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kim atienza
@kuyakim_atienza Uber was "a better way to do things". Yet, self-interests of the greedy incumbents got in the way. Swapang wins again.
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@kuyakim_atienza an online campaign supporting @Uber_Manila was launched last night,check #WHYIUBER I do hope LTFRB gets to read these posts
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When fear knocks on the door, answer with faith!
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40km bike in moa done! off to the pool w @noybasa and @sidmaderazo for some an hour swim. #triathlon #teamgotta
Crackdown on Uber. What's next? Will Uber get a franchise? Or will there be a franchise formulated specifically for the Uber business model?
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uber eases up traffic, uber over any of those killer edsa buses. @seppiecruz: I love @Uber_Manila, I hope they work this out with the LTFRB.
The support we have received today has been overwhelming. Share your voice! #WHYIUBER -
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We sure do feel the support from @MMDA! Let's work together for safer transportation options in Manila. #WHYIUBER
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this saddens me. uber made life easier for lots of commuting pinoys. the ride sharing concept also…
"“We are to God the fragrance of Christ . . .” (2 Corinthians 2:15). We are encompassed with the sweet aroma ...…
Ano ang magagawa mo sa sampung piso? Alamin kay @jugsjugsjugs at @kuyakim_atienza ngayong Linggo, 10 AM sa...
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happy halloween from emman! of all my kids emman has the best sense of humor!
"When we are born again, the Holy Spirit begins to work His new creation in us, and there will come a"…
My life is a testimony that God is Alive. He's good & he's delivered me from troubles & trials... And…
oftentimes we rely on our own reasoning. the spirit wants us to plainly obey and abandon it! whew! "The Spiri...…
Play the game you love for the glory of the One who loved you enough to give you the talent & opportunity to play.
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yesterday's #magpasikat with inaanak anakarylle and mommy d and a minion. today is @VhongX44 and…
#tgp mas mura, sing bisa ng leading brands!
Availability is better than ability for God.
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Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.
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we are to live our ordinary lives extra ordinarily well. we need supernatural guidance for this. "But it does...…
Kuya Kim's wacky shot with Mommy D | Read: via PUSH©
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RT @kuyakim_atienza 'Thank you for flying all the way from GenSan to help @anakarylle and I, Mommy D!' #StarPatrol
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Karylle, Kuya Kim astound in DIY ‘Magpasikat’ number on ‘Showtime’ @anakarylle @kuyakim_atienza
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Watch again the trending 5th Anniversary performance of Karylle & Kuya Kim featuring Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao!…
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thank you for flying all the way from gensan to help anakarylle and I mommy d! #magpasikat #itsshowtime
proud of my inaanak anakarylle #magpasikat was an experience! finally done! thank you Lord! #itsshowtime
congrats inaanak! whew! @anakarylle: It's sooooooo super fun being your partner Ninong love our #DIY concert! Thanks
Karylle, Kuya Kim astound in DIY ‘Magpasikat’ number on ‘Showtime’ @anakarylle @kuyakim_atienza
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tapos na sa wakas! #magpasikat sa #itsshowtime thank you sa lahat ng tumulong, salamat mommy d!…
it's done! thank you so much to all those who helped! thank you Lord!
these beagles are growing so fast monique_teodoro stefano_marcelo @taygle @ vasquez malate
welsh corgis have the most steady personalities! @ vasquez malate
"Never confuse the effect with the cause. The effect in me is obedience, service, and prayer, and is the outc...…
God created everything. Darwin attempts to explain the process. @JoejemDC: Bible's Creation of Man o sa Darwin's theory of evolution?
Sa balat ng tao. dead skin @nabilhuZAYN: saan po nanggagaling ang alikabok? #askkuyakim
I am Christian @rooj_harder: anong religion mo? #askkuyakim
today you are 3,000,000 already! thank you for the friendship. I love you all!
if he says this before he lies to gepeto, it will not @jiLLguadalupe: what happens when Pinnochio say "My nose will now grow" ? #AskKuyaKim
add 10% distance every week. @junskie03: how to improve stamina? i've been jogging for a while now and i still get wasted #askkuyakim
I love labs and beagles @jrchogrcia: what best breed of dog that you can suggest ? #askkuyakim
get better cushioned shoes. @akonikkulet: what to do with shin splints? my race will be on nov 16! :(”