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kim atienza
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Important Announcement: Ngayong Linggo, mas mapapasarap ang breakfast niyo dahil 9 AM muna ang @matanglawintv sa Aug.31! @kuyakim_atienza
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sergio osmena the 4th president of PHL was the first visayan president of the country
the traffic light was invented by JD knight in 1898 to slow down cars when the british parliament was in session.
ballroom is from the Spanish "bailar" or to dance
acrobat is from the 2 Greek words acro and bates or "to walk in a high place"
Congratulations to @k3nn3th17 and @zhallane for winning Kuya Kim’s Twitter Promo (0818/0822)! Follow @santeofficial so we can DM you!
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whenever you give help, do it in private. it is more fulfilling if only you and The Lord know.
2 Corinthians 12:9 @Timberlane21: Kuya Kim, what is your philosophy in life?”
diva is from the latin word divus meaning blessed or divine
combat = 2 latin words com (together) + battere (to fight) to fight together.
Prayer changes more than things, it changes you.
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kindness, compassion and understanding is a daily choice we make, in every small way the Spirit reminds us.
Catch @kuyakim_atienza on Cobra Ironman 70.3 TV Special tonight 7pm-8pm on ABS-CBN @SportsAndAction Ch.23. #CobraIronman703 #PlayHard
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welcome ella! @EllaPangilinanx: Thank you for the baby sulcata tortoise Tito 🐢 @ Manila Polo”
I believe in the sun even if it isn't shining. I believe in love even when I am alone. I believe in God even when He is silent.
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welcome! @apangilinan: Out family is growing again! Thanks for our 2 tortoises! #BagongPagong
wacky night with the kids @Feli_Atienza mommymaricel gabrielegboschi @RaymondRacaza @ Manila Polo Club
Up, up and away! @matanglawintv kasama si @kuyakim_atienza, ngayong Sunday! 10 AM pagkatapos ng Batang Superbook.
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love you both! she's so pretty! @nikkivaldez_: Special request #selfie with the Kuya everyone would want to
Labrador + Landrover = perfect match! @marcsoong landroverphilippines @ España, Sampaloc, Manila
non stop hula hoop record of 74 hours 54 minutes is held by aaron hibbs of the US
innocent. from the latin words in + nocere or without guilt.
Harper and harpist are correct. Harper is informal harpist is formal