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Explore a Star Trek ship's bridge with the Oculus Rift! Oh wait, it's Voyager. Nevermind.
A collection of video game painted Easter Eggs, old and new, to tide you over til next Easter, via @Kotaku_UK
Did you spot the BioShock Infinite Easter Egg in this week's My Little Pony?
What did the creators of Doom and Myst think of each other's games?
This week's Shop Contest is all abut the cute, fluffy Easter Bunny.
We were hoping for chocolate, but the Eater Bunny left Sunday Comics instead.
The winners of this week's 'Shop Contest put Greninja's tongue in the most interesting places.
A happy story about a family gaming together, because there has to be one.
A valiant attempt to create a database containing every video game ever made.
The Honest Game Trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag pulls no punches.
This week's crop of gaming wallpapers will transform your desktop forever(ish).
A Star Wars surprise awaits those who collect all of the figures for Disney Infinity.
Do not underestimate the power of the PlayStation Vita and other sage advice This Week in the Business.
We saw a ton of great games at PAX East this year, take a look at some of them right here:
A health game that claims it'll improve your vision
Help a bunny from the future become mayor by murdering his enemies
TimeGate is gone, but it's pretty minimalist crafting shooter lives on.
Someone built a Star Destroyer in Kerbal Space Program:
Poll: How many gaming systems do you use?
Here's 12 more minutes of Skywind to gawk at:
What's the Golden Age of JRPGs?
This isn't the fastest Super Mario Bros. 3 speedrun, but it's almost certainly the prettiest
How many marshmallow peeps can you kill with one 50 caliber bullet?
This guy wants to make a documentary about the best Super Smash Bros players in the world:
Yelling at another person to do stuff. Saving bunnies. This spaceship game is a lot like being in a relationship