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Poopyface Tomatonose
If you could attempt to fuck a hologram who would it be?
You'll never see me comin like a blind bitch you fuck from behind.
Does joining twitter in 2009 make me look old?
BTS of me directing a music video + Random footage from Houston show
Compulsively refreshing all my social media for no reason.
@KREAYSHAWN I've never met a girl who loves weed and video games as much as me... #soulmates
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I would never bully ANYONE! you can only bully someone if they're an ignorant whore! but otherwise, be NICE!
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Dude @GITA_SPEAXDAILY has the best music videos in the female rap game!
New vlog up of BTS of the video I directed + Houston show :)
@xoblb_: My boyfriend just ordered this for me from @KREAYSHAWN jewelry line is he the best or what?” he's a keeper
I'm comin thru with my mask on.
Thank you @stickfiguremusic for letting me direct your music video! Thank you to @motherglorious for shooting on your RED Dragon! And thank you to @Weshouldsmoke @eg0re @brittneyscott @jsmnsfn for smokin'
Plz go buy some of my designs at so I dont feel like a loser. Thanks k bye.
Whats the short cut to render on Premiere?
By the time my son is in college it's gonna be a cool million for tuition and 56,000 for books.
I feel like that little man in the box that's like "excuse me excuse me will get me out of hereeeeeee!"
When people say I'm a bad person for smoking weed on IG. I'm sure they wouldn't say a word if I was drinking on IG.
Gonna try and edit this vlog up from last night but, I'm noddin'..
LMFAO this is me y'all! "I can't do a dab right now I have to be responsible." I was on set directing a music video 🌲☁️🌲
I'm a pig 😫 But I love Brazilian food sooooo much!
man. @KREAYSHAWN was so good when I thought she was a rapper.
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Dabs + Pizza! (Made me think of you @eg0re) 💕
Aw Dez when he was 6 months old. Can't believe he's gonna be a year next month :0
Hoping that this massive brazilian feast I'm bout to eat will make me feel alive.
I wish my cousin Beau would hang out with me more. He lives in LA. If you know him bother him for me. He's popular.
PastelRaveGothVegancore was my sidekick email. Damn I miss the old sidekicks 😫
You're a flea and I'm a bee.
Dumping a bucket of vaginas on my head to raise awareness for vaginas.
Really hope paypal fixes this.
Woke up to finding out Paypal has ripped me off a couple G's. Damn bruh. Gotta go hard on the phone today.
me AND @brittneyscott
Thank you @miss_wearer YOU'RE a doll 💁
@GretaGarboh: the "cooler" you look now the more riduclous u look in 10 years right” Pretty much