silang cavite. bulihan is from the word "buri" or cabbage palm
toto is a latin word that means complete. "en toto"
your grace helps me see things through your eyes and act according to how you would want me. without grace I am powerless.
Be ready for the rain with Secodwind golf-sized umbrellas available at @secondwindrunningstore"
calamba laguna, from the 2 tagalog words kalan + banga. the biggest clay jar in the world is in the town plaza
in all circumstances, help me turn the other cheek Lord.
Bago pumasok...maligo! Pero teka, anong gimmick naman kaya ito para sa siyensya, @kuyakim_atienza? Abangan sa Linggo!
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