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Kaya Scodelario
musicskins 493,090 followers
1st week of prep for #ScorchTrials ... @Alex_Flores1 and I resting our sore bums after training.
Had a wonderful time in Wilmington NC. Good luck 2 everyone working on @TheChoiceFilm it's going 2 be beautiful. @FindtheWalker @tez_palmer
uk! Peps! #mazerunner hits cinemas tomorrow!Hope you all enjoy it. @AmlAmeen @PoulterWill @SangsterThomas & I did our best 2 represent 4 u!
Live in the UK or Italy? Who’s excited to see the #MazeRunner movie this weekend??? Who has tickets?
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I want a deep fried Oreo so bad. seriously can't wait to be back in America purely so I can stuff my face with these
#Findthefunny Tonight! Comics: Janelle James,Alex Edelman,Sheng Wang,George Gordon,Christi Chiello, and our musical guest Oscar Isaac!!
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Yeah... Trails... Trials... Triangle..
Can't wait to see this wonderful homie again... #scorchtrails
For a chance to see Maze Runner early, head to Show Film First and use code 304313 #screeningclub
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@LassBible: When you are upset over him and then realise you can do better.” 👏👋
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Oooooo this is exciting!!!! From your tweets alone I can tell you are going to fit right in @rosa_salazar welcome to the family!
With my beautiful mummy excited for #boulevardchanel show! 😘
Thank you karlagerfeld for my wonderful flowers! Can't wait for the chanelofficial show tomorrow
@EW: This #GameofThrones actor just joined the 'Maze Runner' sequel as a villain:” YES! LITTLEFINGER COME AT ME BRO!
GUYS i'm jumping out of a plane to raise money so that I can volunteer teaching drama in South Africa! #PleaseDonate
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And burgers. And twinkles. And deep fried Oreos. Big up America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Thank u every1 who's gone out 2 watch #MazeRunner this weekend in the states! WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!I'm going to celebrate by eating corn dogs
CN tower walk was AMAZING!!!!! Thank you edstersmith for doing it with me! #teambravemofos
Gonna dangle myself out of that huge tower tomorrow. #sorrymum
Interviewer: 'So started your career as the bully in Toy Story' Kaya: 'Oooooh thats awkward' #CaptionGame
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THAT WAS EPIC. I love you twitter!!!!
@kScodders so how's it feel to be finally there and sit on your throne as the Prince of Bel Air?
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@kScodders if I go stand in front of the Bel Air home while you go stand on the basketball court, will Will Smith's head explode?
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@kScodders were you deciding to go to another country for holiday but thought nah just forget it go home to bel air?????
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@kScodders did you pull up to a house about seven or eight?
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@kScodders did you whistle for a cab & when it came near the license plate said fresh & it had dice in the mirror?????
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@kScodders don't get in one little fight or your mom'll get scared.
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@kScodders be careful, I hear there are a couple of guys who are up to no good, waiting to start trouble in the neighborhood
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I'm in Philly... On a mission to eat every Cheese Steak in the city.And find Kayne. And the basketball court from Fresh Prince. #touristshit
We're looking for someone to be the official #MazeKeeper of #Miami. Tweet both hashtags for a chance to win a meet&greet w/the cast 2morrow!
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So lucky to have these wonderful people in my life... Even if our movie tanks harder than the Titanic…
The Londoners looking like we just missed the night bus home... @PoulterWill