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kim atienza
Karylle, Kuya Kim astound in DIY ‘Magpasikat’ number on ‘Showtime’ @anakarylle @kuyakim_atienza
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tapos na sa wakas! #magpasikat sa #itsshowtime thank you sa lahat ng tumulong, salamat mommy d!…
it's done! thank you so much to all those who helped! thank you Lord!
these beagles are growing so fast monique_teodoro stefano_marcelo @taygle @ vasquez malate
welsh corgis have the most steady personalities! @ vasquez malate
"Never confuse the effect with the cause. The effect in me is obedience, service, and prayer, and is the outc...…
God created everything. Darwin attempts to explain the process. @JoejemDC: Bible's Creation of Man o sa Darwin's theory of evolution?
Sa balat ng tao. dead skin @nabilhuZAYN: saan po nanggagaling ang alikabok? #askkuyakim
I am Christian @rooj_harder: anong religion mo? #askkuyakim
today you are 3,000,000 already! thank you for the friendship. I love you all!
if he says this before he lies to gepeto, it will not @jiLLguadalupe: what happens when Pinnochio say "My nose will now grow" ? #AskKuyaKim
add 10% distance every week. @junskie03: how to improve stamina? i've been jogging for a while now and i still get wasted #askkuyakim
I love labs and beagles @jrchogrcia: what best breed of dog that you can suggest ? #askkuyakim
get better cushioned shoes. @akonikkulet: what to do with shin splints? my race will be on nov 16! :(”
si baby joy :) @YesToViceRylle: Sino ang partner mo po sa magpasikat? :) #AskKuyaKim
manood ka bukas :) @VKBuko: kelan ka po magperform sa Magpasikat? sino po partner mo? #askkuyakim
eat correctly, lots of veggies and brisk walk. @Justforfree1: pano po magpaliit ng tyan? Ano pong exercise dun? #AskKuyaKim
it's called the hypnic jerk, tired muscles decompressing. @joneskristoff: #AskKuyaKim Bakit po pag natutulog, biglang feeling mo malalaglag
el nido anytime. @rooj_harder: balesin or el nido? #askkuyakim
deep focused reading is best. I love non-fiction @ivoroid @yeppomeWP I read a lot, however, suggest a book that would increase my memory?
wala. sleep eat and proper posture will do it. @Justforfree1: ano pong exercise para mag increase ang height? #AskKuyaKim
pag overweight o mataba at pagod @rhianlegazzpi26: #AskKuyaKim bakit po naghihilik ang tao? Mas madalas po pag pagod.
reading is the gymnasium of the brain. read read read @yeppomeWP: #AskKuyaKim Paano po maincrease ang memorization skills? 😄”
hirap ng sunday ano? daming homework for monday. kaya mo din yan @loveAchh: #AskKuyaKim Ano po ba dahilan ng pagiging pink ng Lake Retba?
5k to 20k and a year of imprisonment. @itsnashCamimo_: anu po ba parusa kung pinunit mo yung bandila ng pilipinas..”
homework mo yan love, kaya mo yan :) “@IamMariiyaa: ano po yung optimal stopping? In simple explanation
hindi lahat ng kasabihan ng matanda ay tama. @vladimirdizon: totoo bang nakakaintindi yung maliliit na daga, yung tinatawag na "mabait"
aiglet @renazyu24: #AskKuyaKim ano po tawag sa plastic sa dulo ng shoelace?
our pleasure! @iloveMADAMvIcE: @matanglawintv @SuperbookTV thankyou for giving us a lot of learning congrats po godbless and glory to god”
of course! look. @mitchypitchy: kahit nasa 70's na pwede pa ding magkaroon ng abs?”
I'm turning 48 in 2 months. wala sa age ang abs :) @GerryMoralesJr: Ilang taon ka na po? Curious lang! May abs kapa kase. 😊✌”
happy Sunday tweeps! thank you for watching @SuperbookTV and @matanglawintv today! 7 years na kami!
Hindi pa tapos ang Phuket adventure ni @kuyakim_atienza sa @matanglawintv! ABANGAN! At para sa updates, follow...
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18k Sunday long run with the posse now. thank you for the opportunity to run Lord!
often we are too busy. we are to soak ourselves in scripture, our artillery when problems come. "In our Lord’...…
eliana and emman cheering for jose at today's #anvayatri
congratulations on your third triathlon jose! recover well, all the steak you can eat tomorrow!…
hey troy! best regards @troymontero: haha nice one in the 70s it was hip to invert words. guwapo became po-gwaps then eventually pogi.””
handsome was a word initially used for objects. literal meaning is "easy to handle or use"
in the 70s it was hip to invert words. guwapo became po-gwaps then eventually pogi.
mosquitos balance the death rate and the birth rate. it's is the worlds deadliest animal. @imsoooshai: ano po ba ang silbi ng lamok sa mundo
we do not need the formulas in real life but we need the mental discipline and patience @MeiShekinah13: Why do we need to study algebra?
God doesn't move in your life when you struggle; He moves when you pray.
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Whatever God calls you to do He equips you to do as well.
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"The men and women our Lord sends out on His endeavors are ordinary human people, but people who are controll...…
police were called "coppers" in the 20s in chicago after their copper badge. “@lailaierlaiest: Ano po diff.between COPS and POLICE?
just finished a 40k quick tempo ride in moa, headed to the pool for a 2k swim.
#flashbackfriday wednesday 1989 in mayrics españa listening to cocojam and the jerks.