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kim atienza
I am a work in progress. make me more like you each day Lord
Catch @kuyakim_atienza on September 3 at the CMC Audi from 3-5pm! :) See you all there!
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what a day! I am always excited to come home to @Feli_Atienza and the kids. thank you for this day Lord!
the old name of volleyball is mintonette
lemery batangas is named after 18th century spanish commander capt roberto lemery
photograph is from the greek words photos + graphein meaning to draw with light.
40k bike + 4k run brick at moa now. #offseasontraining
thanks bro! @RaymondRacaza: Such an inspiration! Watched the interview in the digital issue of endurancemagph…
a healthy balance of grace and fear of The Lord makes my Christian walk strong and rigorous. good morning everyone!
bonding with eliana @ Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club
have the right relationship with God and from us will flow "rivers of living water" happy Sunday everyone!
Issue no. 2 of endurancemagph with @kuyakim_atienza is now available for FREE download on the iOS App…
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yes we did bro! also the tuba. @vespanay: baritone is a brass instrument we played in highschool”
thank you :) @OrigPenguinPH @underwearvin: kuya kim's rockin em original penguin vintage floral blazer!! cla$$”
baritone is from the Greek words barys + tonos meaning deep tone
falsetto is from the italian word falso meaning not real
Sa kusina ni @kuyakim_atienza, di lang pagkain ang niluluto dahil may mga astig na science experiments din!...
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the first singer who used "scatting" was louis Armstrong in 1926 in the song "heebie jeebies"
the longest zip line in the world 2,130 meters long. "eye of the jaguar" in peru
edwin is from the 2 old English words ead + wine meaning wealthy friend.
apir! @Vk14344: Woah ang ganda ng katawan ni kuya kim parang kay papa piolo lang”
hahaha that was for all of you! #ItsShowtime
watch our @itsShowtimena opening no. may surprise kami! hihihi
#flashbackfriday w corinna millado 1990 cyrano de bergerac at the CCP, my theatre years.
isa siyang baby mosquito (kitty kitty) waley again :) @Potchi123: for you, ano po si hello kitty? Tao o pusa?”
isa siyang insekto (kasi bugs) waley ako :) @alexer1D: Anong Hayop Po Ba Si Bugs Bunny”
Tamis? Asim? Alat? Lasapin ang bawat trivia at eksperimento ni @kuyakim_atienza sa @matanglawintv ngayong...
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common sense is not faith and faith is not common sense.
Masarap matuto ngayong Linggo kasama si @kuyakim_atienza sa @matanglawintv lalo na at pagkain ang bida! 9 AM,...
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All things are possible for those who believe. -Gail Devers
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prayer changes me, then I can change things.
Teresa is Italian for harvester or farmer
mine are campagnolo. hed or zipp are good. wennalindayag: What brand are your aero tires? What can you reco for aero wheelset on a budget?”
kalumpit is a hardwood tree w medicinal fruit. the fruit is used to sweeten lambanog
rapping is also called mc-ing, started by the griots of west africa, reciting poetry to the beat of the drums.
the shadow has 3 parts. the umbra, penumbra and antumbra
the cheer rah rah rah ziz boom bah was started by the Princeton university cheering team in 1878
40k bike at moa now, 2k swim after. off-season maintenance #triathlon
When you trust God to fulfill the promises He's given you, all the forces of darkness cannot stop God from bringing your dreams to pass.
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my work is my prayer. God wants me to do it excellently
Important Announcement: Ngayong Linggo, mas mapapasarap ang breakfast niyo dahil 9 AM muna ang @matanglawintv sa Aug.31! @kuyakim_atienza
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